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Chapter one: Oh my god


The chatter around the great hall was immense, and he had no clue why. Harry slowly made his way towards the Gryffindor table, Either Ron had been unable, or didn't even try to wake him up this morning, and so he was one of the last to arrive at the Great Hall that morning for breakfast.

He caught sight of Ron and Hermione in their normal seats. Stiffly he slid into his normal chair beside Ron. The Quidditch match against Slytherin yesterday was brutal and his body was telling him this very loudly.

" Hey Ron, what everyone so excited about?"

Ron turned from where he sat staring at Hermione.

" huh…sorry mate, what did you say?"

Harry greatly resisted the urge to roll his eyes, and watched as Ron returned to googling Hermione from across the table. Ever since the summer when Ron had finally asked Hermione to go out with him 'and her saying yes' he had been doing nothing but staring googly eyed at her.

" Dumbledore's putting on a play. The students will be the one performing in it."

Harry felt his stomach drop, Dumbledore wanted to put on a play... here… at Hogwarts. He was afraid to even ask which one it is.

" Hey did you guys catch what the name of it was." Dean asked from down the table.

Neville who had first told Harry that a play was being performed was more then happy to answer.

" Yeah ' The Phantom of the Opera' Dumbledore said he was making some adjustments to it, so that those who were raised in wizarding families would understand it."

Neville seemed to think a second.

" he said it was probly going to be called 'The Phantom of Hogwarts' or something like that."

Never in his life had Harry felt more compelled to bash his head into the table then he didright now.

'This is not happening' he thought to himself.

That was the biggest way to ruin a perfectly good play. Changing it so that the purebloods could understand it better. Keh, they need a good swift kick in the ass, in Harry's opinion.

Changing it to 'The Phantom of Hogwarts', now how the hell was Dumbledore going to pull that off with out completely murdering the play.

" Since it is almost time for class, I will announce the finer details of our version of 'The Phantom of the Opera.'"

Dumbledorequickly cleared his throat before continuing.

" Auditions for the play will be held this Saturday. Female parts during the morning, and Males in the evening here in the Great Hall.

" The auditions are open to fifth years and above only. For those of you in those year categories, will find a booklet with a select few songs for each character, we ask that you pick two for which to try out for, but ask that not everyone pick the two leading roles.

" you will be required to sing, and sing well so if you know you cannot sing please audition for a small role."

With that said the bells sounding the beginning of classes sounded through out the school.

" come one we'll be late for potions, and you know Snape is not going to go easy on us."

That night found Harry lying on his bed, trying his best not the be sick. He had found the book Dumbledore was talking about sitting onto top of his pillow. Against his better judgment he had flipped through it. It had contained more then just lyrics, but character profiles and a brief description of what the play was about.

He had never felt more sick in his life, here was a beautiful romance story that could melt even Snape's heart, well saying that might be pushing it a little. And they turned it into something completely different.

" Hey Harry, you going to audition?"

Harry turned to Ron, hopping his face didn't look as bad as he flet.

" No"

Ron stared long and hard at his best friend, that answer was curt and angry sounding.

" what's with you mate, ever since you heard Dumbledore this morning you've been really snappish, specially when it comes to this play."

Harry sighed, trying desperately not to blow up on his ignorant friend.

" You wouldn't understand Ron."

Ron glared at Harry but decided it best to leave it be till Harry was more cool headed.

" So who do you think I should try out for?" he said hoping to lighten the tense air.

Harry gave out an irritated 'uhg' and flopped down onto his side, his back facing Ron.

" The auctioneer, he doesn't sing."

" HEY! Are you insinuating that I don't have a good voice."

Harry rolled over onto his other side so that he was facing Ron, you could hear the other boys trying desperately not to laugh.

" No Ron, I'm not insinuating you have a bad voice. I'm telling you, you have a horrible voice."

All hell broke lose at that. Neville, Dean, and Seamus were rolling on the floor laughing, while Ron was currently in the process of pummeling Harry with his pillow.


Ron hopped off a laughing Harry. Still chuckling Harry returned to his bed.

" eh.. what would you know about the phantom of the opera anyway."

Ron pulled his curtain closed, the other boys fallowing suit. It wasn't until he could hear the other boys light snoring or in Neville's case, loud snoring, that he reatched in under his pillow to withdraw a white object.

A chessure cat grin crossed Harry face as he stared down at the item in his hand.

" Believe me Ron I know more then you think, a lot more then you think."

His grin broadened at the Phantom mask staring blankly back at him.

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""end chapter 1"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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