Part 1
Logan's 7:30 AM

When I opened my eyes, I could see for the non sunshine in my bedroom that
it was a rainy day...
" What a surprise here in Seattle!", but I don't mind, as a
fact, I like the rain. I turned my head on the left side of the bed to
look at the empty place. I took a deep breath.
" Deam on boy! It's certainly not for today."
I sat in the bed to get my thoughts togheter and grabed the chair. My belly
was telling me to eat something, but the events of last day were bouncing
in my head.
I saw a note from Bling on the table:
" Dont look for the tape of the shooting, I took it.
Now, think of something else."

" Yeah, easy to do my friend, but you're not the one having to cope
with it!" I took a bowl and put some Post-Pulse Cheerios in it.
" Doesn't taste the same to me..." I open the door to take the
milk and began to eat, alone, as usual in the mornings.
"Nothing new here." The only time I used to eat with someone was
when I was a little boy. I could picture my mother sitting in front of me,
putting Cheerios in my bowl with her beautiful smile. She was the best! As
for my father, well, I didn't like him very much. He was never at the
house and when he was, all he could talk about is his work. " Well, I
guest that side of me is comming from him." It was just days ago that
Max had told me that.
" HEY son! You have to know that in the company, you can't allow
yourself to be friends with the employe. Do you know why son? It's because
when you're finding them lazy on the job, you have to fire them! They are just
people doing what you tell them to do, they don't think, you're the one
thinking for them...don't ever forget that son! Your ideas are the futur
of the company!" And he would pat me on the shoulder. And then my mom
would say:" Edward, let the boy alone for God's sake, he's only
8!" But my grumpy father mould say that there is no age for the
successor of his company to learn how it works. I was so afraid of him and
his big mouth that I never told him I didn't care for the company.
But the truth is that my mom knew I wouldn't run his company. "It's
just not in you" she said to me one day. Well, they never found out.
I was 20 when they got on a boat to go through the Ocean Atlantic for a
trip in Paris. I was at Nicolas's house, my best friend at the time, when
I learned that the boat has exploded. I didn't go because I didn't like
those trips. They were with a couple of friends and it was only
buisness-talk and high-class everything. My father was sure he would have
been a King if he lived some centuries ago. WHAT AN EGO!
So I got the bag of money that came along with it, and after that, it was
the same days after days.
I got suddenly very interresting for the girls I knew, and I made a bunch
of friends. But I'm not stupid, I knew it was for my money. One day Nick
came at my appartment, he was in a bad shape. It has been a few months i
had see him and I didn't take the time to talk to him. I had a date with a
lady...so I closed the door on his face and told him " I 'll call you
tomorrow! I swear!" And ran to my car to meet Valerie. "
Oh!...if only I knew !" But the day after, he didn't answer his
phone, nor the day after. So I called his parents to ask where he was.
Found out he had killed himself. Hang actually. First my parents, now him.
That was too much! So I went to Yale to study journalism, got married
to Val, lived a life of lies with her, and then got divorced. "
Life's great!"
And then, I got nauseated just at the sight of the company, I sold it for
many billions, I wont stave to death that's for sure, gave to Val more
than what she deserved cuz I didn't want to see her again, and I decided
then to create Eyes Only. I was sick to see how thw poor people are being
played by powerful man just like my father was.
I swore to myself that i wouldn't become him and I started to help the
downtroddens. It was a pure delivrance to help the world I live in
with my money. " What else have I got?"
Years passed and I found myself sick of being played by ladies because my
wallet is full. And it got more and more hard to hide Eyes Only from the
female I dated because i never wanted them to come here. All the computer
stuff is very questionnable...
And THEN, Max...oh! Max...

" DRING! DRING!" The phone was ringing, probably Max...How long
was I in my toughts?
" Hey!..." Yes, it was her. I smiled.