Beautiful Disaster

By: ScarletDreams

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Chapter One

There'd Be No Sand in Traverse Town

Sora glared at his reflection in his mother's full-length mirror. It was an unusual choice of wardrobe for someone who grew up on Destiny Islands, a place where shorts, flip-flops and bathing suits made up the majority of peoples wardrobes. The stiff dark blue uniform pants fell all the way to his shoes. For the first time in god knows how many years Sora was actually wearing shoes, the kind that bunched up your feet in tight leather allowing absolutely no space to breathe. His crisp button down white shirt was tucked into his waist and the burgundy blazer was thick and itchy. He was convinced the navy tie he was forced to wear was slowly strangling him.

'If Tidus could see me now...' he thought shaking his head as he remembered his old friends from Destiny Islands...Destiny Islands itself. It was only August, back on Destiny Islands his summer vacation would be in the middle, here it was already his first day of school.

Sighing he made his way downstairs. The twists and turns of the hall confused him and there was no doubt in his mind he'd wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to find the bathroom. The houses here were so large, unlike in Destiny Islands. Making his way down the carpeted stairs he entered the kitchen, welcomed by the warm smell of pancakes 'At least one thing hasn't changed,' he thought to himself. His mother made the best pancakes, and she always made them for him on his first day of school. So what if it happened a little earlier, the smell was intoxicating.

"Oh, don't you just look adorable!" she exclaimed as he sat at the table.

He rolled his eyes as he began to drown his pancakes in maple syrup. Noticing his uncomfortableness Emmy sat next to him taking his hand in hers.

"I understand you miss your friends, and your school, and your vacation...but that's all behind us now," she continued despite Sora's protests. "Traverse Town is our home now. Think of it this way, no one knows you here, you can be whoever you want to be, discover new things about yourself, who knows, you may end up liking what you become," she said with a wink.

Sora rolled his eyes, "Whatever" he mumbled stuffing as much of the pancake in his mouth as he could. He didn't want to 'reinvent' himself; he didn't want to make new friends. He wanted to climb palm trees on the island and have rowing races with Kairi. He wanted to spar with Tidus and go paupou searching with Wakka and Selphie. All he wanted was to feel the warm sand stick to his damp feet as he walked home after a day at the beach with his friends. But as Sora finished his breakfast, and made his way to his mom's "new" used car (new in the sense that she just bought it) Sora reluctantly realized, there'd be no sand in Traverse Town.

Sora's eyes widened as he caught sight of the gargantuan building. It looked like a castle with towers and vines crawling up the sides and curling around the gargoyles that stood guard atop the buildings. Students were all over the grounds, separated into little clusters of friends, each dressed in the same uniform, exchanging stories of their summer vacations and experiences. Everyone seemed to have his or her own friends, and in about five minutes Sora would emerge from the beat up Toyota to disrupt the natural order of Hikari Academy.

Doing his best rendition of a pleading puppy, Sora turned to his mom who laughed and merely kissed him on the cheek and kicked him out of the car. Sora looked through the window of the car; catching her worried yet hopeful glance he sent her a reassuring grin, his famous contagious, cheesy grin. She smiled back, and even though she was reassured Sora was anything but.

Emmy smiled as she saw Sora make his way to the school, lost in his own thoughts as usual. He may have failed to notice the petite girl running at full speed but she didn't. He may have not noticed that one more step from him, and one more step from her would send them colliding and tumbling to the ground, but she didn't. As her one and only son lay on the grass, hopelessly tangled with a young girl, Emmy drove away finally convinced that Sora would be able to make friends after all.

"I'm so so so sorry!" the girl exclaimed climbing off of the groaning Sora. She scrambled to her feet and stood over him. Her black hair fell into her face as she leaned over him. Her blue skirt was now wrinkled and her white shirt had come un-tucked. The blue bow around the collar that the girls were supposed to wear was missing and her eyes seemed to just dance with emotions. Sora stood up, inspecting a particularly bad grass stain on his left elbow.

"Don't worry about it, it was a mistake right?" he said smiling. The girls face lit up.

"I'm Yuffie, you're new here aren't you?" she asked reaching out a hand for Sora to grasp.

"I'm Sora and is it that obvious?" he laughed as she pulled him to his feet.

"Kind of, you-" her sentence was cut off as she heard the school bell chime. "OH MY GOD! I'M REALLY REALLY LATE!" she exclaimed attempting to tuck in her shirt and run at the same time, which ended with her colliding with another student.

Sora laughed to himself. Traverse Town was a strange city.

" 301..." Sora mumbled to himself as he alternated between glancing up at the numbers above the doors, and the homeroom printed on his schedule card. The numbers on the card finally matched with the large black ones printed on a wooden door. He raised his fist to knock on the door when it suddenly pulled open; an angry female in her late thirties stood there, blonde hair in a tight bun and a long brown dress that swept across the floor. Half moon glasses stood on her nose and her tiny features were fixed in a dark scowl.

