TITLE: Displaced part 15/15
AUTHOR: AppomattoxcoSUMMARY: If you don't know by now I'm in trouble
DISTRIBUTION: just let me know.
DISCLAIMER: I'm not making any money off this or anything else actually so don't sue.
TIMELINE/SPOILERS: Wildly AU post "Chosen"
PAIRING/CHARACTERS: Anya/Giles, Spike/Buffy, Wes/Willow and Ethan/Lorne yes it's kind of crack, why do you ask?

Buffy woke a few days after the battle with Dru and Riley. I wasn't at all surprised when she insisted that we do the spell to restore Spike immediately. I had no earthly idea why Buffy wanted to know if the spell could have 76 trombones as backup. I just took the return of her sense of humor as a sign of recovery.

In the beginning, the spell appeared to be going just as planned, literally note perfect. We sat in a circle surrounding Buffy, who was sitting tailor fashion and would be unable to speak or move until the spell was finished. Just as I started the final verse, I saw Spike in the center of our circle beside Buffy. Naked, with his head in Buffy's lap, he appeared as if he'd fallen into the circle newly reborn, but still not quite real. He was steadily becoming more and solid. The energy in the room was growing in waves as I sang with the others.

Then Drusilla was there, looking more ghostlike than Spike ever did. I would've faltered in shock but at this point, it was impossible. The only way I can describe it is to say that the song was now singing me.

I heard what Drusilla said to Spike in my mind over the song of the magic. "My brave knight, I get to play Blue Fairy after all. Your song is more beautiful than anyone planned now that it's in the air. Sing it in sun as well as under the moon." Drusilla kissed Spike on the cheek and he awoke just after she faded away with the song.

Spike rose, as shaky as a newborn, and Buffy was so recently near death that she was no better. They were holding each other up as much as holding each other. Willow got a knitted blanket for Spike. He couldn't seem to figure out how to let go of Buffy, so the blanket engulfed her, too.

Buffy raised her head from Spike's chest with tears in her eyes. "When you un-ghost a guy you don't mess around, do you, Giles? Was he supposed to get the thumpy heart?"

I said, "Of course." Not because I wanted to take credit for it, but because if anything ever felt as if it was supposed to happen, this did. I still held my breath as the bundled pair made their way upstairs. They were so awkward, I thought a newly human or newly healed neck was sure to get broken. When they reached the top of the stairs there was the sound of a door opening and closing, then a muffled thud as two well-cocooned bodies hit the carpeted floor.

Everyone burst out laughing. Before that exact moment, I had believed that the word 'joyful' was something reserved for the poetry in Christmas cards, not a real emotion. Everyone must have felt the same, because it was suddenly like New Year's Eve with hugs and shouts. Ethan gave me a smacking kiss on the forehead and proclaimed the spell "Once in a lifetime magic."

I heard Willow say, "This is what it feels like when it's right, Wes!"

Then I saw the one I really wanted to kiss. This was no simple 'hello' kiss. We kissed as if we were the lovers reunited by tonight's spell. Why not? Before I came here I was as good as dead wasn't I? I had been born into the wrong universe to have the woman I loved and now I was home. So what if I was rushing things in the giddy aftermath of the spell. This was once in a lifetime magic. I was going to grab it. Someone wolf whistled and I picked Anya up and carried her away with all the drama Buffy and Spike's exit lacked.

Anya giggled. "You realize it would be easier for me to lift you."

"Next time we raise the dead and reunite lovers you can be in charge of the dramatic exit," I teased. She looked so beautiful in my arms I had to ask, "Are you sure you're part demon and not part goddess?"

"That depends, what are your thoughts on dandelions?"

"Dandelions?" I asked.

"And daisies, are they weeds or flowers?"

Now I got it. "Definitely flowers."

Anya said, "Good answer."