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Since they changed the order of events they also had to change the lyrics around to fit, but also in general changed the lyrics. So I would greatly appreciate people not leaving flames saying that what ever scene or lyrics were not in the movie, because I am not going by the movie. You also can not yell at me about me not knowing what I'm talking about, for I have the complete phantom of the opera book in front of me that has all the lyrics and general blocking.

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" talking normally"



speaking ( in the play)


Chapter 5: The Phantom of the Opera


Things had only become worse between Hogwarts golden trio. Ron and Hermione refused to speak to him and Harry spend most of his time down in the dungeons, where it be with Professor Snape, or simply wandering the dungeon corridors pretending to be Eric.

It was these explorations that had led him to discover an actual underground lake deep in the bowls of the dungeons. It was a giant catacomb of hall ways and support arks, similar in design to that of the Paris opera house. it was an engineering marvel for the time for which it was built.

For several days Harry spent wandering the massive underground area, mapping it out as best he could. It was easy to wade through the lake as the water was not all that deep. The water reached about Harry's waist, and he wasn't that tall.

It was on one of his wanders that he found an area that made all his dreams come ture.

It was a room built into one of the farthest hallways, guarded solely by a rusty portcullis gate, here the water became much deeper, making it impossible to wade up to the gate. Harry was so excited that he nearly forgot to place this hideaways location on his makeshift map.

It was now three days later, and Harry was found once again wading through the lake towards the area, only he was not alone this time.

" This is absolutely brilliant, why didn't you tell me of it before."

Harry briefly looked back at Severus. The man had berated him the whole time down here on not informing him of his find sooner.

" that would explain a lot though." He said looking around the chambers, the torch held high above his head allowing more to be seen. Neither one of them trusted using their wands incase they slipped and accidentally lost them.

" Explains what?" Harry asked eager to know what Severus was onto.

" Where the river feed off is."

" Care to elaborate."

Severus shot Harry a cold glare.

" The lake surrounding the school is fed by a nearby waterfall, in turn that is fed by a river, but all rivers have at least one run off, other wise during heavy rain they would flood, and that has yet to ever happen, Dumbledore claimed to have found four smaller run offs, but they were just that small. He could never find the main run off point."

Severus gazed around at the stone arches.

" That's because it is an underground run off, the school was built right on top of it. If they were to disrupt the flow it would damage the surrounding environment, so they had to build around it, creating this subterranean lake to keep the flow of the run off.

" Brilliant!"

The young sixth- year hid is amusement the best he could. It was not everyday that you would see the most hated professor in Hogwarts staring in awe, while up to his thighs in water.

He was thankful Severus had forgone the heavy black robes he normally wore for something that would not weigh him down should he accidentally slip.

The water became increasingly deeper, signaling that they were close to the chamber.

" There."

Harry pointed to the portcullis, and watched as Severus wearily approached it. He stopped about 20 feet away when the water level reached the lower part of his chest.

" This is fascinating, the founders were ingénues."

Confused, Harry asked. " how are they ingénues?"

Severus turned and motioned with the torch towards the room.

" In ancient times, when Hogwarts was built, witches and wizards were feared and often times killed if discovered. This here is a 'Safe Room ' so to say. It was an area that those who could not fight hid, and was also an area for storage of arms."

To say he was impressed would have been an understatement.

" it seems you really know your stuff, Severus."

Severus grinned. A few weeks ago that would have been a hard thing for Harry to believe, but after spending so much time with the man, he discovered things no one else would ever know.

" Harry take this."

Wondering what was going through his friend and fellow Professors head, took the torch from him.

Severus pulled his wand from it's hip holster. " Lumos" the tip of his wand flared into a brilliant light.

" be back in a minute."

With out a second glance, Severus dove into the water. Harry let out a startled yell.

' what the hell did that man think he was doing.'

Nearly a minute passes and still Severus had not surfaced, Harry began to panic slightly.

' you stupid ignorant man, please be alright, how am I going to explain to Dumbledore why your dead.'

The sudden splashing of water caused Harry to look up. He let out the breath he didn't realize he had been holding when he caught sight of a slightly blue lipped, but other wise happy Severus.

" Found it!" he cried happily.

" What did you find?"

but there was no answer as Severus took a gigantic gulp of air and vanished beneath the surface again.

the answer to his unanswered question became apparent, when the portcullis suddenly began to rise. It creaked and groaned, several times looking as if the chains pulling it upwards were going to snap. The gate came to a screeching halt at the top of the ceiling.

