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Ranma 1/2

My Dear Ucchan

Chapter II: Ranma's Mind and Ukyo's Heart

Ukyo wasn't the strongest woman in the world, so it took her awhile to get Ranma inside. She was terrified, Ranma was a total mess, he had a horrible black bruise on the left side of his face. She wasn't sure if his jaw was broken or not. He had small cuts all over him from the way he landed. Ukyo had managed to call Dr. Tofu, but he still hadn't arived yet. She was in tears, for she knew who'd done this to him. 'Why? Why do you love her so much when she does things like this to you? I'd never hurt you like this Ran-Chan.' She cried herself to sleep.

She was woken up just a few moments later by Dr. Tofu. He kindly asked her to move so that he could take a look at Ranma. He assured Ukyo that Ranma would be fine and that he just needed some rest.

"What about Akane, Doctor, we can't let her get away with this!" Ukyo cried.

"Calm down, I'll go and have a talk with Akane in the morning."

"That's not good enough! Look at what she's done to him, a talk isn't going to do any good!"

"Just calm down Ukyo, try and get some rest okay? I'll be back in the morning to check on Ranma."

"Thanks Doctor Tofu." She locked the door behind him as he left. She went back up to her room and saw Ranma laying there looking so peaceful. 'I am his fiancee, so I have every right to be here with him.' She thought as she snuggled up next to him.


She woke up the next morning, and was relieved to find Ranma still lying next to her. She had to admit that she was afraid that he'd wake up in the middle of the night and leave. "Good-morning, Ran-chan." She wispered into his ear. "What do you think, Ranma-honey? Should I get up, or should I stay here with you?" She got out of bed and changed into her chef's outfit. "I wish I could just lay around with you all day, but I need to keep this place going. Otherwise I can't stay here in Nerima with you." She sighed. Ranma was the only reason she was here, so she could be near him. She wanted to get married and drag Ranma back to her hometown. It was always alot calmer there, and her father made a killing with the Okonumyaki cart. That is, until Genma stole it from them. Ukyo laughed at herself. 'And to think I want Genma for a father-in-law.' She looked over at Ranma, who now looked like he was sleeping peacfully. 'It doesn't matter, so long as I have you.' She leaned basck down next to him and kissed his cheek. "I love you Ran-chan."


Back at the dojo Akane was throwing another fit. She was yelling about how much of a perverted jerk Ranma was. After all, he hadn't come home last night, so naturally, he must have been out with Ukyo or Shampoo doing perverted things. Kasumi had tried calming her down, but even Kasumi's soothing voice couldn't break through her little sister's jealousy.


'Akane? Why are you so angry? You can be so cute when you smile. I want to see you smile. Please, don't cry! I never meant to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you. So beautiful, in your wedding dress. I made you cry. I hurt you. You were happy before I showed up, weren't you?' Ranma saw Akane's smiling face. 'I love you! I need you! Please don't hate me. I'm not a pervert! I never did anything to those girls. Why do you always gotta accuse me of stuff like that? Tomboy! Un-cute! Macho-chick! You and your stupid mallet! I didn't do nothin to deserve it! If you're gonna hate me then I'll just leave! It ain't like I need ya or nothin like that!'

Ranma was tossing and turning in his sleep. His unconcious mind was trying to make the decision he was too afraid to make himself.

"Yeah, but don't you think that waiting is just going to make the hurt worse? If you chose someone right now, and told everyone else, than the ones you didn't pick could start getting over you and moving on." Ukyo said in his mind.

'Damn, she's right! Ukyo, my best friend? Yes, my only real friend. She doesn't push as much as the others. She treats me more like a person. She listens! Akane and Shampoo never listen, they just assume. It makes me sick. Wait, Akane and Shampoo? I see them, but, who are they? Why can't I remember? What was I trying to do? Who was I trying to remember? I just don't know.'


