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This story is dedicated to Fleur and Mikell. I would like to thank them both for supplying me with the inspiration needed to let my imagination run wild and also for taking the time to be two of the most wonderful friends ever.


Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini both sat sullenly in front of the fire in the Slytherin common room. It was unnaturally cold in the dark room but neither one seemed to notice or wanted to acknowledge the frostiness of the stone dungeons. Every once in a while one of them would sigh broodingly and look at the other sharing his pain.

"Seventh year," Blaise announced gloomily, "and we're both sitting in here nursing our wounds while everyone else is in the Great Hall enjoying the opening feast."

"Aren't you being Mr. Obvious." Draco replied in the same dreary mood that had been dominating him since the end of sixth year and to Blaise's greatest displeasure, he had kept it all through the summer.

"Are you still brooding over Parkinson?" Blaise asked curiously, hoping that his best friend would say what he wanted to hear.

"When did I ever brood over Pansy?" Draco asked amusedly.

He shifted a little to his right in order to get a better view of his best friend who sat on the opposite chair. Blaise's eyebrows were perched so high that they were bordering his hair line as he looked at Draco expecting him to answer his own question.

"I never brooded over her," Draco replied indignantly, "I brooded over the fact that she broke up with me for a bloody Gryffindor!"

"Right," Blaise said. He clearly didn't buy Draco's explanation especially since he knew there was more behind it. Draco rarely ever gave a straight answer and Blaise knew fully well that this was not an exception.

"At least, I'm not the one who slept with a Ravenclaw because I was all drugged up," Draco responded bitterly, angry at Blaise for not believing him. That made him do the one thing he knew how to do best; he lashed out.

"Expect only you Zabini," he mocked, "to sleep with your Ravenclaw girlfriend's best friend at the time because you were too high to know what the hell you were doing."

Blaise looked sullenly at his best friend. "Must you always be so inconsiderate?" he questioned softly knowing that this was Draco's way of forgetting about his own problems.

"How did you not know that Perks would go after you? You damn well knew that she'd wanted you from the start of the bloody year. Did you honestly think that she would let Patil get in the way?" Draco inquired seriously.

"How is it that you got played by the dumbest twat there is?" Blaise retaliated; he was peeved that Draco was being so insensitive to how badly he felt about the mess he was in.

"At least, Pansy didn't break up with me in front of everyone on the train."

"Yeah well," Blaise thought for a second, "At least my girlfriend didn't leave me for a Gryffindor freak."

"Yeah!" Draco shouted, "At least my girlfriend and her best friend didn't bet on how easy I was. Honestly Zabini, I would have thought you had more finesse than that. Making the daft Ravenclaw cry her eyes out when Perks told the whole school that you were an easy lay..." he trailed off suddenly when he realized the almost gray look on Blaise's face.

"Continue," Blaise said quietly, "I know it's true."

"I'm sorry," Draco offered. "I'm just mad that everyone is going to know that Pansy dumped me. Can you imagine the look on Potty's face when he finds out that one of his stupid friends got the better of me," he ranted, becoming angrier as mental images of a grinning Harry flashed in his head.

"She's not with him anymore." Blaise replied sympathetically, "Millicent was bickering on about Pansy telling her that she was going to make things all better between the two of you this year. Sounds like Parkinson's out to win your heart again mate."

"I don't want that wench!" Draco erupted. "I'd have to be brain dead to even think about taking her back."

"So, it's true!" Blaise replied triumphantly as the wheels in his head started turning and he processed everything, "You have a thing for another girl!" he proclaimed.

"Have you gone daft?" Draco asked seriously. The last thing he needed right now was another one of Blaise's accusations. Honestly the boy could go on for hours until finally he came to some sort of preposterous conclusion that he would take upon himself to accomplish.

"Shut it Malfoy," Blaise laughed excitedly, "Listen to me"

"I'm not sure I want to." Draco cut in, noticing the glint in his companion's eyes.

Blaise ignored him however and continued saying, "I never bought any of your bullshit this summer, especially when you told me you were planning to get back with her. Lucius must have told you that you would have to keep 'acquaintances' with Pansy didn't he?" Blaise questioned but didn't wait for Draco to reply. "That's why you were brooding all summer long, wasn't it. You must've fancied someone else after you and Parkinson broke up and you were brooding because your father wouldn't accept it." He was on a roll, everything seemed to make perfect sense now, "You were never brooding over Pansy."

"Didn't I just say that about five minutes ago?" Draco drawled. His determination to admit to nothing was on overdrive and he sure as hell would not admit anything to Blaise since it would only serve to further cause the lunatic to ramble on.

"Shut up! Let me finish," Blaise replied heatedly. "I think I've figured it out."

"There is nothing to figure out, Zabini." Draco warned.

"Draco, I've known you since I was two. Trust me, there is something more behind all of this," Blaise said matter-of-factly.

"Why must you always make assumptions?" Draco asked wearily trying to avoid whatever silly conclusion Blaise would come to.

