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A/N: I began writing this story before Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released therefore it has now become an AU story due to the fact that Professor Dumbledore is still the Head Master and Professor Snape is also still the Potions Master.

Chapter Two: Tales of Deception.

Dinner had only recently begun when Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini swaggered into the Great Hall loftily causing each member of the Golden Trio to look up alertly. Harry, being the first to sense the change in the atmosphere had nudged Hermione lightly in the side until she too stared openly at the two princes and tapped Ron on the shoulder.

"Do you think Zabini knows about what happened at lunch yet?" Harry asked quietly.

"I wasn't even here and I heard about it," said Ron, rubbing his chin as though assessing the matter with great amounts of concentration. "They don't seem any different to me."

"Of course they wouldn't seem any different yet," Hermione retorted. "Blaise is probably in denial. He wouldn't expect Malfoy to betray him like that."

"Maybe its revenge," said Ginny. She had been listening to the conversation and decided it was about time she added her input. "Maybe Malfoy is taking revenge on Blaise for not telling him about Pansy."

"Why would he possibly want revenge on Zabini because of Pansy?" asked Ron confusedly. "If anything he'd take revenge on poor-"

"Look," Hermione cut him off, "Pansy's walking in."

Pansy strolled into the Great Hall followed by a few giggling younger year Slytherins. She pranced past the Gryffindor table and cast her eyes hatefully at Neville who only snorted in recognition. Pretending that she had not even seen him, she gracefully raised her head a little higher and continued on her way to the Slytherin table.

"Malfoy didn't even look up!" Harry almost screamed causing a giggle from Ginny.

"Since when have you ever cared what Malfoy did or didn't do for that matter?" she questioned, raising her eyebrows slightly.

Harry gave an annoyed sort of grunt and continued on with his meal never taking his eyes away from Blaise or Draco for even a second.

Dinner had been a quiet affair for both princes as they entered the Slytherin Common Room. Nothing out of the ordinary had occurred except for a few whispers and glances directed at them but that was to be expected.

Lazily running his hand through his silky black hair, Blaise watched as an amber owl flew through the common room and landed at Draco's feet. It waited a few seconds until the letter was safely in Draco's hand and then vanished once again out of the dungeon. It always intrigued him how they got into the dungeons in the first place. It was a known fact that the Slytherin wing of Hogwarts was almost like a muggle basement and therefore had no windows.

"Who's it from?" he asked calmly.

"Mother," Draco answered almost unhappily. "It's not even the end of the first day yet," he said in disbelief, "and she's already writing."

"I'm sure she'd appreciate that sour look," Blaise said sarcastically.

Draco smirked and tore the envelope open roughly. His eyes scanned the glossy parchment that his mother insisted to spend large amounts of money on and he frowned, "Mother expects me to befriend some strange chit that's transferred here. Says the poor girl's a shy one." He sniggered mockingly.

"The poor girl's probably an ugly bat!" Blaise chortled. "No wonder she wouldn't have friends and needs parenting orders to acquire them."

"You'd expect mother to know better than to put me in charge of something she wanted to survive wouldn't you?" Draco asked devilishly.

"I'm afraid to ask what you'll have the poor thing doing this year."

Staring at nothing in particular Draco let out a low sigh, indicating that he was ready to forget about his mother's orders, "Did you find that Boot kid today?"

Noticing that the conversation had gone from playful to somewhat serious, the lingering smile on Blaise's face vanished, "I don't see a point in looking for him really," he answered. "He can't be of much use if you think about it."

"Come on," Draco coaxed. "If we declare war on two Ravenclaws, we might as well take the whole house down with them."

"I guess you have a point then," Blaise smirked, staring distractedly into the fire as he shifted in the leather chair.

"My mother would have a cow if she saw you slouching like that," Draco announced, watching amusedly as Blaise spread his right leg over the arm of the chair and rested his head carelessly on his bended knee.

"Your mother would have a cow if someone didn't put a water resistant charm on the table before they put a glass down," Blaise mocked.

"True but she would-" Draco started but ended abruptly as his eyes fell on the approaching figure.

The figure glided gracefully down the staircase of the girls' dormitory, a seductive redhead that gave off an aura of confidence and superiority. In her hand was a glossy piece of parchment, and her purplish grey eyes shone from the candle light as she scanned it. She looked around quizzically as though in search of a lost trinket until her eyes landed on the blond prince himself.

She strolled almost intoxicatingly slow towards him and looked down the bridge of her symmetrical nose, "Bonjour, êtes-vous Draco Malfoy?" The words spilt from her lips like a dew drop rolling off a flower petal. (Hello, are you Draco Malfoy?)

"Ça dépend qui le demande," Draco drawled, regaining his composer and directed his eyes to her face. (It depends on why you're asking?)

Blaise who had been carelessly sprawled on the armchair sat up considerably straight. He ran his hand through his hair inconspicuously and plastered a smirk across his face as he too directed his attention at the newcomer. Charm seemed to radiate off her features and both princes seemed to be wrapped around her presence.

"Je suis Jaden Miraltar. Votre mère a demandé que je vous rencontre," she announced with finality. "Puis-je savoir c'est à quel propos?" she asked, handing him the piece of parchment. (I am Jaden Miraltar. Your mother wanted us to meet. What is this about?)

Draco's eyes scanned the parchment in shock but his features remained as impassive as ever. He looked up for a brief second and then stared at Blaise with a bemused expression on his face. "Poor thing indeed," he said wolfishly.

"My mother definitely knows better than to leave me in charge of anything like this," Blaise winked.

"You do realize that I can understand you, don't you?" the redhead asked testily in a perfect English accent, shocking both Draco and Blaise.

Draco chuckled slightly and extended his hand to the feisty girl while still seated, "Draco Malfoy."

"Yes, well I've already figured that out, don't you think?" she replied as she ignored his attempt at a hand shake.

Draco set his hand down insolently, "My mother said you were shy," he drawled lazily.

"Your mother also said you were charming," she retorted with the same impatience as before, "I have yet to see your so called charm."

Blaise sniggered slightly which earned him a murderous glare from Draco, "Blaise Zabini." He stood up and extended his hand.

Jaden looked at his outstretched hand in curiosity, taking a moment before she reached forward and attempted to lightly shake his hand, seeming as though she wanted to avoid as much physical contact as possible. Blaise, being the cunning, devil he was, grasped her soft limb and kissed it lightly. To anyone, it would seem as if Blaise had found a new interest.