"WHAT?" Akane's scream rang throughout the house. "What do you mean Ranma's in a coma?"

"It's like I already told you Akane, he hasn't woken up since you hit him last night." Dr. Tofu said.

"But, that can't be. I've hit him like that tons of times." Akane whined.

"That's not the point Akane! His coma may have been cause by something you said to him, not just the fact that you hit him."

Akane gasped. She remembered what happened the night before. '"Ranma you JERK!" She swung her mallet again, but Ranma dodged. "Just get out of here, I HATE YOU!"

Ranma stopped. "You really mean that, don't you?"

"Of couse I do. You've caused me nothing but trouble since you got here. You're a jerk, you're a pervert, and I HATE YOU!"' Akane fell to her knees. "I told him to leave, and that I hated him. Then he asked me if I meant it."

"And what did you say?"

Akane started crying. "I said yes."

Tofu put a hand on his chin. "Well, that might be it. I'll look into it some more Akane. But, I think that when he wakes up you should apologise to him." He started to leave. "Maybe if you'd just listen to him every now and again, you two could be friends."


Doctor Tofu had gone back to Ucchan's to check on Ranma and make sure that he would indeed be alright. Once he checked him over, he went downstairs to the crowded Ucchan and pulled Ukyo aside.

"What is it Doctor, Ran-chan's going to be okay, right?" Ukyo aksed.

"Yes, physically he's going to be fine." Tofu said.

"Physically? What's wrong with him?"

"It's probably emotional trauma, I was talking to Akane this morning to find out what had happened. She told me that they had another fight, and she told him to leave and that she hated him."

"But, she says stuff like that all the time doctor, what makes this time so special?"

"Ranma just might believe her now is all. He might feel like she actually means it."

Ukyo looked at the floor. "So he's in a coma because of a broken heart."

"Possibly, listen Ukyo, just take care of him okay? You call me when he does wake up. I'm sure that he will."

"Okay, thank you, doctor Tofu."


Shampoo was huming to herself while she cleaned tables. She hadn't seen Ranma for a few days, and she was wondering how he was. "Great-grandmother? Why airen so stubborn? Why he no see Shampoo is best choice for wife?" She pouted.

"Dear, with someone like son-in-law, patience is a must." Cologne said.

"Shampoo know, but she no know why he stay with violent girl? Shampoo make much better food than kitchen-destroyer like Akane."

Cologne shuddered. She remembered seeing Ranma's reaction to Akane's cooking on more than one occasion. "Why don't you take the rest of the day off and go find him?"

Shampoo jumped up and down with joy. "Really? Shampoo go then!"


Kasumi was preparing dinner when Shampoo arived. Akane had gone out with some of her friends, fully content that Ranma would be fine, and he'd be back anytime now. Shampoo went to the kitchen, knowing that Kasumi wouldn't lie to her about where Ranma might be.

"Kasumi, you know where Ranma is?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm afraid I don't Shampoo." Kasumi said. "He and Akane had a fight last night, and I havn't seen him since."

"Okay, Shampoo go try to find, then."

"Since you're here, would you like to stay for dinner?"

Shampoo thought about it a moment, she was hungry. "Okay, Kasumi want help?"

"Sure, could you peel those potatoes?"


Ukyo knelt down next to Ranma and kissed him again. "Oh Ran-chan, did you sleep well today?" She stayed there, staring at him. She jumped when his eyes snapped open. "Ran-chan? Are you awake? How do you feel?" She asked.

"Huh?" Ranma blinked. "Ucchan? Is it really you?"

"Well of course silly, who did you think it'd be?"

Ukyo blushed as Ranma wrapped his arms around her. "Man, it's been years since I've seen you! You sure have gotten cute Ucchan."

"Umm Ran-chan, I think Akane hit you harder than I thought, maybe I should call the doctor." She got up to get the phone, but Ranma grabbed her wrist.

"Who's Akane?" Ranma asked.

End Chapter 2.

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