All's Fair in Love and Hate

Come on people if I was really good enough to own a show or a good series I wouldn't have to dread Algebra II.

Summery: Irma being always the one to speak her mind most of the time hides a small twinge of loneliness. Is she alone in feeling this way?

'Sigh typical boring day Professor Collins drowns on.' I try to focus on the chapter about the War between Christians and Catholic Churches but this subject is so boring to me. I just read on and yawn a little loudly not really noticing Martin's annoying drooling over me. Taranee as usual being her genius self writing down answers to questions, Hay Lin goofing off a little and Will is just plain lost. For once I try to get some of the work done just out of plain boredom. I answer the questions in the form our dear professor has lectured us to death to turn in our papers. Surprisingly I got done only expecting a C as usual to pass above a D. The bell finally rang for lunch which was an act of mercy.

I met up with the rest of the girls and say, "Man today was torture in History. I'd rather staple my tongue on the black board as long as I don't have read another paragraph."

Cornelia chuckles asking "Are you sure you wouldn't want to do that for an improvement?"

I retort "If I did that then I can't tell any juicy news especially about Caleb."

Cornelia goes to argue that point but found herself at a loss of words. I smirk as I knew about her feelings for Caleb but I can't help but feel a little jealous not over Caleb showing interest in her but just having someone to like me. 'Oh well it's not like I have the time to worry about trivial things like that.' Hay Lin runs up saying "Hey guys guess what's going to happen this weekend." We all somehow knew this involved something bizarre or some kind of performance. I answer "Mummies taking over this small town."

Hay Lin smiles saying "Good guess but no it's the Spring Fair."

Cornelia, Taranee, and I all groan thinking she had signed us up to volunteer in setting up the rides and what-ever-else. Will asks "Um I hate to be the lost sheep but what is the Spring Fair?"

Hay Lin smiles saying, "It's THE time where we can have fun and hopefully get a date."

I ask "Are we volunteering again? Because if we are I will tie myself up in my room, you'd have to either have Martin chase me out or burn my house down."

Speaking of the devil he takes another unexpected picture of me. I go to grab his camera but he just smiles at me in his goofy way which really annoys me. "DO YOU MIND MARTIN I'M TRYING TO GET MY EYE SIGHT BACK?" Cornelia smirks at the teasing possibilities she has with this. Martin asks "You know you're the only girl I'd wait for eternity for my little passion flower right?" I groan as I know what was coming next the dreaded question the thought of volunteering in something anything didn't seem so teeth pulling now. I just say "Sure Marvin what do you want? Do me a favor while you're asking. DON'T CALL ME YOUR LITTLE PASSION FLOWER EVER AGAIN!"

He just smiles and asks, "Would you go to the Spring Fair with me this Saturday?"

'Think Irma think there has to be someway out of this.' Suddenly Professor Collins walks up with his head shaking. Will asks, "What's wrong professor?"

He sighs while saying "Oh our student volunteer canceled at the last minuet for the fair looks like I might have to cancel the fair."

'My golden opportunity has just arrived.' "Oh I'll volunteer Professor." Literally everyone's jaw dropped but the Professor smiles and says "Thank you Irma I didn't know you liked volunteering so much." Things seem perfect until something I should've saw coming happens. Martin smiles saying "Count me in too Professor."

I groan mentally I should've known this plan was going to back fire right from the start. He laughs while saying "Well this turned out better than I expected two students volunteering meet me here Friday at 6:00 Pm." Martin nods excitedly and I just nod slowly as dread begins to wash over me like icy cold water. Cornelia of course was saying Martin and I would make a couple because we both can be annoying. After lunch the day went by slowly but when the end of the day comes I knew this weekend would be one I'd want to forget.

Just another experiment of mine I hope this fic won't be rejected.