"Was that your attempt at being charming?" she asked. Her voice sounded melodic and sweet, almost like sugar itself, but her words had an edge that was just a bit frosty and cutting. Blaise smirked at her in response, and she batted her eyelashes seductively, going in for the kill. "I'd say it was rather weak."

"Is that a tear I see in your eye, Zabini?" Draco mocked, smirking contemptuously at Blaise who was scowling in admiration at the leering redhead. "Sharp isn't she?"

"Yes, well then I should be heading off to bed, shouldn't I?" she smirked back. "Wouldn't want to cause a water works show." She looked at Blaise, who seemed to be using every bit of his energy not to crack a smile and then back at Draco, "Good night Malfoy, it was truly a pleasure to meet you. Do tell me if you want to have tea and biscuits some time." She said sarcastically as she smiled discreetly at Blaise, "I'll be seeing you around, Zabini."

"That's wonderful," Draco drawled. "Maybe before you go, I can request a favor of you?"

"Oh, enlighten me on what you would have me do?" she asked with disinterest.

"Zabini's jaw seems to have lost its mobility. Maybe you can shut it because I do believe I see drool seeping out at the sides."

Blaise's head moved at break neck speed as he turned to Draco and glared. "If he has a problem with his jaw, he can fix it himself. I will not resort to such things as cleaning up after him. I'll have you know I'm no bloody house elf!" Jaden replied indignantly.

She spun on her heels elegantly and smirked as she walked away knowing fully well that she had left in her wake, two utterly shocked young men.

"Remind me to thank mother, will you," Draco said sardonically after finally regaining his calm demeanor. "She sent me a bloody bint that has the personality of a raving lunatic!"

"Actually," Blaise smirked as he returned to his previous position in the armchair, "I thought she was rather entertaining. Reminded me a bit of that Weasley girl."

"What is it with you and those good for nothing Gryffindors?" Draco asked accusingly. "Next thing you'll be telling me is you fancy that little weasel!"

"I'm not the one with the crush on Granger, Draco," Blaise said heatedly as he scowled at the blond, who had the same blaze glittering in his eyes.

Both had hit a nerve with the other and neither appreciated the fact that one would have to retreat and start the conversation again. After what felt like hours of a deafening silence when in reality it was only about two minutes, Blaise sighed, "I nicked her timetable today."

"You nicked Granger's timetable?" Draco asked in disbelief, forgetting that he was only moments ago ready to strangle the nauseating boy in front of him.

Blaise reached into his robe pocket and pulled out a blank piece of parchment. He grabbed his wand from its spot on his waist and tapped the white fabric lightly. Within seconds, ink spread across the sheet and formed a neat print out of Hermione's timetable. He tossed it at Draco.

Draco looked at it for a moment with disinterest and then folded it into a small square before depositing it into his pocket. "She has all the same classes as us both. She has Ancient Runes with me separately and Arithmancy with you," he announced idly. "We're allowed to have six classes maximum, expect only Granger to take it upon herself to do seven."

A new day had begun at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as twelve rather unusual students stood outside the Defense Against the Dark Arts corridor awaiting their professor. Just as each new year would have it, a new member would be joining the staff to fill the vacant spot.

"Wonder who it is this year?" Ron asked quietly from his stance against the cold wall.

"I doubt we'd get a possessed loon or a shallow wombat again. Maybe if luck would favor us, we might get another werewolf but it's quite impossible," Harry laughed. "I hear there aren't that many people posing as Moody lately so maybe Umbridge might flutter in again or we could have that smelly old toad from last year."

"Quite impossible is it, Harry?" Remus Lupin asked from behind the raven haired boy.

Harry, Hermione and Ron's faces lit up with excitement, "Why didn't you tell us you would be teaching this year?" Hermione asked jovially.

"I thought it'd be a nice surprise," replied Professor Lupin as he opened the doors and ushered the class in.

Everyone quietly stood at the back of the room and waited for instructions since they expected Professor Lupin to arrange their partner just as their two teachers from the previous day had.

"Oh, I'm quite satisfied with whomever you choose to work with as long as they're in a different house," Lupin grinned.

Neville walked quickly to Padma, Parvati to Terry and Ron to Sally-Anne. Seeing that it was only a bunch of Gryffindors and Slytherins left, Hermione sighed. She walked over to Draco and sat down dejectedly. Harry followed suit and he and Blaise sat behind them.

"I'm afraid we have two Slytherins remaining," Lupin said as he watched with amusement the partners that Harry and Hermione had chosen. His hopes for an entertaining year were starting to solidify. "Miss Parvati Patil, why don't you and Mister Boot switch partners with Mister Goyle and Miss Parkinson?" he suggested and received a scowl from Terry who rose up out of his chair and traded places with Goyle at the last table.

"Very well," said the wolfish professor. "You are well aware of who I am so I won't waste time on an introduction. Today, we will begin chapter three of your textbook; Merpeople. I am well aware that you all know what they are but can anyone give me a definition that can help us all get a clearer idea?"

Almost instantaneously, Hermione's hand shot into the air. The professor nodded and she began, "Merpeople are underwater dwellers who build cities at the bottom of lakes. They have fishtails, green hair and grey skin, and they fish with spears. Above water their voices are unintelligible."

"Very good Miss Granger," Professor Lupin said proudly. "Five points to Gryffindor."

"Know-it-all," Draco mumbled under his breath from his seat next to Hermione.

"What was that, Malfoy?" she asked irritably.

"Are you hearing things, Granger?" he said mockingly. "I don't believe I was talking to you."

"Right, so turn to chapter three and copy the importance of their hair," Professor Lupin concluded as he seated himself behind his desk.

"You know, they elected to be the other's partner and we're not even into the first ten minutes of class and they've started bickering already," Blaise said amusedly as he stared at Harry who was retrieving a bottle of ink from his bag.

"I'm sure she prefers Malfoy over Goyle or Parkinson," Harry replied distractedly as he set the bottle of ink on the flat wooden surface and glanced between the two that were seated in front of him.

"You'd think that the way they are acting this year would make them long time lovers, trying to get each other's attention, squabbling like a married couple," Blaise said forlornly knowing that what he had said would cause the wheels in Harry's head to start turning.