' cool! But where's Severus?'

" Are you going to sit there all day or what?'

Harry looked up to see Severus already sitting in the chamber. Harry gave the portcullis a fearful look, that thing had to be over a thousand years old, and the chains holding it did not seem reliable.

" don't worry Harry, I placed a locking spell on it, it won't come down anytime soon."

The torch was suddenly lifted out of Harry's hands, and he watched as it floated into Severus out stretched hand.

Still keeping a weary eye on the rusty portcullis, He swam up to where Severus sat.

" this is really cool, I had no idea this was down here."

Harry nodded as he wrung out his shirt.

" I'm glad I went exploring that day, other wise this would have remained hidden."

" this would be a nice little hideaway."

Both men turned to each other, the mental light bulb clicking in both their minds as identical calculating and evil smiles crossed their faces.


(December 25, 1996, The Paris Opera house)

It was the night of the final showing of the Phantom of the Opera at the Paris Popular, and the growing crowd was gigantic. Cultures from all over the European continent were standing out side the theater, awaiting the opening of the Opera house doors.

Among the crowd stood around fifty people all looking distinctly uncomforted by the many muggles that stood talking around them.

These were the students and teachers that had taken part in the Hogwarts version of the Phantom of the Opera. Some how, someone had gotten them all box tickets to this last chance viewing of the play.

It was Severus Snape who had brought the paper to Dumbledore with all the conformation numbers and the list of all the students permitted to go. When Dumbledore had asked who had gotten them these tickets, the potions master had simply grinned and walked out of the room, throwing over his shoulder.

" The Phantom."

At the bottom of the list there was a small note.

' So they can see the real thing.'

It was now 6:30 PM and the doors to the Opera house swung wide, admitting four men in white powdered wigs, and long red tail coats.

" Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have your attention please. We are to begin seating with those that have reservations for the Box seats. Please proceed to the main entrance hall and up the stair case where one of our ticket collectors will check off your name and direct you to your seat."

With that the four men turned back into the building.

" Come along everyone, that is us." Dumbledore called out above the resumed chatter of those who were to remain out side for the time being.

A path up the middle of the crowd had been made to allow those in the boxes to reach the front easier.

The students of Hogwarts stood in awe as they stepped into the entrance hall of the Opera house. This was an architects dream, and a maids nightmare.

This was nothing compared to the building the ministry had erected for their play, this was by far more beautiful then they other one ever could have been, and that was saying something since many of the students had stood in awe of the ministry built one.

The students continued to look on in awe as the slowly ascended the grand staircase towards the two men taking names. Similar dressed men to those at the front door could be seen whisking people off up the stairs towards their box seats. Many were dressed in tuxedos and fine dresses. It made many of the students feel underdressed for this occasion, though they were in nice clothes and dresses.

" Your name please, mademoiselle." Hermione turned a nice shade of pink when the man taking names addressed her so formally.

" um.. Hermione Granger."

The man smiled and nodded while flipping through his list.

" Ah, yes, box 14, also with mademoiselle Virginia Weasley, and Messieurs Ronald Weasley."

The two redheads in question appeared right behind Hermione.

" that's us." Ron said

The man nodded and motioned towards a young boy, about their age forward.

" Raoul, please take these three up to box fourteen."

The young boy bowed and motioned for them to fallow.

" I'm sure you will enjoy your seats, they are some of the best views in the house." he said leading them down a corridor.

" here we are Messieurs and mademoiselles." Raoul pulled the curtain back allowing them to enter.

" you find a program for tonight's performance already on your chair, along with a pair of opera glasses should you need them."

With out a second glance the boy turned and left, closing the curtain once more.

Ron took the seat closest the stage, with Hermione taking the middle seat and Ginny the last.

" WOW! We are practically to top of the stage. Ron said looking down. They were on the second floor, and could see many of their fellow students in the seats below them.

" hey look who we have below us, think if I spit I could land it right on his head." Ron said pointing to the Platinum blond head directly below them.

Malfoy look up when he heard Weasley above him.

" don't even think about it weasel, you do and I'll make you look like the phantom permanently."

Their friendly banter continued on, as the rest of the school that had come filed into their seats.

In box three, Dumbledore looked around, though not seeing the person he was looking for.

" Albus who are you looking for?" Minerva asked, taking her seat next to him.

