Disclaimer : I don't own anything.

Disclaimer : I don't own anything.

The Legendary Fists of Chaos

Chapter 3 : Chance

"Ohh….what hit me?" Ranma groaned, holding his hand against his head as he tried to sit up. His actions were for naught when he was immediately pushed back down.

"You shouldn't move, you'll aggravate your wound!" A chiding voice pierced his consciousness as he blearily tried to open his eyes to see who was talking to him. As his vision cleared, his eyes landed on Yuri and a strange muscular man with a gruff looking face, kneeling beside him.

"Awake are we?" the man asked before moving his legs in front of him to sit Indian style. He crossed his arms and looked at Ranma with a critical eye.

"You must be quite the martial artist to survive a head butt from Ryuji Yamazaki. That man is a monster." The man commented. Ranma groaned.

"Well, I didn't exactly come outta it intact as you can see." Ranma replied, turning his gaze from the gruff man to Yuri, who had been silent since his awakening.

"Though I'd haveta say some good came out of beating that jerk's butt." Ranma smirked arrogantly at Yuri, who responded by blushing lightly. Realizing she should thank him for saving her, Yuri opened her mouth to say something before the man beat her to it.

"I heard what had happened from Yuri, many thanks for saving my daughter." The man said while nodding his head, completely oblivious to the glare he was getting from Yuri. Ranma blinked.

"This guy is your pop?" Ranma questioned Yuri while also wondering why she was trying to burn a hole into the man's head. Tearing her eyes away from her father, she looked down at Ranma's curious gaze before catching herself captivated by his eyes.

'Wow, his eyes are blue.' Yuri thought in amazement. Although blue was hardly a rare eye color in Southtown, to see an Asian with blue eyes made her wonder if it was due to a mix of a different race or simply a birth defect. Shaking herself out of her reverie, she realized she had kept him waiting and quickly answered,

"Yeah, this is my dad, Takuma Sakazaki. I'm Yuri and the guy you saw me holding onto back in the alleyway was Ryo, my brother. He's in the other room right now resting."

Ranma nodded before looking around.

"Um, where am I?" Ranma asked.

"We're at the Kyokugenryu dojo. It's run by our family and my dad teaches classes here." Yuri answered as she wringed water out of a hand towel out of a basin. Folding it, she placed the towel on Ranma's forehead before he could voice any protest on his well being.

"Before you ask any more questions, I need to ask you one thing." Takuma replied as he slowly rose to his feet, his eyes never leaving Ranma's. Narrowing his eyes, he asked,

"What is your relation to Chaos?"

-Back in the Alleyway-

All was quiet as Yamazaki continued to lay on the cement, seemingly out cold. A shadowy figure blurred for a moment before appearing before Yamazaki.

"What are you doing?" The figure asked as it poked Yamazaki's prone body with a staff of some sort.

"What do you want Billy?" Yamazaki questioned, as he looked up with an angry glare. Billy smirked as he pulled back his bo staff and rested it against his shoulder while placing his left hand on his hip.

"Boss told me to come find you." The British-born blonde shrugged, scratching the part of his head not covered by his trademark bandana almost absent-mindedly. Yamazaki growled.

"I don't need to be baby-sat, all I was supposed to do was kill someone." Yamazaki answered as he jumped to his feet, dusting rubble off his shirt and pants.

"Oh? Then explain to me why YOU were lying in a crater nearly 3 feet deep and not the poor sap you were supposed to kill?" Billy asked with a snort, looking in the crater Yamazaki had been lying comatose in. Yamazaki frowned.

"The punk was good, but not that good. I could've easily fought back and won. This kid though; there was something about the way he fought that reminded me a lot of 'him'." Yamazaki answered, putting a hand on his shoulder as he rolled it back, audible pops being heard as he cracked the joints.

"So the Boss was right then was he?" Billy asked as he nodded. Yamazaki merely grunted.