And indeed they had because Harry's head shot up at record breaking speed as he stared at Blaise who had already returned to his work and was no longer paying attention to him. Harry redirected his gaze at Hermione and Draco, staring intently at them as if by chance, one would do something that would prove Blaise's theory right.

It had struck a nerve yesterday when he had thought that maybe Draco had some sort of interest in Hermione but he had come to terms with himself that he had probably wrongly interpreted Blaise's comments yesterday wrongly. It was quite impossible in his mind that Hermione would associate with a Slytherin other than Blaise, let alone fancy one or even go out with one.

He lowered his head calmly, sighing loudly in the process. "What's the matter with you, Potter?" Blaise smirked. The dark haired Slytherin relished in his accomplishment. Harry had taken the bait.

"What's the matter with me?" Harry whispered furiously. "What's the matter with you and Malfoy?" he questioned angrily, "What are the two of you playing at?"

Blaise looked perplexed for a moment, something only he could feign so well, "Whatever do you mean, Potter?" he asked airily.

"Is it some sort of game?" Harry asked forgetting his previous thoughts of a relationship between Draco and Hermione.

"Is what a game?" Blaise asked, raising an eyebrow.

"That Perks girl," Harry whispered, "you know, the scarlet. Why was Malfoy with her yesterday?" Blaise's expression fell, something that Harry didn't miss; fat chance of him missing anything now that his defenses were on overdrive.

"Draco is a big boy," Blaise replied scathingly. "It's none of my business what he chooses to do with his love life."

"Will you two shut up?" Hermione hissed from the table in front. "You've been whispering between yourselves for the last half hour of class. It's bad enough that you're talking during class but, its really annoying hearing the mumbling sound and not knowing what you're talking about."

Harry and Blaise chuckled lightly at the exasperated glare Hermione flashed them as she returned to her work. Draco also seemed annoyed but it was expected from him after all. "They really are like a married couple, aren't they Potter?" Blaise asked playfully which rewarded him a vicious glare from Harry.

"The day Hermione and Malfoy become a couple, Zabini," Harry whispered angrily, "is the day that I get caught snogging Parkinson in the Great Hall."

"Can I hold you to that?" Blaise laughed as the bell rang signaling the end of the very first seventh year class of Defense Against the Dark Arts for the year.

"Yes Zabini!" Hermione half shouted as she turned around and glared at both boys. "The day Harry snogs Parkinson in the Great Hall is the day Malfoy and I embark on a relationship," she finished testily.

"I'd be carefully what I wished for, Granger," Draco said snidely.

"The day that happens," Harry almost laughed but was too angry at himself for ever thinking that Hermione and Draco could have been in a relationship to crack a smile said, "I'll paint my face green and silver and walk around singing Weasley is our king!" And furiously walked out the door and headed to the Great Hall for lunch followed closely by Ron and Hermione.

"That'd be a nice change wouldn't it?" Blaise chuckled as he and Draco also left the classroom in hopes of getting to lunch.

The Great Hall had come to mean over the years, a place where the students could converse and interact during meals. It was the unofficial meeting area or more likely the one place that everybody had to go.

Harry sat grumpily at the Gryffindor table in the middle of the room. He stared broodingly at the Slytherin table and watched as Draco and Blaise took their usual seats and started to mow through their food.

"Something the matter, mate?" Ron asked although his mouth was stuffed with an assortment of vegetables and meat.

Harry's head quickly snapped up and he smiled eerily at Ron, "If Malfoy or Zabini were to be interested in any Gryffindor, who do you think it would be?"

"What!" Ron shouted in horror. "One of them is dating a Gryffindor?"

"Would you keep it down," Harry warned. He looked over at Hermione who was conversing animatedly with Ginny, "Neither one of them is dating a Gryffindor, well I hope not at least. But if they had to choose a Gryffindor, who do you think would be their first candidate?"

"That's a strange thing to ask, Harry," Ron said going back to his food. "I mean its Malfoy and Zabini. Plus, Malfoy's already going out with Perks isn't he? So it'll just be Zabini and the only Gryffindor girl that he talks to is Hermione," Ron concluded.

"The Slytherin Prince himself," Hermione screeched across the table a few seats down from Harry which caused his head to shoot up almost instantly. Ginny was as red as a tomato and was giggling nervously. "Uh..." Hermione stuttered, "Nasty little rumor," she said to everyone at the Gryffindor table who was looking at them curiously.

"What do you supposed she and the Weasley girl are talking about?" Draco asked curiously but scowled when he saw Hermione look over at him and Blaise.

She quickly lowered her gaze and returned to whispering with Ginny but it did not go unnoticed by Harry. Blaise grinned amusedly as he saw the ashen look on Harry's face, "It truly is amazing how gullible the Gryffindors are." Draco gave him a curious look but returned to his meal without another word. "You know I'd expect you to pay more attention to what I say about the Gryffindors since you fancy one," Blaise laughed as he watched the fork that was mere moments away from Pansy's lips drop to her plate with a clatter.

"Zabini," Draco warned, "Don't go around blurting out rubbish like that!"

Afternoon classes for seventh years were always seen as a nuisance but Transfiguration on their second day back after having a free evening the previous day seemed to be torture. Professor McGonagall had briskly walked into the room and said that they could sit with whomever they wanted as long as they followed the house unity rule.

The twelve students had separated into similar pairs as they had done in Defense Against the Dark Arts but this time Harry had elected to sit with Draco behind Hermione and Blaise. Professor McGonagall seemed shocked for a moment but then continued with her usual first day of class speech and dictated to the class the year's topics and work course. Harry however, could not pay attention at all.

He kept staring at Draco who would every so often glare at Hermione's back and then scowl at Blaise. It struck the Gryffindor as odd that Draco would show such hostility toward Blaise but then after an impediment of rational thought another idea struck Harry.

His face paled for the second time that day, "Malfoy," he called but Draco scowled and didn't bother to look up. "Malfoy," he tried again.

"What do you want, Potter?" Draco sneered.

"Never mind," Harry whispered back as he saw Blaise slide a piece of parchment over to Hermione.

At first the idea would have been ludicrous but after what Ron had said at lunch it all seemed to fit. Of course Hermione and Draco weren't having an affair. That in itself screamed insanity but the idea that Blaise and Hermione were secret lovers wasn't that farfetched.