" Severus, I surely thought he would have been sitting with us, but I do not see him."

" Try looking up."

Startled Dumbledore leaned out over the balcony and looked up.

Severus grinned at him from the box directly above him. He was the only one of the Hogwarts troop to be sat on the third floor.

" what are you doing up there Severus?" Dumbledore asked. Severus raised a single eyebrow.

" I thought that would have been obvious, this is my seat."

" what box did you get?" this time it was Minerva who had her head stuck out looking up at him.

Severus grinned a true grin, for which neither Albus nor Minerva had ever seen before.

" Box 5"

the lights flickered, and the occupants of the hall sat back in their seats. Ginny had picked up her program and was ideally flipping through it. But something on a page caught her attention. It was the pictures of the main actors and actresses, and it gave a brief bio on each.

Though it was the top one that had caught her attention. It was the picture of a handsome young man with tamed jet black hair and brilliant emerald eyes. He looked so much like Harry, it was scary. She quickly glanced up at the name.

" Eric Porter."

" what was that Ginny?" Hermione asked leaning over to see what her 'little sister' was reading.

" oh it's the actor who plays Eric, he look a lot like Harry." Hermione coked her head to the side and flipped her own book open.

" Your right it dose look a lot like Harry,"

she glanced down the page and began to read the little segment out loud.

" A rising young star this 16 year old boy from surrey, England joined the British troop, early last summer and has since then been one of England favorite Phantoms, out done only by the American troops, Michael Crawford. This is Eric's last performance until this summer, when his schooling will be done for the duration of three months and then will return to his boarding school in England."

The lights flickered and died, cutting off any comment either of the three Gryffindors had.

The stage was illuminated in a ghostly light, curtains that looked to have not been used in many years hung all around the back ground, giving off the feel of an abandoned theater. On the stage sat many items including what was the chandelier, it also didn't help it had it stamped across the stop of the cover.

As the stage brightened slightly it revealed several people standing around one section of the stage, except one who was confined to a wheelchair.

The sound of a auctioneer's gavel cause many of the audience to jump slightly.

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (I'm going to do this like it's written in my book, though I will inclue what everyone is doing blocking wise)


Sold. Your number sir? Thank you.
Lot 336, then, ladies and gentlemen.: a poster
For this house's production of 'Hannibal' by

A man in a top feather had unrolled a poster and held it up for all to see.


Showing here


Do I have ten francs? Five then, Five I am
Bid. Six, seven. Against you, sir, seven. Eight.
Eight once. Selling twice. Sold, to Raoul,
Vicomte de Chagny.

Porter quickly rolled the poster up and gave it to one of Raoul's servants.


Lot 664: a wooden pistol and three human
Skulls, from the 1831 production of 'Robert le
Diable' by Meyerbeer. Ten francs for this.
Ten, thank you. Ten francs still. Fifteen,
Thank you, sir. Fifteen I am bid. Going at
Your number, sir?

Another man in a top hat who was holding the pistols and skulls handed them to the man who had bought them.


Lot 665, ladies and gentlemen: a papier-
Mache musical box, in the shape of a barrel-
Organ. Attached, the figure of a monkey in
Persian robes, playing the cymbals. This item,
discovered in the vaults of the theater, still in
Working order.

Two men lifted it up to show it to the gathered perspective buyers.


Showing here.

He winds the key in the back and the monkey slowly begins to move it's hands causing the cymbals to crash softly together. With the motion came the soft tune of the masquerade.


May I start at twenty francs? Fifteen, then?
Fifteen I am bid.

The bidding continued until the auctioneers gravel fell once more cause several to jump again.


Sold, for thirty francs to the Vicomte de
Chagny. Tank you sir.

Porter gently sets the music box in Raoul's slightly shaking hands. He lovingly runs his hands over the figuring.


A collector's
Piece indeed…
Every detail
Exactly as she said….

He sighed and seemed to take on a much sadder note.

She often
Spoke of you, my friend…
Your velvet lining
And your figurine of lead…

He took another shuddering breath

Will you still play, when
All the rest of us are dead…?

Eire music starts as the auctioneer continues the auction


Lot 666, then a chandelier in pieces. Some of
You may recall the strange affair of the
Phantom of the Opera: a mystery never fully
Explained. We are told, ladies and gentlemen,
That this is the very chandelier which figures
in the famous disaster. Our workshops have
restored it and fitted up parts of it with wiring
for the new electric light, so that we may get a
hint of what if may look like when re-
assembled. Perhaps we may frighten away the
ghost of so many years ago with a little
illumination, gentlemen?