"Your late." she stated bluntly. Sora laughed nervously.

"Uh...yea, about that. It's my first day and I really don't know my way arou-" Sora's eyes fell on the clock in back of the woman. It was only 7: 55...he was five minutes early. "Wait, I'm not late, it's only 7:55"

The woman looked absolutely horrified "YOU ARE NOT ONTIME UNTIL YOU ARE 10 MINUTES EARLY!" she exclaimed griping the edges of the door. Sora stepped back slightly disturbed.

"Uhm...I'm sorry?" he asked rather than stated.

Sighing dramatically the woman opened the door widely so he could step through. Sora entered the large classroom. A chalkboard hung at one end of the room and in front of it was the teacher's desk. Rows and Rows of double desks stretched out in front of him.

"My name is Mrs. Normura; I am your homeroom teacher. I assume you are Sora. Class this is Sora, those of you who care will ask him yourselves about his private issues, I however, will not waste valuable class time on it. Sora, take whatever seat you wish."

Raising an eyebrow Sora scanned the classroom, Yuffie was there waving at him, he offered her a weak wave and thought of sitting next to her but the seat was already filled by a pretty brunette with green eyes.

"Any day now Mr. Sora!" the teacher said tapping her desk impatiently. He offered her a small smile before taking the first empty seat he saw, which just happened to be all the way in the back.

Sora found himself blushing as he sat beside the boy who was to be his desk mate, not quite sure why. The boy was extremely handsome with bright aquamarine eyes and pale skin, shoulder length silver hair fell into his face as he bent over a sketchbook, intent on his drawing. Sora shook his head, 'Stop staring,' he mentally scolded himself.

Sora had known for a while now that he wasn't like other boys his age. He didn't think of girls, how Tidus and Wakka did. It wasn't until after a kiss with Kairi during a truth or dare game that he was officially sure that he wasn't interested in them at all. He didn't know what he was, he knew for a fact that he didn't like girls, but he wasn't sure whether he liked boys either. Was it possible to be indifferent on such a thing?

But as Sora observed his desk mate more he couldn't help but note how, as Selphie would put it, drool worthy he was.

He never looked up from his drawing at all. The bell rang signaling the ending of homeroom and the class began to file out.

The boy, seemingly oblivious to the bell did not move. As the class left and the new class started filing in Sora gathered his books, putting them in his bag and standing up. Noticing the boy still did not move Sora gently nudged him.

"E-excuse me," Sora said tapping his shoulder "Uhm...Homeroom is over."

As if waking from a trance the boy looked up from his sketchpad. He looked at Sora confused before the sound of the late bell registered in his brain.

"Oh...uh...thanks," he muttered as he slung his book bag over his shoulder, gathering his sketchpad in his hands.

"I'm Sora." Sora said as he held open the back door for the boy.


Sora smiled as he fell into step beside the boy, "So...what were you drawing?"

Riku raised a silver eyebrow, "What?"

"All during homeroom, what were you drawing?" Sora continued to smile.

"A picture."

Sora's smile faded but quickly came back. "So, what class do you have now anyway?"

Riku glanced at his new schedule card "Art, you?"

Sora glanced down at his card with a frown, " room 301."

Riku laughed running a hand through his silver hair, "Uh, Sora, we just left room 301."

Sora's blue eyes widened with realization 'STUPID!' he thought as he immediately began running back down the hall toward the room. "Nice to meet you Riku!" he called as he raced back to the room.

The rest of Sora's day passed by in an unorganized blur. He was confused and the teachers had no sympathy. It seemed being late to their classes was the most disrespectful thing you could do, and Sora had been late to each and every one of his classes. Even this one, which caused him to stand in the back of a very, very long line, clutching an orange tray to his chest as his stomach grumbled loudly. Several students turned to look at him and he could only smile sheepishly while mentally kicking himself.

"Hey! Sora! Over here!"

Leaning outside of the line Sora caught sight of Yuffie and the brunette, who were already almost at the front of the line. Suddenly grateful for his habit of bumping into random people Sora made his way over to them.

"Sora, this is my friend Aerith." Yuffie said smiling. The brunette from earlier smiled her greeting.

"Nice to meet you," she said in a shy voice motioning for Sora to cut in front of her as his stomach once again shook the lunchroom. Thanking her he gladly took the place.

"Is all this food for us?" Sora exclaimed as he laid eyes on the enormous platter set in front of them. There were platters with sandwiches and hotdogs, pizza, tacos, hamburgers, all the food one could ever hope to have for lunch was right there so no craving would ever go unsatisfied. On the far right of the lunchroom were vending machines that dealt everything from Chips to ice cream.

Yuffie nodded, "Yup!"

Immediately Sora began to pile his tray up with everything he could get his hands on.

"Careful Sora, the lunch period is only 45 minutes," Yuffie said as she placed a simple hamburger and fries on her tray.

Again Sora laughed as they waited for Aerith to decide which salad she wanted before heading into the giant mass of students. Every table seemed to be exclusive with only certain people allowed to sit.