Harry felt like smacking himself over the head for a second. How could he have missed it? It had been staring him in the face all along. Blaise and Hermione were friends. They spent a great deal of their time together in the library last year. Hermione often talked about Blaise and most importantly Blaise had stopped Draco from calling her a mudblood.

The dreadful name alone made Harry shudder. He looked across at Draco again and then it hit him. So that's what it was all about. Ginny was in fact right. The only reason that Draco was pursuing Sally-Anne was as a form of revenge. What better way to annoy Blaise than by dating the one girl that he despised with every last fiber of his being. Wasn't what Blaise was doing the same thing; after all, Draco hated Hermione, didn't he?

"You did what, Blaise?" Hermione whispered. "Harry must be going berserk!"

"You have to admit, it's funny," Blaise grinned as he whispered back to her.

"You made Harry believe that Malfoy and I had or are probably still having some sort of secret relationship!" Hermione answered back. "I don't see anything remotely funny about that."

"You should have seen his face," Blaise laughed. "He looked like he was wondering if he was in some sort of demented reality."

"I can't believe you did that," Hermione said trying not to laugh as well but failed miserably and eventually cracked a smile. "I'm wondering why he hasn't asked me about it yet. It must be killing him!"

"Oh, the joys of my brilliant mind!" Blaise smiled as he turned around and looked at Harry who was lost in his own little world. "Imagine if you played along with it," He said slyly.

"You're horrible, do you know that?" Hermione asked seriously. "But it does sound like fun."

"I knew you'd see things my way."

"Wait till Malfoy starts seeing things my way," Hermione grinned broadly. "You should know I'm only doing this to scare the living daylights out of him."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Blaise laughed as the bell rang signaling the end of Transfiguration.

"Hermione," Harry called from the doorway. "Hurry up so you can walk to Herbology with us, unless you want to go with Zabini of course."

"I'm coming, Harry," she laughed as she gathered her books and winked at Blaise. "Why would I want to walk with Blaise anyway? He's going down there with Malfoy for Merlin's sake. You know better than to think that I would want to spend any more time with the ferret," she added hotly as they all left the classroom.

The Herbology green house was just as they had left it last year. A multitude of potted plants lined the walkway and an even larger number of various types of greenery were set up on different tables and numerous nurseries.

Professor Sprout, the chubby plant obsessed woman was busily setting up the class's assignment for the day when the twelve students walked in. "Oh very good, you're all on time. Very lovely indeed. Today, we'll be working on the Mandrakes again. Choose your partners. You know the rules."

Happy that Professor Sprout had followed the same pattern as the previous teachers, the group separated once again into similar pairs. It was only Hermione, Blaise, Harry and Draco that seemed to constantly switch with every new class.

"Very well," Professor Sprout eyed the mentioned four curiously but just like every teacher before, she tried to suppress her shock. "These are adult Mandrakes so please be very careful. Your assignment is to just transfer them to larger pots. The first years couldn't quite handle that."

"So she shoves it on us," Draco whispered to himself, which strangely enough caused Hermione to smile and shock them both.

"Carry along then," Professor Sprout said as she disappeared behind a bright green curtain that no one had noticed before.

"Strange bird that one. Eh, Potter?" Blaise asked a sullen Harry.

Harry nodded. It may have seemed like a good idea at first to volunteer to be Blaise's partner; he would keep Hermione away from the Slytherin wouldn't he? But now, his rage had flared up and his dislike for the boy had escalated. What in Merlin's name had he been thinking?

That's when the idea hit him like a brick wall, Blaise would confess, of course he would! All Harry had to do was pretend that he fancied Hermione to make Blaise falter. There was no possible way Blaise would let Harry live un-scattered if he started showing affection towards Hermione.

No boy in their right mind who fancied a girl would let another guy show attention to her. No sir, not in the slightest of ways. Harry didn't care whether Blaise was a cold hearted Slytherin or not. Nobody could keep their cool in a situation like this unless there was something seriously wrong with them.

"Zabini, what do you think of Hermione?" Harry asked coyly. "I mean…" he faltered. "Let's say you were interested in her. How would you try to get her to notice you?"

"What!" Blaise asked completely shocked. "What the hell kind of question is that?" he snapped as he looked across at Hermione who was arguing fiercely with Draco.

What in the name of Merlin was the daft Gryffindor on now? Blaise stared back at Harry and smiled as a glimpse of understanding struck him, "What do you mean what I would do? Hermione's already noticed me."

Harry's face fell, "No, I mean like let's say a guy fancied Hermione and they wanted to let her know. What do you think he'd have to do?" If that didn't do it, Harry didn't know what else would.

"Are you suggesting that you know someone who fancies her?" Blaise asked trying to hide a grin.

Harry blushed furiously, "Maybe I do."

Then it clicked.

"You fancy Hermione?" Blaise grinned. The daft Gryffindor had been stupid enough to think that it was he; Blaise and Hermione who had the "affair", not Draco and her.

Harry Bloody Potter was trying to weasel the information out of him by making him jealous and Blaise couldn't have that. Oh no! He couldn't. He smiled gently at Harry, "You're her best friend, Potter. How hard could it possibly be to say, 'Hermione, I fancy you'? "

Of course life at Hogwarts would have been incredibly easy for Harry, Hermione and Blaise had Pansy Parkinson not overheard Blaise's last statement. Why was it that nobody seemed to mind their own business anymore? It really didn't help very much that she had only heard a tidbit and had of course jumped to the wrong conclusions.

Blaise, unaware of Pansy's new found attention to his conversation with Harry continued, "It really isn't the brightest idea for a Slytherin with such potential as myself to fall for a girl like Hermione but who could compete when a Gryffindor such as yourself for her attention."

Harry and Pansy's jaw dropped. Pansy quickly sunk her head back to her potted Mandrake and tried to erase that previous bit of information from her memory. Had the world suddenly gone mad! Which Slytherin in their right mind would let Harry Potter know that he fancied his best friend? A dumb dolt no less, Pansy thought.

"You mean," Harry started, staring at Blaise in shock as this wasn't going at all like he planned. Wasn't Blaise supposed to be all riled up and ready to kill? He was after all in some sort of relationship with Hermione, wasn't he?

"You want me to fancy Hermione?" Harry asked in disbelief.

Blaise smiled, "Of course I want you to." Blaise almost jumped with joy. "In fact, I'll even help you and Hermione get together," he concluded.

