All's Fair in Love and Hate

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Chapter 13

The shadow says, "HOW DARE YOU HURT IRMA!" The person walks down with an extremely cold look to Martin. The voice sounds like a male. I look at him and noticed he was Keno. I groan and got between the angry servant of Phobos, and Martin.


Martin looks confused because Keno was not in his usual clothes. He had sheer black with a pattern of a black rose on it. Martin asks, "Irma is that really Keno?"

I pull the hood and Martin couldn't believe his eyes. His rival for my heart is someone evil and had the notion to kill. I ask, "I thought you said I had to stay with you to be protected? Well I had to tell you buddy I hate staying cooped up anywhere like a dog on a leash."

Keno looks at me and says, "I don't care I still want you as my own. Phobos wasn't exactly in favor of this but he allowed me to come here and get you."


Keno kicks Martin in the leg and asks, "Why do you care for geek fest? She hates your stalking and hates your stupid pick of lines."

Martin has pain tears coming out of his eyes and says, "I care about her more then most people would ever do. I don't care if she likes me or otherwise she is always going to be at for me something special to watch, to dream about. I WON'T LET YOU TURN HER INTO A SAD PUPPET!"

He gets up and does that dorky defense stance. 'WILL I NEED THE HEART OF CANDRACAR TO HELP MARTIN!' I watch Martin get hit again and again as well as getting up. 'WILL WHERE ARE YOU?' Suddenly a light appears from somewhere and I get in my blue bubble to transform into the water guardian. I see the girls flying to help me out to beat this jerk that refuses to leave me alone.

I shout, "THIS IS FOR BEING A STALKER AND FOR HURTING MY FRIEND MARTIN! WATER!" I create a major flash flood and Hay Lin blows him around making him hit random buildings. Taranee shots fire balls at him and last bit not least Will knocks him for a loop with her energetic punch. I fly over to see if Martin is ok. He looks at me with really red cheeks and eyes staring at my yes somewhat showy fighting outfit. Little did I know that Keno is about to make one last assault towards me. I hear someone shout, "IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU NO ONE WILL!"

I look up in fear but what happens next is such a shocker. Martin punches him right dead on the nose hard and doesn't back away until he is flat on the ground. Will flies over and opens a portal and shoves Keno in it. After Martin's impressive display of friendship the poor boy passes out. I smile and for once feel like I'm not as alone as I thought I was. Cornelia goes to tease me but shakes her head to stop herself. I ask "Uh guys a little help here? He isn't exactly that light so if you don't mind helping me fly him home. Unless you want me to end up falling on him, being too hurt to get up his mom file a sexual harassment charge on me."

Will laughs a little and says, "Ok Irma we get the point we'll help."

We fly the dork home before I leave I wrote a quick note and fly off. We all change back and I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to be grounded. I walk home and sure enough both mom and dad say, "You're grounded young lady for 4 weeks."

I don't throw a fit I just nod and went into the house. 'I wonder if Martin understands the note I wrote. I hope he'll get back to normal.' I fall asleep for once enjoying going back to school. The next morning I get up and rush out the door for school. I met up with the girls as usual and suddenly I see the dorky Martin come running over saying, "Hey there my passion flower want some company? I don't know if I was dreaming but I saw all five of you in hot outfits. To make this dream even sweeter I was carried back to my room by my passion flower Irma."

I roll my eyes saying, "Tubbs, you have step over to the dark side of crazy. Please don't fry your brain too much today." The girls laugh as Martin still bugging me about that. 'Yep he's back to normal and I'm glad. I feel whole again and I hope I stay that way even though I'm grounded. It don't get much better than this.'

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