Ranma 1/2

My Dear Ucchan

Chapter I: The Mallet That Brought Them Together.

"Buddy, that's all I am to him, his friend. I love him with all of my heart, but he treats me like I'm one of the guys. Do I push too much? Is that why he doesn't love me? I know I really screwed up at the wedding, well, failed wedding. But I was so desperate! I was losing my Ran-chan! What else could I do? I could've ran into the ceremony and shouted to everyone how much I loved him! But, what good would that have done? I know I've gone about things the wrong way, but I don't know what else I can try." Said a brown-haired girl.

The girl sitting across from her looked upon her with pity, she too knew what it was like to love a man that loved another girl.

"Heh, it's funny really, I hated him for so long. I thought he had abandoned me. I though that he didn't like me. Turns out that he did like me, but he thought I was a boy!" The brown-haired girl laughed miserably to her self.

"He thought you were a boy?" The other girl asked.

"Yeah, we were six at the time. But I had already fallen in love with him. And when I finally caught up with him after ten years. I found the hate I thought I bore toward him to be nothing but scorned love. He said I was cute. Those words made my heart melt. He makes my heart melt, it's the same every time I'm around him. I don't know how it works, but it's how I feel. It's a warmth you know? I'd been chasing him so long, I felt so empty inside, until he came back into my life."

"Sounds romantic."

"But then I found out about her." She spat out the last word with all the disgust her voice could manage.

"You mean the girl he tried to marry?"

"Yeah, I found out that he was engaged to her, as well as me, right after he called me cute."

"So then, he is engaged to two women, that's disgusting!"

The brown-haired girl shook her head. "It isn't his fault. It's all because of his stupid father! I was the second girl he was engaged to. So his jackass of a father just expected me to sit back and accept that he'd stolen my dowry and that my Ran-chan would marry Akane! Oh, and believe me, I wasn't the only other girl that he was engaged to, oh no, that idiot had to engage his poor son to several other women, usually for nothing more than a meal to fill his fat belly!"

"That's awful."

"I just don't know what I can do anymore, I'm not going to use potions like that amazon bimbo. I know he hates stuff like that."

"You have told him how you feel right?"

"Yes. Well, I'm not sure that I've just come out and said, I love you Ranma, but he has to know that I care. He just has to." Her words faded into a whisper.

"Maybe you should just spell it out for him, he sounds like that kinda guy. I'm curious though, why do you think he favors her?"

"She doesn't treat him like a prize. when comes down to it, that's what I did to him. Because other than that, I've got her beat. I can cook, I'm cute, and I don't have a problem telling him that I care about him!"

"Maybe that's it? Maybe he goes for her because she doesn't try so hard."

"You think so? I guess that could be it."

"It's worth a shot Ukyo." She looked at her watch. "Wow! It's so late! I gotta get home. Call me again if you need my advice."

"I will, Sazuka, thanks again."


Ukyo paid her part of the bill and headed for home, it was a really cold night in Nerima for this time of year, so she tried to hurry. She found a shivering Ranma upon her arival home. She took one look at him and knew why he was here. 'Great, another counciling session. Oh well, at least I do get to see him.' "Another fight with Akane, Ran-chan?" She said.

"It's that obvious, Ucchan?" He said in a weak voice.

'He sounds awful, must've been a horrible fight.' She thought. "Only to someone who knows you as well as me, sugar. Why don't you come on in, I'll make you some Okonumyaki and you can tell me all about it."

"That sounds good Ucchan."


Akane was fuming. "That pervert!" She yelled. "First he insults me by not taking my training seriously, then he runs off to be with one of his other fiancees." She paced around the dojo, then let out a frustrated scream. "That jerk! I'll show him when he gets back!" She promised to no one in particular.

Kasumi and Nabiki were watching her. Both were concerned about her recent behavior.

"Sis." Nabiki said. "Have you noticed Akane's almost willingness to just beat Ranma when ever she sees fit?"

"Well yes, But I'm not sure what we can do about it." She glanced back at Akane. "Poor Ranma, he really deserves to be treated better than this." Kasumi said.

"I agree, I'm not even that mean to him."

"What can we do, Nabiki?"

"I dunno sis, I guess I can take it easier on him, Maybe we should send Ranma on a training trip or something?"

"Hmm, maybe. But, won't his problems just be that much worse when he gets back?"

"Darn, you're right. Let's keep trying, we've got to think of something."


"So then she hit you with her mallet and you came here?" Ukyo asked.

"Yeah, she says I insult her by not takin her trainin seriously, but I do Ucchan. She just don't see it I Guess." Ranma replied.

"Sorry, Ran-chan, but I don't know what to tell you." She looked at the grill, then into his eyes. "Except that I love you Ranma, and, I'll always be here for you, always."

Ranma got nervous, the same way he always did. He loved spending time with Ukyo, she was his Ucchan, his best friend. And friends, real ones at least, Ranma Saotome desperatly needed, not that he'd tell anyone.

"Ranma? Did you hear me?"

"Yeah, Ucchan, I heard ya." He stood up to leave, but Ukyo grabbed his arm.

"Ran-chan, please, tell me something."

'Uh-oh!' Ranma thought. "What is it Ucchan?"

"Do I even stand a chance at being the girl you pick?"

'Damn, that's what I was afraid she'd ask.' "I, uh, I'm not sure Ucchan."

Ukyo heart sank. "You're not sure? I see."

"Look Ucchan, I just don't know who I'll pick. I, I don't wanna hurt anybody."

"Yeah, but don't you think that waiting is just going to make the hurt worse? If you chose someone right now, and told everyone else, than the ones you didn't pick could start getting over you and moving on."

'I hadn't though of that!' Ranma thought. "I gotta go Ucchan!" Ranma broke free from her grip and ran away.

'Damnit all!' Ranma though as he ran for home. 'She right. But, how'm I gonna make that kinda choice?'


Akane was waiting for Ranma, as she'd promised. he could tell already that she was mad. 'Great, now she's probably gonna yell at me for not coming back sooner.'

"And where've you been Ranma?" Akane asked.

"I was at Ucchan's."

"Off seeing one of your other fiancee's again?"

"It ain't like that! That's where I landed after YOUR mallet hit me!"

"Oh, so nnow it's MY fault?"

"Your the one who sent me there, ya macho chick!"

"Ranma you JERK!" She swung her mallet again, but Ranma dodged. "Just get out of here, I HATE YOU!"

Ranma stopped. "You really mean that, don't you?"

"Of couse I do. You've caused me nothing but trouble since you got here. You're a jerk, you're a pervert, and I HATE YOU!" She swung one more time and hit her target square in the jaw.


Ukyo had just laid down for the night when she heard something crash against her roof. She jumped out of bed grabbing her spatula and climbed up onto the roof to investigate. She gasped and droped her spatula when she saw Ranma unconcious on her roof. "Ran-Chan! Are you alright?" She shook him. "Can you hear me? Ran-Chan?"

End Chapter 1

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