Stupid Gryffindor, trying to con him into admitting to something that was so far from the truth that it was a blatant lie. How had the idiotic boy come to such a conclusion? Blaise knew fully well that he had been hinting about a relationship between Hermione and Draco but leave it only to Harry to think that they were all in some sort of corrupted scheme to tick him into believing something that wasn't true.

Blaise smirked. Well, this was turning out better than his original plan.

Pansy Parkinson once again diverted her attention to the two raven haired boys. That was it, both fancied Hermione Granger. She glanced across at Hermione who looked like she was arguing with a smirking Draco and did a double take when she saw the bushy haired girl blush and the blond devil grin. She shook her head wildly, the world had gone mad!

She breathed in deeply. Class would be over in a few minutes. Yes, it would and then she could go to the hospital wings and tell Madame Pomfrey that she was completely off her rocker. Yes, yes she would be safe from the mad world there.

As if on cue the bell sounded through the greenhouse and she saw everyone else but the objects of her interest hurrying to leave the room. Blaise and Harry were still talking, Hermione and Draco were still looking at each other strangely and to her greatest horror she watched as Harry told Hermione that he would be walking back to the castle with Blaise.

Pansy felt as though at any moment she would see herself floating through the air on a bubble of lost common sense. She continued to make her way to the greenhouse door all the while still staring at Draco and Hermione, the only people left in the classroom.

Every last hope of waking up and realizing this was all some sort of twisted dream vanished as she saw Draco pull Hermione by the wrist closer to him and then… she fell.

The ache that throbbed in her head made her wince as she opened her eyes and saw blue, grey and brown towering over her and staring back amusedly. Any other person would have been less mortified in this situation but Pansy Parkinson screeched like a wounded banshee.

"You're all mad!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. "Don't come near me! You'll make me crazy too. I'll be sailing around on bubbles with lost insanity and sipping tea with my toes!"

Hermione, Neville and Draco flat out laughed.

"Now Parkinson, calm down," Draco ordered, trying his hardest not to double over in laughter. "You were hit on the head by the door," he said slowly. "We're not crazy," he sniggered. "It's just you."

"Malfoy," Hermione tried to reprimand him but broke out into another fit of giggles.

"Parkinson," Neville called in between his laughter. "How many fingers am I holding up?" he put three fingers into the air and waved them in front of her face.

Pansy glared evilly at Draco and Hermione and growled as she stared at Neville, "Don't wave around your filthy fingers in my face. How dare you!" she shrieked. "Bloody idiots is what you are, all of you. I'm not mad! I'm the only sane one," she pushed her way past Neville and pulled open the door. "I'm going to Madame Pomfrey right this minute. I'll tell her you've all gone crazy and she'll save me!"

Draco sniggered once more, "That's right."

"Yes, she'll save you and send you off to Saint Mungo's!" Neville laughed, grabbing a stitch in his stomach as he doubled over.

She knew that she would be late for her last class. What on earth had possessed her to stay and laugh with Neville in the greenhouse after Draco left was beyond her. It wasn't like Hermione Granger to be late for classes. Never.

She pushed the door open to her Arithmancy class and lowered her head as she waited for the expected reprimanding for being late by Professor Vector but when the cold voice didn't fill the air she looked up timidly. The class was buzzing with noise, something she hadn't noticed at all when she walked in.

Professor Vector was no where in sight. She turned her head until her eyes rested on a lone figure waving gleefully at her. It seemed that Arithmancy was the only class that she didn't share with anyone else but Blaise Zabini and a bunch of twittering Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs that she had not had the pleasure of acquainting herself with before.

She sat down and grinned at Blaise and wondered what had gotten him in such a good mood when she had been the one to see Pansy Parkinson mowed over by a swinging door, not him, "Why are you so happy?" she asked cheerfully.

"Other than the fact that your best friend is insane," Blaise laughed. "I'm just happy I guess."

Hermione giggled, "You see, when you say things like that I can almost see the Slytherin in you."

"You can almost see the Slytherin in me!" Blaise shrieked offensively. "I'll have you know Miss Granger that I am one hundred percent Slytherin. Through and through and without a doubt a Slytherin!"

"Are you trying to convince yourself or me?" She asked innocently as she unpacked her bag.

"You're impossible!" Blaise said exasperatedly. "Anyway, I carry good news," he said raising his eyebrows suggestively.

"Wait, let me guess," Hermione said sarcastically.

"No time for that," Blaise laughed, ignoring the fact that Hermione didn't look too interested. "There's a new Slytherin Girl," he announced.

"Yes," Hermione laughed. "There are about seven new first year Slytherin girls." She glanced at him and winked teasingly, "I didn't know you liked them so young."

"Stop being such a smart ass, Granger."

"I've heard of smart donkeys but never of a smart-"

Blaise cut her off exasperatedly, "Would you let me finish before you jump to conclusions?"

"Alright then," she feigned innocence. "Let me hear your sad attempt at justifying the fact that you're molesting eleven year olds."

"You're sick, you know that?" Blaise replied moodily. "It was a good story you know," he pouted childishly.

"Is little Blaise having a hissy fit?"

"Oh shut up and listen!" he snapped. "There's a new girl in Slytherin in the sixth year," he stressed.

Hermione eyes opened wide in anticipation before she asked, "Let me guess, her name is Jaden?"

"How did you know?" Blaise asked in disbelief which caused Hermione to smile.

"Friend of mine."

"She has friends?" He questioned skeptically.

"Quite a few actually," Hermione laughed. "I'm assuming you saw her at her most friendly mood already," she said sarcastically.

"If you mean taking a stab at my pride and shooting Draco's charm down, then yes. We've seen her at her friendliest," he replied, putting his hand behind his head and leaning against the chair as a glazed look captured his usually expressionless face.

"What's this?" Hermione mocked, noticing the change. "A mere sixth year had Blaise Zabini at a lost for words."

"Nice demoiselle, that one."

"I already knew that," Hermione laughed. "But what I don't get is what exactly is going on with Malfoy and Perks."

"Why does everyone assume that I know what the hell is going on with them. The last time I checked, I bloody well hated Perks! I don't keep tabs on her." Blaise shot angrily.

"Oh right, and the fact that Malfoy, who might I remind you, is your best friend has suddenly taken an interest in her doesn't seem a bit odd to you at all?"

"So he goes for the crazy loons, am I supposed to throw him a party," Blaise drawled.