The two auctioneers rip away the covering and in a brilliant flash of light and the sudden blast of loud organ music, the chandelier came to life. All those in the audience watched in amazement as the chandelier seemed to lift slowly to the ceiling by magic.

Their attention was brought once again to the stage as the back drop of two statues of Egyptian gods began to rise into place. The actors and actresses began to file out onto the stage, all in brilliant colored garments.

The overture finished, Carlotta began to sing. Her voice was high pitched and made it increasingly hard to understand what she was saying. Soon the chorus picked up behind her and it became even harder to understand them.

Piangi enters, his deep baritone voice adding to the grumbled mess of voices.

Ginny barley heard any of it, as slipped into her own imagination, imagining herself down on that stage.

She was jerked out of her thoughts by a loud booming, but very familiar v voice.

Phantoms voice

Insolent boy!
This slave
Of fashion
Basking in your

Ignorant fool!
This brave
Young suitor,
Sharing in my

Christine wandered around her dressing room trying desperately to find the source of the voice of her angel.


Angel! I hear you!
Speak –
I listen…
Stay by my side,
Guide me!
Angel, my soul was
Weak –
Forgive me..
Enter at last, master!

Phantom's voice

Flattering child
You shall know me,
See why in shadow
I hide!

The phantom voice held a note of arrogance at seeming to so easily have won the girl over.

Look at you face
In the mirror –
I am there

Christine turns to face the mirror and the blurry, dark out line of the phantom can been seen on the other side of the mist covered mirror.


Angel of music!
and guardian!
Grant to me your

Angel of music!
No longer!
Come to me, strange

Phantom's voice

I am your angel….
Come to me: Angel of music…

Raoul rushed back to Christine's dressing room door, but finds it locked. He stands hopelessly out side the door.


Whose is that voice…?
Who is that in there…?

The mirror opens, behind it in an inferno of white light, stands the phantom. He reaches out and firmly grasps Christine's wrist. She gasps at the coldness of it.

Phantom I am your angel of music…

Come to me : Angel of music…

Christine stepped through the mirror, and slowly closes behind her. It was as the mirror closed that Raoul burst through the door. Only to find the dressing room empty.


Christine! Angel!

The stage goes dark as the music similar to the overture blares out from the orchestra pit.

'OOH' and 'Ahh' were heard from the Hogwarts students as a thick fog covered the stage and candles began to appear through the floor of the stage. Barely visible at the back of the stage was a lantern and the outlines of Christine and the Phantom.


In sleep
He sang to me,
In dreams
He came…
That voice
which calls to me
and speaks
my name…

and do
I dream again?
For now
I find
The Phantom of the Opera
Is there-
Inside my mind

The boat seems to be moving on water as it moves closer to the front of the stage. Ginny sat mesmerized, they had not done this in their version.


Sing once
Again with me
Our strange
My power
over you
grows stronger

And though
You turn from me,
To glance
The Phantom of the Opera
Is there-
Inside your mind…


Those who
Have seen your face
Draw back
In fear…
I am
The mask you wear…


It's me
They hear…


Your/my spirit
And your/my voice
In one
The Phantom of the Opera
Is there-
Inside you/my mind

Suddenly you could hear voices from off stage

Offstage voices

He's there,
The Phantom of the Opera…
The Phantom of the Opera…


In all
Your fantasies,
You always
That man
And mystery…


were both
in you….


And in
This labyrinth
Where night
Is blind,
The Phantom of the Opera
Is there/here-
inside you/my mind


Sing, my angel of music!


He's there
The Phantom of the Opera…



Christine began to vocalize, in a very strange manner.



Her voice shot up an octave


Sing for me..

Her voice remained at that current octave, but increased in volume


Sing my angel of music…

Her voice went up another octave, becoming almost to high to listen to


Sing for me!

Her song ended in a high scream that made many of the men in the audience cover their ears.

" I feel like me ears are bleeding" Ron whined from his set. Ginny shot him a cold glare before turning back to the stage.

The set had changed, the candles down stage had risen to become full fledged candelabras. Christine and the phantom have stepped out of the boat to reveal it also as a bed with many silk pillows. A portcullis stand in the back ground and a large pipe organ sit center stage.