"So what you're saying is, there's some guy out there that looks like me but isn't me?" Ranma asked dumbly, pointing a finger at himself. Takuma and Yuri nodded.

"And he calls himself The Chaos Fist?" Ranma blanched. What a dumb name.

"Yeah, The Chaos Fist is his moniker. Nobody knows his real identity." Yuri replied as she nodded. Ranma blinked.

"So what does this Chaos guy do? Is he the local go-to guy in case there's trouble?" Ranma asked. Yuri stuck out her tongue in disgust and Takuma barked out a laugh.

"Chaos is HARDLY the guy you go to in case there's trouble. He's actually one of the main problems that plague this city!" Takuma yelled as he slammed his palms down on the hard tatami floor, startling both Yuri and Ranma. Takuma frowned before he began rubbing his chin with his index finger and his thumb, scrutinizing Ranma with one eye closed.

"Hmm, now that you mention it, you do look kind of young to be Chaos. You don't look too smart either." Takuma replied. Ranma blinked before he realized what the older man had said.

"HEY!" Ranma shouted as he sat up. Yuri clicked her tongue.

"Dad, don't be rude." Yuri scolded her father. Takuma chuckled.

"Okay, okay." Takuma said as he leaned back with his arms propping him up. He looked at the ceiling before looking back down at Ranma, a dumbfounded expression on his face.

"Well m'boy, for saving my daughter from the hands of an evil murderer, feel free to stay as long as you'd like." Takuma said as he leaned forward and held his hand towards Ranma. Ranma looked down at the hand. He smiled as he took his hand and shook it earnestly.

"Thanks, Mr. Sakazaki." Ranma said. Takuma shook his head.

"Call me Takuma." Takuma replied as he grinned. Yuri wiped an imaginary tear from her eye.

"Guys, I'm home!" A voice sounded within the house as the door into the room opened. Yuri, Takuma, and Ranma looked towards the door and saw a tall foreign man enter, holding two handfuls of bagged groceries.

"Robert, back already?" Takuma asked.

"Yuri? Takuma-sensei? What are you two doi-" Robert paused as he saw a third person sitting next to them. His eyes widened when he saw who.

"CHAOS!" Robert snarled as he dropped the groceries and charged towards Ranma, shock apparent on his face.

"Robert, No!" Yuri screamed out as both she and her father dove at his legs to stop his momentum. His eyes filled with rage, Robert was unable to dodge their tackle as he promptly fell to the ground. Mid-fall, he tried to catch himself before his hand accidentally up heaved the basin of water that sat conveniently in front of Ranma, causing it to splash all over his face.

Yuri and Takuma both sighed in relief. Robert pulled his hand towards his face as he rubbed his sore nose from having fallen face first. He looked up and growled angrily.

"CHAOS! When I get my hands on you, I swear-" Robert stopped mid-rant, his rage dissipating when he saw a cute, albeit wet, redhead looking at him with annoyance.

"Great, even in another world I get all the luck." The soaked redhead grumbled as she wringed the water out of her pigtail.

"Wha-wha-what's going on? Where'd Ranma go?" Yuri stuttered, not fully understanding what was going on. Takuma was in a similar situation, his mouth hanging out slightly. Robert rose to his feet and looked around.

"I don't have time for this! Where did Chaos go?! I know I saw him a minute ago!" Robert shouted out impatiently, his fists clenched. Ranma sighed.

"I'm Ranma Saotome. Sorry about this."

"WHERE AM I NOW?!" A voice rang out through the forest, scaring nearby birds into flying away. Ryoga grunted as he tore his way through countless branches and bushes that tore at his face and clothes.

'Curse you Ranma! If you weren't such an honorless coward, I wouldn't be lost in this forest looking for you!' Ryoga thought angrily, a reddish-green tinted aura slowly building around his body. He continued to push on, trying to ignore the stinging pain the branches caused when they collided with his face. After one particularly large branch snapped and hit him squarely on the forehead, he winced before scowling.