"No, but you could tell me what the two of you are up to," Hermione said slyly.

"And it's moments like these that make me think you belong in Slytherin," Blaise chuckled.

"Yes, well, my wit would be too much for all the other little Slytherins to handle," she mocked. "Now, tell me what you're up to," she demanded.

"Fine," Blaise replied submissively, "but you'll have to help me once I tell you."

Hermione looked at him peculiarly for a moment and then nodded her head, "I do need a bit of excitement this year, don't I?"

"So let me get this straight," Draco chuckled. "Potter thought that Granger and I had some sort of secret relationship but then changed his mind and decided it was you and her and then figured that if he pretended to fancy her, you would confess?"

"Yup!" Blaise grinned. "But it gets better."

"Oh, this I can't wait to hear," Draco drawled.

"I, your most devilishly cunning Slytherin have decided to aid Mister Potter in his attempt to seduce the lovely Miss Hermione Granger," Blaise and Draco burst out laughing.

"You told Potter you would help him?"

"You should have seen his face!"

Blaise and Draco were once again sitting in the Slytherin Common Room after dinner. The fire was lit and they had two mugs of butterbeer in front of them, laughing away merrily as they said goodbye to their second day back at Hogwarts.

"Hermione's decided to join in the fun," Blaise announced and Draco stopped mid-laugh.

"What do you mean, 'she decided to join in the fun'?" Draco mimicked.

"Well, see she's a very smart girl-" Blaise started but was interrupted by his companion.

"Blaise you twit!" Draco shouted. "She's a bloody Gryffindor and Head Girl no doubt!"

"The last time I checked, you were Head Boy and you were playing our little game too. Why can't she?" Blaise asked coyly.

"You insane nut!"

"Draco, Draco," Blaise chanted. "I didn't get around to telling you, did I?"

"Telling me you've gone off," Draco all but screamed. "I've already figure that out. You loon!"

"Must you shout all the time," the dark haired boy asked, as he inspected his nails aridly. "She was playing along before I even told her about our little mission. Said it'd be fun to toy with Potter and make you see things her way actually."

Blaise knew he had captured Draco's attention with his last comment. He smirked inwardly. In five, four, three, two. And there it was.


He smiled appreciatively, "Well, when I told her that Potter assumed she was having some sort of secret relationship with you, she seemed amused. I of course used that to my advantage and she came to the conclusion that she would have some fun."

"Are you mad?" Draco asked concernedly. "Granger agreed to taunt Potter by flaunting around some stupid affair that could possibly tarnish her reputation?" he asked in disbelief.

"It's amazing what I can accomplish, isn't it?" Blaise asked proudly.

"She's playing along?" Draco asked incredulously.

"Must you always be so thick?"

"Is he always that daft," said a silky female voice from behind both Draco and Blaise.

Jaden, Blaise smirked.

She strolled gracefully to another armchair across from both boys and grinned, "Well, now that I've been clued in on the rules of the game, how about one more player?"

"What?" Draco sneered.

"He really is that daft," Jaden said as she smiled seductively at Blaise who grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Yes, Malfoy, I heard the entire conversation. Potter has insane theories, Granger's feeling playful, you're daft and Zabini's full of it."

"Why thank you," Blaise smirked back at her. She had not moved her eyes from him once since she had sat down and he seemed to relish in the fact that he had her complete attention. "What do you get out of this?" he asked huskily.

"I might be trying to make new friends," she replied seductively.

Draco looked on in bewilderment. What the hell had happened to everybody this year? Potter was off his rocker, thinking himself into foolish speculations. Granger was trying to drive everyone nuts. Blaise was gawking at some alluring bint and the mentioned bint was a psychopath with the personality of Moaning Myrtle; or that's what he figured so far.

Wait, but he hadn't gotten to the best part yet. Oh no, Pansy was the worst of them all. Waking up after being hit by a door and accusing him of being mad when she was the one that wanted to sip tea with her toes and float around on bubbles. And how could he forget the damned Ravenclaws. Perks was driving him mad and that Patil girl, what was her name again? Oh yes, Padma, the Ravenclaw virgin queen was off snogging boys in the Great Hall like she was in heat.

Seventh year and its mysteries, Draco thought as he once again directed his attention to the shamelessly flirting Slytherins in front of him, "Would you two stop that already!" he sneered.

Blaise looked at him perplexedly, "No need to get testy Draco, Jaden here can help you know. She and Hermione are buddies."

Jaden smirked maliciously, "Nothing passes you, does it Zabini?"

"You know Granger?" Draco asked incredulous.

"Well then, since I've already sparked both your interest, I'll be off to find my next victim," Blaise said sardonically.

"Don't scare him too much, Zabini. It won't work too well if he isn't on our side," Draco called to the retreating figure.

"Who's he gone off to terrorize?" Jaden asked while inspecting under her nails to see if dirt was stored there during the day.

"That's none of your business." Draco snapped. "Now, why do you really want to get involved?" he questioned harshly.

"Funny story really," she replied, still not looking up from her perfectly manicured nails.

"Well look at that," Draco drawled. "I'm in the mood to laugh."

"Did you just try to be funny, Malfoy?" she asked sweetly, in that same melodic voice that she had used the previous night, before she had crushed Blaise's pride with her smarts.

"Jaden! Get to the point," he growled.

"If you must know, which according to you; you must. I'm on a mission of my own."

"What's your mission?" Draco eyed her suspiciously.

"I've taken it upon myself to help out a friend," she replied but continued as she saw Draco open his mouth to ask the inevitable question. "In order to help out my friend, I have to lure Blaise into some sort of friendship you see. My little friend has an infatuation, shall we say, for the boy."

"By luring him in, what exactly do you plan on doing?" the blond Slytherin smirked. Somebody had a crush on Blaise, eh?

"Come now," Jaden laughed cynically. "You didn't really think Hermione was putting up with you for no reason, did you?"

"Granger fancies-"

"How daft can you possibly be Malfoy? Of course Hermione doesn't," the fiery redhead paused. "Hermione, like me, shares a common interest in the matter. You see, what better way to kill two birds with one stone, so to say."

"I didn't think Granger had it in her," Draco said admiringly.

"You'd be surprised what that one can think up."

"Yes, well, you'd be surprised at how well I can manipulate the whole situation," Draco smirked evilly.