Leaving Christine behind, the Phantom moved towards the pipe organ and sat himself behind it.


I have brought you
To the seat of sweet
Music's throne…
To this kingdom
Where all must pay
Homage to music…

You have come here,
For one purpose,
And one alone…
Since the moment
I first heard you sing,
I have needed
You with me,
To serve me, to sing
For my music….
My music..

Slowly the Phantom stood from his organ and began to move to a still frozen Christine.


Night-time sharpens,
Heightens each sensation…
Darkness stirs and
Wakes imagination…
Silently the senses….
Abandon their defenses…

The Phantom began to wander around the stage, his never once leaving a stock still Christine. Silently he set his hat on one of the unlit candelabras and let his cloak fall to the floor. He once again began his trek towards Christine.

Slowly, gently
Night unfurls its splendor…
Grasp it, sense it-
Tremulous and tender…
Turn your face away
From the garish light of day,
Turn your thoughts away
From cold, unfeeling light-
And listen to the music of the night…

Close your eyes
And surrender to your
Darkest dreams!
Purge all thoughts
Of the life
You knew before!
Close your eyes,
Let your spirit start to soar!
And you'll live as you've never
lived before…

Christine had become nothing more then a living doll, by the Phantoms sensuous voice. But it seemed it was not just her that his voice was affecting, many a female in the audience was swooning and staring googley eyed at the Phantom. Ginny included.

Softly, deafly,
Music shall surround you…
Feel it, hear it,
Closing in around you….
Open up you mind,
Let your fantasies unwind,
In this darkness which
You know you cannot fight-
The darkness of
The music of the night.

Let your mind
Start a journey through a
Strange, new would!
Leave all thoughts
Of the world
You knew before!
Let your soul take you l
long to be!
only then
can you belong
to me…

the Phantom took hold of Christine from behind, his hands roaming her parts of her body that in Ginny's opinion no mans hands should be roaming.

Floating, falling,
Sweet intoxication!
Touch me, trust me,
Savor each sensation!
Let the dream begin,
Let your darker side give in
To the power of
The music that I write-
The power of the music of the night….

The phantom had lead Christine over to a covered mirror and on the last note had ripped the cover away to reveal an identical wax figuring of Christine in a wedding gown. She tentivly reached out to touch it, but fainted in surprise when the manikin it's self reached out for her.

The Phantom caught her easily before she hit the ground. He gently picked her up bridal style and carried her over to the boat/bed. There he laid her down gently and covered her with one of the black silk blankets. He slowly stood and stared down at her sleeping form

You alone

Can make my song take flight-

Help me make the music of the night…

The last note lasted for over 19 seconds. With the dimming of the voice also came the dimming of the lights. When the lights turned back on, the Phantom now sat in an asian style robe playing furiously at the pipe organ.

This was the part that Harry had helped them on. She completely missed Christine's part, but felt her throat tighten as the familiar Phantom voice, finally registered in her brain.

'oh my god'


I should be mean and stop here, but I won't… but I will tell you I am not writing out the rest of this play. No way, I've been at this for two days and only at sense 6 forget it. Let the story continue


the rest of the play past in an emotional haze. The end came too soon for the students of Hogwarts. As the curtain fell there was dead silence in the opera house, it was several minutes later that the first clap of applause rang out through the hall. It was as if the flood gate had been opened.

The applause that rang out through the hall was deafening, not a single person had remained in their seat, it was a standing ovation. One by one each actor and actress came out and bowed to the audience. Each one remained out on stage as the next person came out. The cheers and applause grew louder as the main characters came out. But it became a deafening roar when the Phantom walked out from behind the curtain.

He came to stand between Christine and Raoul and took a deep bow. He then turned to face the boxes where the Hogwarts students sat and bowed low. Several times the whole cast bowed as one before heading back behind the curtain.

One by one the students filed out of the opera house and out into the main square. Several girls were wiping tears from their eyes.

" we butchered it." Silence fell on the gathered students.

" Yeah, we did, didn't we." Ron said wiping his eyes on his sleeves.

The students bowed their heads, they had not got a standing ovation, and no one had walked out of the theater crying.

Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape came walking down the theater steps. The students had a small laugh as they watched their feared Potions master rub furiously at his eyes.

" Students please gather round."

The students all assembled around their headmaster.

" no I am going to give you all portkey, I want you all to get in your house groups."