"DAMN YOU RANMA! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAU-(Splash!) Bwee!" P-Chan crawled out of the lake he had fallen into and shook his body to get rid of the excess water that matted his hair. After shaking himself dry, he looked around and realized he was in some sort of a mountainous area. He also realized the lack of trees. P-Chan growled.

"BWEE & BWEE &# #!" P-Chan cursed up a storm, frustrated beyond all belief.

"Aw, what a cute pig!"

Ryoga turned around and saw a cute girl with purple hair in a school girl's outfit. She smiled at P-Chan before petting him on the head.

"Are you lost, little fella? Wanna come with me?" The girl asked in a cutesy tone, holding out her arms so the pig could jump into them. P-Chan blushed, as he hesitated before leaping into her arms. He realized that spending the night with a pretty girl in a warm environment was better then striving to find hot water in this cold weather. He looked up and his blush darkened. She was almost as cute as Akane!

Knowing he would be well taken care of, Ryoga snuggled into her arms as he promptly drifted into slumber, dreaming about defeating Ranma and proclaiming his everlasting love to Akane. After having fallen asleep, the girl slowly stood up and began to walk away from the lake.

"Hey Athena!" A voice called out to the girl. Athena looked around and saw a boy running towards her.

"Kensou! What are you doing here?" Athena asked him.

"Master was wondering where you went and told me to go look for you." Kensou lied. Although Chin had wondered where the girl had gone, he hadn't specifically asked him to go look for her. Looking down in her arms, he realized she was holding onto something.

"What's that?" Kensou asked, pointing at the thing she was carrying. Athena grinned.


A shadowy figure gazed out in the night of a window, mesmerized by the sea of lights the city created. A knock was heard, snapping said figure out of his reverie.

"Come in."

The door opened and a giant of a man wearing a large suit of armor entered into the office. The shadowy figure smiled.

"Ah, Wolfgang Krauser. It's been such a long time." The figure said as he sat down on his chair. The purple-haired man growled.

"Cut the scheißen, Chaos. Why did you call me here?" Krauser demanded. Chaos chuckled.

"Come now Wolfie, you can't still be mad at me for killing your brother now can you?" Chaos said teasingly. The heir of Strolheim roared with anger before releasing his massive battle aura.

"Calm yourself 'Prince of Darkness', the last thing we'd want is to cause an uproar in the middle of a city. Innocents and all that." Chaos said emotionlessly, a bluish-black aura wafting from his form. Krauser bristled, but relented as he retracting his battle aura, his rage-filled eyes glaring into Chaos's cold ones.

"Why did you call me?" Wolfgang whispered angrily. Chaos continued to stare into Krauser's eyes before rotating his chair around and standing up, staring out into the city once more.

"I'm interested in starting the King of Fighters tournament again." Chaos replied, resting his hand against the glass of his wall window. The reflection showed Krauser's response clearly when he recoiled in shock.

"What?! The King of Fighters? Why would you want to do that?" The massive man questioned, trying to search for any kind of clue on Chaos's face through the reflection of the glass.

"I've got my reasons." Chaos answered in a bored tone. Krauser growled and took a step forward.

"Your invitation is on the desk." Chaos said.

Krauser looked down at the desk and saw an envelope with the words 'KING OF FIGHTERS 1997', his name written off to the side in bold ink. On the top left hand corner, there was an insignia of a Dragon with the initials C.F. written next to it. Looking at the envelope, he looked back up to see if Chaos showed any sort of reaction. Growling in barely controlled anger, Krauser picked up the envelope and walked out of the office room, slamming the door in the process.

Chaos was silent for a few seconds before he withdrew his hand from its place on the window and gazed at it closely as purple sparks began emanating from his fingertips.

"The power of the Orochi. It will soon be mine…." Chaos whispered as the dark room was basked in a dark purple light. Chaos extended his arm out in front of him before his tightly closed fist was engulfed in a demonic purple fire. His eyes glowing eerily red as he went back to looking out at the city, an evil smirk apparent on his face.


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