HPX 1- the HPxOver with no name.

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Here's chapter one.

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Kurama woke dully to the faint but growing music from his radio. Gods, how he loved that music/buzzer switch. He laid there lazily for a moment. Glorious Saturday. Come to think of it, glorious break.

The summer session was out. Now his break truly began. No more colleagues, no more books, no more undergrads' dirty looks. He loved the young scholars and their burning passion for horticulture, no mistake; but they were young, fresh, andjust out of the nest. The summer session was the worst. For the most part, it was when the Froshies slumped into the desks hoping to get a crash coarse to fulfill a credit. They just didn't understand. Like small, green shoots, just transferred from pots to the garden, they were just getting a feel for life and still thought they were invincible. It wasn't that bad. He had been in that stage for over a hundred years, he just didn't have the patience for it now that he was over it.

True, he had volunteered for the Bio 101 summer semester, but it was only to supplement his meager first-year professor's salary. Kuwabara in med school (God help us all), Keiko fresh from college, and Hiei scarce, Yuusuke's wages as part-time with the local law enforcement and Kurama's as a professor were the only sources of decent income that their relatively large household could count on.

He, Yuusuke, Keiko, Kuwabara, Touya, Jin, and occasionally Yukina shared this roof. Hiei would periodically grace them with is presence, but unless they were on a mission, he rarely stayed with them. Keiko and Kuwabara held entry level jobs. Touya was a part-time file clerk. Jin, for certain reasons, was unable to hold a job in the ningen-kai and aided Hiei in upholding the funds on the makai end. No one asked how.

It was Koenma's idea that they live together. It was easier to communicate, he insisted. Kurama enjoyed his friends' company, but with people so different and so similar at the same time, there were bound to be conflicts. In such occurrences, there was no where to escape. Not to mention more than half of the house was youkai. Demons didn't live together well; especially males. No matter how good of friends they were, energies ran high—thus tensions and temper.

Then there was the 'Familiarity breeds contempt' factor. Not every minute, mind you, but space every once in a while is important to maintaining friendships. It was not uncommon for one or two of them to take up residence at the temple for a month or two at a time. They were lucky Hiei didn't show often. Such a thing would be disasterous.

The house was unusually quiet for 9:00 on a Saturday morning. Where was everyone? He ticked them off in his mind. Yuusuke checked in with Koenma once a month. Keiko would be grocery shopping; Touya, doing something quiet in his and Jin's room. Jin would be annoying him or ziiping around somewhere enjoying the summer air. Kuwabara: no doubt sleeping and Hiei: never showed.

Hail Saturday! For all Practical intents and purposes, he had the entire house to himself.

Kurama turned onto his back, locked his hands above his head, and reached his toes all the way to the end of the futon mat. Stretching from his wrists above his head to his toes somewhere around seven feet below them, he twisted his middle right and left to relieve the tension in his back and midsection. One of the consequences of being both a fox and a human: sleeping in a ball and feeling it in the morning.

Relaxing again, he became about a half-foot shorter. He dropped his arms where they were and sunk into the soft bed. For some reason he'd always found the contrast of the sleepy warm blankets and the cool air of the rest of the room on his bare arms and shoulders +girls drool+ interesting.

He sighed, enjoying the sensation for a moment. He didn't have to do anything. He could just lay here. Lazily, he poked a foot out of the covers, and found the radio/alarm toch-and-go. He tapped the button he'd become far too adept at finding with his toes and the music quieted and fled. Pulling his foot back under the covers before it got cold, he wriggled himself further under the covers, scrunching himself up slightly so his feet didn't stick out the other end. He was nearly asleep when…


Tap tap.

"Mm?" Kurama moaned sleepily. He popped an eye open. Something was blocking most of the light that normally came from the small, ground-level window and threw most of the basement room into shadow. He eyed the window for the obstruction. It wasn't hard to miss. There, in broad day-light, as a large, brown barn owl. Clutched in its talons, was a wad of parchment. Not paper, parchment.

"What on earth?" he thought out loud as he pushed off the blankets and walked groggily to the window. He slid it aside to allow the bird in, but the animal would have nothing to do with it. Instead it simply held the papers out to him. He looked at them blankly. They appeared to be letters. In ancient-looking, purple, English script, the top one read:

Professor Shuuichi Minamino

1234 Tokyo dr.

Basement Bedroom

Bed in the South-west corner

He took the stack and the owl flew off.

"Wow." He surveyed the room. There were indeed two futon mats on the floor: his in what he just realized for the first time was the South-west corner and Hiei's in the North-east. In addition, there was a trunk with a few useful items ant the foot of Hiei's bed, a bookcase, radio, a dresser by Kurama's, and two doors: one upstairs and one to a bathroom. "Koenma's getting creative."

He shuffled through the other letters.

Sir Touya Koriyuki

At his leisure

Master Jin Kaze Tsukai

To return this afternoon

Detective Yuusuke Urumeishi

To return this evening

Master Hiei Jaganshi

When he sees fit to return

KUrama snickered at these. The next, however, nearly made his heart stop.

Meiter Victor Levi Kuronue

If Professor Minamino should find the means to relay this to him

Kurama dropped the envelope and fell gracelessly on his behind where he sat, trembling violently, staring at the envelope as if it were a rabid dog. His breathing came in ragged gasps. He was at a loss. All he could do was stare in shock.

He didn't know where they were from or who had sent them, but these were not from Koenma.

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