When everyone was in their proper place, Dumbledore walked around and handed one student a large porcelain plate. When everyone had a finger on the plate he tapped it and the students vanished.

With a jolt the Gryffindors were the last to arrive in the entrance hall. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all began to walk towards the Gryffindor common room, but froze when they noticed that all the others were still standing there.

" What's going on, why is everyone still standing around?"

next to them Neville gave a terrified sqesak and pointed to where everyone was looking.

Hermione and Ginny gasped as their eyes feel on what was causing the commotion.

Their at the top of the grand staircase stood no other, then the Phantom himself.

His black cape rippled around him in the chill evening air, his hat covering part of the malevolent white mask on the right side of his face. He stood stock still, and simply stared down at the gathered students with his cold emotionless two toned eyes.

A small pop from behind them announced the arrival of the three professors, but no one dared take their eyes from the Phantom.

" what in Merlin's name is…."

McGonagall's voice cut short as she too caught sight of the malevolent figure that stood at the top of the stairs.

Dumbledore slowly made his way towards the front of the students, his wand in his hand. He had no idea who this man was, nor how he got there before they did.

" Excuse me, sir, but my I ask you what you are doing here?"

The Phantom looked down at Dumbledore.

" It seems you already have."

The Phantom crossed his arms across his chest and seemed to relax somewhat.

" I mean none of you harm if that is what you are referring too. I am simply hear to find out your students opinions on the play, I was going to do it right after the performance, but you all took off so fast I thought it best to meet you all here."

Dumbledore and the students relaxed, none of them noticing the grin on their Potions masters face.

" The play was bloody fantastic!"

there was good old Ron, spouting off before he thought it through. Hermione and Draco both clunked him on the head.

The Phantom let out one of his bone chilling laughs.

" I must admit I was shocked to hear that this school was putting on their own version of the play. "

He removed his cape and hat, setting them on the top step. Giving them a full view of the handsome man that Phantom so what to be.

" I must admit I was impressed that you would even attempt this play, for it is one of the hardest to perform. With it's distinct differences in skills and vocal ranges."

As he telling them this, he was also walking down the stairs. Many of the students could have sworn they heard that terrifying music that accompanied him walking down the stairs as the red death, as he walked down these stairs. Mainly it was because he possessed the same malevolent slow walk as he descended the stairs.

" The three hardest roles, are that of Carlotta." He said stopping in front of a terrified Pansy.

" for future reference, if you should put the play on again next year. Carlotta is of Spanish origins, and thus posses a strong Spanish accent. You greatly lacked it and thus lost most of her appeal in the play. It is her accent and how fast she try's to speak English that makes her part funny."

The Phantom moved on to his next victim. Draco Malfoy.

" the next, is the Phantom. And here I am talking form experience."

He gripped Malfoy's chin so that he was looking him in the eye.

" The Phantom, displays a lot of emotion through out the play, ranging form extreme anger to the extreme of pain and betrayal. And it is this which helps connect the audience to the character, and will also bring them to their knees at the end. You possessed none of that. There was no real emotion when you sang, and so did not connect with the audience."

He dropped Malfoy's chin and moved on to his last and final victim.

Everyone, including the professors watched intently as the Phantom stopped at none other the Ginny Weasley. He gently picked up her hands in his large ones.

" the hardest part is none other then Christine Daae." The two stared deep into the others eyes. Ginny finding herself drowning in the one emerald eye.

" a part that not only requires the ability of an expert ballerina, but also the vocalizations to hit the extreme notes required of the part."

Slowly he bent down and laid the gentlest of butterfly kisses on her lips. It was this that jerked Ginny out of her lala land. She blushed furiously as the Phantom pulled away.

" I am very proud of you, your performance for such a hard part was flawless."

He dropped her hands and headed back towards the grand staircase. He got halfway up before turning and rummaging in his pockets.

" before I forget." He pulled out a small silver necklace with the Slytherin crest on it.

" Thanks Professor." He tossed it toward Snape, who easily caught it and slipped it back into his pockets.

He reached the top of the stair and bent down to pick up his things. He gave a big stretch and tried to hide and even bigger yawn.

" Now that I have said my piece, I am going up to Gryffindor tower, getting out of these clothes since I have been sweating in them all night, taking a shower and going to bed."

The Phantom yawned again and ruffled up his hair, so that when he was done it stuck out every which way.

" that and I might want to get a head start, before Ron decides to kill me for kissing his sister." The Phantom said pulling out a pair of black round glasses.