"Welcome to Hikari Academy, better known as Stereotype high." Yuffie said sarcastically.

Sora looked at her quizzically.

"Look, see that table, those are the Gothic's, over there are the jocks, I'm sure somewhere around here is a table for cheerleaders. There's a wannabe table…oh I'm sure there's a table here for every high school stereo type ever thought of," Yuffie said exasperated. "This school is filled with a bunch of rich snobby ass holes, I'm sick of it!"

"But, you've been here for a while, haven't you Yuffie?" Sora asked "Where do you sit?"

Yuffie smiled and prepared to elaborate but was cut off as someone was heard calling her name very loudly.


All three turned to see a blonde boy with odd spiky hair standing on a chair and waving his arms frantically in the air. A brunette sat beside him looking thoroughly embarrassed and annoyed.

"Sit down you idiot!" he exclaimed pulling on the blonde's blazer so he went toppling into the chair.

"We sit with them," Yuffie said smugly before she began walking toward the table.

"Sora, meet Cloud, Cloud this is Sora," she said motioning to the blonde.

He smiled putting out his hand "Hey! Nice to meet ya! You're new right?"

Sora mentally groaned as he said that. Was it really that obvious?

"The ice cube sitting next to him is Leon."

The brunette looked up from his book at the mention of his name and offered Sora a nod as he sat down, ignoring his outstretched hand.

"Don't worry Sora," Cloud said smiling warmly "He practices his asshole routine twice a day in the mirror, just to get it right."

"Fuck off Strife," the brunette said returning to his book.

"Not in public Leon, not in public."

The table laughed at that point and Sora couldn't help but smile.

"Did you find you drama class alright?" a deep, yet soft voice asked from across the table.

Sora nearly choked on his drink when he saw Riku, "Oh…uh…yea, thanks."

He noticed Yuffie and Aerith look at each other, as if communicating with their eyes. Sora didn't like it; it made him feel like they knew something he didn't.

"So you're a sophmore right Sora?" Cloud asked trying to keep the conversation.

"Yup, what about you?"

"Leon and I are seniors," he said with a sort of chuckle as the brunette glared at him. Private Joke? Sora was seriously lost. "Do you play Blitz Ball?"

"I've messed around with it a little, but I've never played seriously." Sora said as he finished his third slice of pizza.

"That's too bad." Cloud said, "Blitz ball tryouts are next week, hoping we could get something new for the team."

Leon abruptly closed his book. 'Not very social,' Sora thought.

"We have to be at the computer lab Cloud; I don't want to be late."

Cloud stuck his tongue out at the brunette, "Your so anti-social Leon."

"Whatever," the brunette mumbled before walking away.

"Nice meeting you Sora," Cloud said slinging his backpack over his shoulder. "See you guys later!"

Sora watched the blonde run to catch up with the brunette and begin a one-way conversation. Cloud seemed nice, fun…the polar opposite of Leon, yet they seemed to be pretty good friends.

"So…those are our wacky senior friends." Yuffie said with a smile.

"They act like that in public" Aerith said, "but they're best friends in reality."

Riku closed his sketch book and put it in his book bag, "So Sora, what class do you have next?"

The said brunette nearly choked on his second hotdog as he realized the silver haired boy was addressing him. Aerith and Yuffie exchanged another look before Aerith burst into fits of poorly suppressed giggles.

"Math…a whole block of it." Sora said while looking at his schedule card as if it were written in another language.

"Too bad," Riku said before picking up his own unfinished tray. "See ya around Sora," he mumbled quietly before leaving as well.

As soon as Riku was out of hearing range Aerith and Yuffie broke out into fits of laughter. Sora looked at them, confusion written all over his face. The girls attempted to stop laughing which only made them laugh harder.

"What so funny?" Sora asked.

The girls looked as if they wanted to speak but couldn't they were laughing too hard.

"What is so funny?" Sora repeated as the girls began to turn a bright shade of red.

"You…" Yuffie said between breaths as she tried to control her laughter. "You're so obvious!"

Sora looked at her dumbfounded. "Ok…I am?" he asked

Aerith nodded vigorously. "You like Riku!" She exclaimed.

Sora's face turned bright red. "What?" he exclaimed. "NO WAY! I mean…he's…he's a guy!"

"So what?" Yuffie said grabbing his fries from his tray, "Is that really such a bad thing?"

Sora played with his straw, "No, I guess not…but…"

Yuffie squealed with delight, "AW you guys will make such a cute couple!" she exclaimed clapping her hands together. Aerith nodded again.

"So…wait. You mean…is…is Riku, does he like other boys?" Sora asked not sure why he wanted to know, and why he was hoping for a certain answer when he himself was indifferent.

Aerith shrugged. "We don't know, but he doesn't seem to interested in girls."

Sora groaned, banging his head on the table, afraid to look up at the smiles of his two new friends, whose eyes showed they were planning something. Something he knew he wouldn't like at all. Or…would he?

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