His mind had gone into overdrive when he realized that Hermione had no choice but to succumb to him unless she wanted to fail miserably at her plan. If she didn't work with him, she would fail at her attempts to bring Blaise and her dippy chit of a friend together, wouldn't she. The joys of simple blackmail, Draco thought as he spoke again. "I should be off now," he said emotionlessly, although inside he was bursting with joy. I'm going to put Granger through hell, I'm going to put Granger through hell, he sang in his head. "I believe I have a certain Ravenclaw waiting in the Astronomy Tower for me."

Glorious sunshine illuminated the Great Hall as Hermione along with Jaden streamed into the expansive room, linked at the elbows with Ginny Weasley. Hermione looked unusual among the sea of red but stood out beautifully in the reflection cast by the rich crimson of Jaden's hair and the burnt cherry of Ginny's.

Draco watched as she grinned at something Ginny had said and then he smirked. So that's who the dippy chit was. He saw Jaden leave them and head to the Slytherin table as the two Gryffindors laughed their way over to Harry and Ron.

He eyed Jaden for a moment; she rested between Pansy and some other nameless sixth year girl. The girl sure was sharp, he admitted to himself. There she was only minutes ago with Hermione and now seated comfortably next to Pansy Parkinson; the wickedest lass he'd ever had the pleasure of acquainting himself with.

He watched as Blaise spooned around a hard boiled egg on his plate and looked across at the Gryffindor table. That was becoming a habit, wasn't it? The dark haired boy looked almost longingly back at his egg and then neutrally at Draco.

"Parkinson is coming over here."

Indeed by the time Draco looked away from Blaise, Pansy had found herself seated comfortably at the side of him, where not too long ago an attractive looking brunette had been. He seemed to like brunettes these days, he noticed. Not dark haired though but more caramel colored.

"What do you want?" he growled.

"I can't come over and talk to you anymore?" Pansy asked seductively, bringing her legs closer to Draco's under the table until they brushed against his.

"Are you attempting to seduce me in the Great Hall, Pansy?" Draco asked huskily.

Pansy batted her eyelashes and licked her lips suggestively, "Is it working, Draco," she purred.


He got up and stormed off in the direction of the doors but not before making sure that he had accidentally toppled over his goblet into Pansy's lap. An honest mistake, really. Anyone's hand could have unintentionally lifted their full goblet and dashed it at their cheating ex-girlfriend. So it happened to be him. Lucky thing he knew it was an accident.

"Here Pansy," Blaise offered as he too accidentally toppled over Draco's empty dish into her lap while he tried to reach over and grab a napkin. "Honest mistake," he smirked when the steaming vixen glared at him and attempted to exit the hall without being noticed.

Jaden couldn't have that though; she stood up and called to Pansy, "Dear God Parkinson! Your mother pays for all those etiquette lessons and you're still making a fool of yourself in public. I heard pumpkin juice and jam stain," she sniggered.

Blaise looked over at the red head and smirked. Everyone in the Great Hall had heard her and were either looking at Pansy amusedly or laughing. Really, he had to admire that one alright. That's when he saw the Ravenclaw bookworm himself exiting the hall. The dark haired prince stood up loftily and also made his exit.

"Should I assume that you don't want something like that to happen to you?" Blaise snarled when he was a short distance behind Terry Boot and out of the Great Hall.

The withdrawn Ravenclaw boy looked up alarmed, "What do you want now, Zabini?"

"Just to know if you've decided which side you're on yet," Blaise replied nonchalantly.

The doors of the Great Hall once again swung open, only this time to reveal one Miss Padma Patil. She looked at her ex-boyfriend and her housemate suspiciously. They seemed to be involved in some sort of argument and she knew Blaise well enough to say that he only sneered at someone when he wasn't getting what he wanted.

"What are you two doing?" Padma asked aggressively; something that shocked even her.

"Not now Patil," Blaise barked. "Shouldn't you be off somewhere snogging some desperate half-wit?" he asked cynically. "Oh wait, that's right. I'm having a little chat with him, aren't I?"

"Don't talk to her like that!" Terry erupted. "You have no right to say such horrid things to her."

"Honestly Boot," Blaise smirked. "I called you the half-wit, not her."

"I don't care!" Terry shouted. "How dare you be so crude to something of such extravagant beauty?" Padma giggled girlishly.

So Boot was playing nice after all, Blaise thought as he sneered at Padma, "See you've got yourself a new boyfriend."

"What, hoping he'll cheat on me like you did?" She glared as she moved closer to Terry and laced her arm through his. "It's a shame what some people let slip by," she said bitterly as she tugged the bookish boy away from an agitated Blaise.

It really did amaze him that he was able to feign emotions so well. There he was standing in the corridor pretending to be mad when in actuality he was jovial enough to bypass the most powerful of cheering charms. It was sensibly senseless how as soon as a chap defended some broads honor that she was ready to lay out the red carpet for him.

He grinned foolishly. Boot was a good sport then.

Clammy and cold were the only two words that ran through Hermione's head at the moment. Yet another morning of Potions. She looked across to the person that sat next to her. Malfoy. The damn ferret had to be in every class but Arithmancy with her, didn't he? She wondered momentarily what his future profession would be since she hardly pictured him as the type to become a Medi wizard.

Billowing black robes swished dangerously into the room and every last one of the students stopped what they had previously been doing and looked at the head of the room attentively.

"I want three groups of four," Snape barked threateningly. "Group one, Potter, Zabini, Boot and Perks. Group two, Patils, Longbottom and Goyle. Group three, Weasley, Parkinson, Malfoy and Granger."

"Stupid man," Draco mumbled under his breath.

"Not your favorite professor anymore, Malfoy?" Hermione questioned, slightly intrigued.

"If you must know Granger," Draco smirked. "Any professor that puts me in a group with an insufferable banshee, a stupid weasel and a… gorgeous muggleborn doesn't exactly strike me as sane. How does he expect me to work when I can't concentrate," he leered.

Hermione was stunned. Was there another muggleborn in their group, she found herself asking. Had Draco Malfoy just said that she was gorgeous again? She was hallucinating, wasn't she? She knew she should have gone to Madame Pomfrey yesterday and told her that there was something wrong with her. The same thing had happened in Herbology.

They were bickering as usual and then out of nowhere she had heard Malfoy say that she was gorgeous but she hadn't seen him say it. She was loosing her mind, hearing things, strange things, not very sane things.