He removed his mask and when he looked up they were looking at none other then Harry Potter.

He grinned evilly at them.



" who were you expecting Donald Duck." He grinned but the grin suddenly disappeared.

" OH SHIT!" he turned tail and ran as not only Ron came tearing up the stairs after him but Malfoy also.


That night Harry lay across one of the common room couches, reading a book he had been given by Raoul tonight.

It was another version of the Phantom, only thins one was a lot more in-depth staring from Erick's birth to beyond the play.

Ron sat sputtering in the chair across form him.

" I still can't believe you were the Phantom tonight."

Harry grinned and continued to read his book.

" it would explain why he didn't want to audition, and why he also walked out."

" yeah but…"

" oh shut it Ron."

Harry smiled, at least they were talking to him again. it was close to two in the morning when Ron and Hermione finally headed off to bed.

" see you in the morning mate." Ron said as he trudged up the stairs.

" Night Ron."

" Harry?"

Harry leaned over the arm of the sofa to get a better look at his friend.

" Exhalent job tonight mate, I don't think you left a dry eye in that hole theater. If there was he would have had to have been colder then Snape."

Harry raised an eye brow.

" why did I get him crying to?"

Ron grinned and nodded. Harry let out a small whoop.

" Phantom 1, greasy git 0"

Ron laughed. " night."

" night."

It was now just Harry and Ginny left in the common room. Ginny lay in front of the dying fire reading.

Harry couldn't help but blush when he looked at her. He had no clue what had driven him to kiss her when they were in the entrance hall.

" Harry?"

Harry jumped slightly as Ginny appeared above him. He blushed furiously as he saw her blush as well.

" um..i just wanted to say before I went to bed, that I loved your performance tonight."

Harry went to sit up but nearly knocked heads with Ginny, he froze only an inch away from her face. Neither moved from that position.

Slowly Harry lifted his hand to cup Ginny's cheek.

" I meant every thing I said tonight." He said, unconsciously reverting back to the deep voice of the Phantom.

" Harry."

Taking a chance Harry closed the distance between them.

He felt her stiffen as their lip touched. Though almost instantly she relaxed and her eyes fluttered shut. Harry smiled against her lips, and deepened the kiss. The arm that supported him suddenly gave out and both him and Ginny collapsed back onto the couch.

They both looked at each other before laughing.

Sighing Ginny curled up on top of Harry's body, her head resting on his chest. Harry sighed contently and closed his eyes.

" Harry?"

He opened his eyes.

" hum"

Ginny looked away sheepishly. " um.. could you sing for me."

Harry smiled, and ran a hand gently through her soft locks.

" what song would you like."

" what's your favorite?"

Harry smile again, and began to play the tune in his head.

Night-time sharpens,
Heightens each sensation…
Darkness stirs and
Wakes imagination…
Silently the senses….
Abandon their defenses…

Slowly, gently
Night unfurls its splendor…
Grasp it, sense it-
Tremulous and tender…
Turn your face away
From the garish light of day,
Turn your thoughts away
From cold, unfeeling light-
And listen to the music of the night…

Close your eyes
And surrender to your
Darkest dreams!
Purge all thoughts
Of the life
You knew before!
Close your eyes,
Let your spirit start to soar!
And you'll live as you've never
lived before…
Softly, deafly,
Music shall surround you…

Feel it, hear it,
Closing in around you….
Open up you mind,
Let your fantasies unwind,
In this darkness which
You know you cannot fight-
The darkness of
The music of the night.

Let your mind
Start a journey through a
Strange, new would!
Leave all thoughts
Of the world
You knew before!
Let your soul take you l
long to be-
only then
can you belong
to me…

Floating, falling,
Sweet intoxication!
Touch me, trust me,
Savor each sensation!
Let the dream begin,
Let your darker side give in
To the power of
The music that I write-
The power of the music of the night….

He looked down and noticed that she was fast asleep, her breathing deep and even. He smiled to himself and laid back down. Closing his eyes he soon joined her in dreamless sleep.

You alone
Can make my song take flight-
Help me make the music of the night…


well what do you all think. It's officially over, unless you all want a sequel, but I would really need some ideas to do that. I would have done the whole play but I got to the point I had, and had been working on it for over two days and I was only on the 6th scene of the play, I said screw it. I decided to cut it short there. Well tell me what you all think please review. And I shall continue watching my movie the phantom