"I'm not making assumptions," Blaise smiled. "It's the truth."

"When did you get so cocky?" Draco asked.

"When did you become so evasive?" Blaise shot back. "You've been trying to avoid the topic since the very moment I mentioned there was someone else. You and I both know that what I'm saying is the truth Draco. Now listen," he commanded. "You've fancied this girl, probably even while you were with Parkinson. Which caused Pansy to look elsewhere, didn't it?" Blaise acknowledged.

"Zabini come off it already," Draco laughed nervously, "You're beginning to sound ridiculous."

"I'm close aren't I," Blaise said matter-of-factly as he wormed up to his soon-to-be-revealed conclusion.

"You're hanging around Granger too much," Draco commented without thinking.

"What did you say?" Blaise asked in shock but Draco remained quiet. Quiet enough for Blaise to become suspicious.

"How did she come up?"

"I don't know!" Draco said defensively. "Look, alright I do fancy someone but you wouldn't know her, so just leave it alone."

"Well, who is it then if I don't know her?" Blaise raised his perfect eyebrow curiously and stared at Draco expectantly.

"You don't know her."

"How do you know if I know her or not?" Blaise quipped.

"What do you plan on doing about Patil?" Draco asked, diverting the topic abruptly away from himself.

"I don't know," Blaise replied, all the sparks of the previous conversation leaving him, "Padma knows that I didn't intentionally do anything because she found out about that demon Perks drugging me but she still won't forgive me,' Blaise continued, his words laced with resignation.

"You've never been one to take a no for an answer," Draco replied, "Why is it so different now?"

Blaise looked at his companion and smiled bitterly, "I think she was it."


"Laine." Blaise answered as though it were the most obvious answer in the world.

"You listened to that twat you call a sister?" Draco asked outraged. "I don't even want to know what that bat said to you."

He calmed himself for a minute and then stared at Blaise again, "What did she say?"

"I thought you didn't want to hear what the 'bat' had to say," Blaise laughed.

"I need to know what she said so I can fix it," Draco said stubbornly.

"Fine. She said that Padma was probably the one. The 'IT' girl so to speak."

"Ok, so I didn't need to hear that to fix anything," Draco laughed, "Even you know that's stupid."

"I don't really," Blaise answered sadly, "It's like right now, I'd do anything to get her back but at the same time I want her to hurt just as much as I'm hurting because she knows I wouldn't have done anything as stupid if wasn't for that stupid… Merlin I hate Perks."

"Let it go," Draco said simply.


"Let them go," he said again, "Mother told me the same thing, and look how much better off I am now."

"If you're so much better off then why are you sitting here?" Blaise asked mockingly.

"Because I want what I can't have." Draco said quietly.

"The way you make it sound it's as though she's a Gryffindor." Blaise laughed, forgetting the seriousness of the last conversation.

Draco looked up shyly, something that Blaise noted, and answered, "The grass is always greener on the other side."

"I'd say it was red and gold," Blaise grinned.

"I won't lie," Draco stated monotonously.

"Drastic times call for drastic measures," Blaise said feigning seriousness, "Let's hear who it is then."

"It's quite simple," Draco said in an unfamiliar tone, "Everything that's nothing special," he concluded.

"And the Cryptic King speaks everyone," Blaise said sarcastically.

"Look, can't you leave everything the way it is?" Draco asked.

Blaise shook his head negatively. "It won't be fair. Perks has to get what she deserves, Parkinson and Padma need to be thought a lesson about never crossing the two best looking Slytherin Princes for decades and you mate need to tell me who the mystery Gryffindor is."

Draco grinned slyly completely ignoring the last part of Blaise's statement, "I like the sound of this already. What do you have in mind?" he asked curiously.

"Why not give Perks a taste of her own medicine," Blaise answered, "When one Slytherin Prince falls "

"The other comes to his rescue," Draco cut in, "Any suggestions then?" he asked.

"Why of course," Blaise smirked devilishly. "How would you like to do your best friend a favor?" he asked cunningly.

"What do I get out of it?"

"It doesn't take half a brain to figure out who you fancy, you idiot." Blaise shot back.

"You wouldn't dare blackmail me," Draco warned.

"Must you be so dim witted?" Blaise drawled, "You help me and I'll help you. After all, who would actually think the 'Great' Draco Malfoy would secretly fancy Hermione Granger?"

"How you ever came to such a conclusion is beyond me" Draco said exasperatedly.

"I'm not blind nor am I tasteless," Blaise grinned.

"And you call me the Cryptic King," Draco mumbled. "What's your plan then?"

"Let's go eat," Blaise replied, "It'll be worked out by the time we come back."

And with that, the once brooding Slytherin Princes got up from the uncomfortably cold couches and headed to the Great Hall, spirits renewed and hearts fluttering as revenge invoked their minds. Plotting against Gryffindor turned into a thing of the past while Ravenclaw became their newest target.