She looked over at Draco again as if to make sure that he was next to her. They had already walked over to Pansy and Ron who were actually doing what they should have been doing; spitting insults at each other. That's what she should have been doing with her partner also but no. She had to go and have hallucinations and then jumble all her thoughts as she overanalyzed the situation, didn't she? Stupid brain.

Pansy's attention quickly aimed itself at Draco. She saw that he was smirking playfully for a change but that his attention was solely focused on Hermione. The dazed Gryffindor at his side. Wonder what that's about, Pansy asked herself.

"Draco," she purred. "Are you alright? You left in such a hurry this morning; I didn't get to tell you that I wasn't mad that your pumpkin juice spilled over my robes."

"Insufferable banshee," Draco muttered, only so that he and Hermione could hear. "Good you won't be expecting an apology then."

"I'd much prefer a kiss as reconciliation for my favorite robe," she smiled causing Ron and Hermione to snigger and Draco to blanch.

"Cut up your Gillyweed, Parkinson," he ordered, moving a bit closer to Hermione to make sure that he was a good two feet away from Pansy.

"I can't remember how to, Draco," she replied. "Can you show me how?" she asked huskily.

"Weasley will show you," Draco barked as he bypassed Hermione and stood on the opposite side of her so that now she stood in between him and Pansy.

Ron begrudgingly advanced next to Pansy and held the Gillyweed in front of her eyes and then picked up the dull knife, "Okay Parkinson, try to stay with me here. You take the Gillyweed and place it on the cutting board like that." He placed the green weed on the wooden board. "Then you use the knife; that's what the shinny thing in my hand is and then you slice the Gillyweed like this," he finished, running the blade over the weed once. "Do you think you can manage that?"

Pansy felt incredibly stupid when she noticed that Hermione and Draco were sniggering but she was determined not to be made a fool of, "Why thank you, Ron. I just needed to be reminded is all." She giggled girlishly and flipped a few strands of hair behind her head.

Draco, Hermione and Ron stared at her as though she'd lost her mind, "Are you feeling ok Parkinson?" Ron asked. "Maybe you should go to the hospital wing."

"Oh, Ron," she giggled again. "That's so sweet of you to take notice of me like that."

Ron looked across at Hermione who just grinned back trying to suppress her giggles. 'She's gone mental,' he mouthed.

Pansy, noticing that Draco had not looked up at all from his spot at the table decided that flirting with Ron wouldn't help her achieve her goal in getting Draco's attention so she stopped and instead decided to taunt Hermione, "You know Granger, it's only a little game between them."

"What are you on about now Parkinson?" Hermione asked hotly.

"Potter and Blaise," Pansy said mysteriously.

Hermione stared at her for a moment then looked across at the other table where she saw Harry staring profusely at Blaise who was whispering nonstop to Terry Boot. It struck her as strange but she didn't bother to show anymore interest as Snape was now passing by their table and inspecting what each of them was doing. Pansy also thought it would be a good idea to drop the topic and the entire table stayed quiet until the end of the class.

The Great Hall chattered loudly on the warm September night as both Slytherin princes sat at their usual seats and glared around the hall. Nothing of much excitement had happened all day and it was driving them both insane.

Blaise looked across at the Hufflepuff table; they were all seated and primly going through the meal. Then at the Gryffindor table; causing a mess as usual and then at the Ravenclaws. Well that was exciting, wasn't it? Yes, in fact it was. Sally-Anne Perks and Padma Patil, the center of the table itself, seemed to be in an argument but not just any argument. It looked like a full out war.

Padma was red in the face and she held her fork up threateningly while Sally-Anne kept shooting her menacing glares. As if on cue, they both stood up and Padma began shouting at the top of her lungs.

"You backstabbing bitch! How dare you accuse me of anything when it's all your bloody fault? If you hadn't gone and tried to mess everything up WE'D STILL BE TOGETHER!" she waved the fork around in Sally-Anne's face until finally it fell to the floor when she could no longer control her anger.

Ginny spewed out pumpkin juice from her spot next to Hermione and earned herself two murderous glares from the battling Ravenclaws when she and Hermione snorted.

"Who are you kidding Patil?" Pansy shrieked, thinking that it was about time she let the cat out of the bag. "It's common knowledge that Zabini has taken a fancy to Granger."

Harry, who had been watching the show in amusement and wondering why the professors hadn't intervened, started coughing fitfully. That stupid banshee had to go and ruin everything, didn't she? He scowled at Pansy and was about to insult her but was beaten to it.

"You stupid cow, Parkinson!" Ginny spat, defending Hermione's honor. "I don't see you doing any better. Wasn't it just Monday that Malfoy left the hall with Perks and not you?" she added sweetly.

Pansy scowled, "Yes Perks, what are you playing at? Already had a go with one of the Slytherin males so now you're going in for the kill with the others?"

Sally-Anne's anger flared up, "Why you insolent Slytherin. How dare you?" She screamed across the Hall.

"At least she's a Slytherin. Backstabbing her friends is expected of her," Padma growled at the other Ravenclaw.

"Like you weren't in on it also!"

"Look," Pansy laughed cynically. "The little Ravenclaws are trying to rip each other apart. Would you like me to show you how it's done, Patil?" she asked sweetly advancing toward the Ravenclaw table. "Perks deserves a good trashing for not knowing when she should draw the line!"

"Enough already, Parkinson," Blaise interrupted right after she left her seat next to Vincent Crabbe. "It's sad enough that they're having a go at it." He looked at both girls this time instead. "You act like I didn't even try to make up for it!" he started to shout at Padma but then he looked at Sally-Anne. "And you act like you did the world a favor by being a dumb bitch. But I'll have the both of you know that you're fighting for a lost cause."

He stood up angrily and headed through the oak doors leaving behind a shocked, if not bewildered Great Hall. Immediately the hall began buzzing with talk as the two Ravenclaw girls and Pansy Parkinson sank back in theirs seats after being scolded by the dark haired Slytherin who was close to rage.

"Silence!" Dumbledore's voice boomed across the hall. He had an unusual twinkle in his eyes as he looked down at the crowded room. "Misses Perks, Patil and Parkinson will wait here until everyone has cleared out the hall," he said and then looked over at Draco. "Mister Malfoy if you please, could you escort Mister Zabini back as well? Both of you will also please be present here at the end of dinner."

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