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Lorelai left the hospital on her way back to stars hollow she needed to see Luke she knew he would be up now getting the diner ready. She just had one stop to make on her way. After making her stop she found herself in front of Luke's. She raised her hand to knock pausing slightly before knocking. Luke was just making his way down the stairs when he heard someone knocking. He moved over to the door and saw Lorelai standing there with a small bag. Luke unlocked the door to let her in.

"Hey your up early" Luke said smiling at her.

"Hey yourself and I'm really just up really late. I haven't been to bed yet."

"Why? oh yeah that's right Sookie went into labor. Did she have the baby?"

"Yeah a little girl, she beautiful"

"That's good did uh everything umm go ok I mean is Sookie ok?" Luke said looking down suddenly finding his shoes very interesting. Lorelai had to smile at his concern "Yeah she's ok. Sore but ok. Umm can I uh talk to you upstairs?"

"Yeah sure come on" Luke said taking her hand and leading her up the stairs.

Once inside the his apartment Luke turned to her and waited for her to say something.

"Well ok I was at the hospital with Sookie and I was thinking about babies and then I realized that I was uh late and I have been craving apples lately." At Luke's confused look Lorelai explained. "When I was pregnant with Rory I craved apples like crazy I must have eaten my weight in them. So after Sookie had the baby and I saw her I told Sookie I would be back later. Then I went to find a drug store that was open. Which might I add was not as easy as you would think at five in the morning. So I got these." Lorelai opened the paper bag in her hand and pulled out the three boxes inside. "I got three because I didn't want to risk a false positive I mean I don't even know if you want to have a baby but I really didn't want us to think I was when I wasn't so I got three." Lorelai tucked her hair behind her ears looking up to meet Luke's eyes. "Luke say something please"

"umm wow I uh I don't know what to say."

"Ok I know this is kind of a shock and I would of just done the test at home alone and then told you but I did that before with Rory. And I just didn't want to be alone this time. I didn't want to keep this from you. I know that's what broke us up before because I didn't tell you about my visit to Christopher's after his dad died. So here I am, but I mean I could uh go. I mean if this is too much for you?"

"No I want you here. I'm glad you came. So uh should you umm take the tests now?"

" Yeah I'm going to go into the bathroom and then we can wait out her together."

"Ok" Lorelai walked into the bathroom closing the door behind her. She pulled the first test out. "Ok I can do this one line I'm not two lines I am ok here goes everything." Lorelai realized she was talking to herself. "Well at least the poor kid will have one sane parent." Lorelai said laughing

"So we should know in about ten minutes." Lorelai said as she walked out of the bathroom.
"Ok are you hungry? Or do you want something to drink? Coffee?" Luke asked wanting something to do to keep from going crazy while they waited.
"Coffee would be good but decaf just in case" Luke moved to the small kitchen area to start her coffee. Lorelai followed him into the kitchen and sat at the small table. Watching him as he moved around the small kitchen.


"Yeah?" Luke answered without turning around.

"What time is it?"

"Quarter to six"

"Oh so we will know at 5:55. Wait don't you need to head downstairs to get the diner ready to open."

"Nah Kirks the only one that gets here right at six so I can be a few minutes late opening" Luke turned around to look at her.

"Are you sure? Not that I mind the company I just don't want to keep you. I know I have already freaked you out enough today and its not even six yet." Lorelai said meeting his eyes.

"Its ok really" Luke said offering her a small smile.

"Are you sure? And I'm not just talking about the diner I mean about all of this I mean this is big I mean really big, humongous, gigantic. Any other words that mean bigger than big insert her I mean this wow I cant even think of anything to compare this to its to early and" Luke moved to take a seat next to her taking her hand in his and placing a finger to her lips to stop her from continuing her endless babble.

"This is fine I meant it before when I said that I was all in. This is it for me. You are it for me. Now granted this isn't how I thought this would happen but I'm not upset that it happened this way."

"You've thought about us having kids?" Lorelai asked smiling at him.

"Well yeah I just though we would be in a more committed place when it happened" Luke said with a sheepish smile.

"You mean like married?" at Luke's nod she continued

"When did you think this would happen?"

"I umm I wasn't sure I mean I uh" Luke trailed off not sure where to go. Should he tell her he had a ring already and that he was just waiting for the right time?
"Its ok I have been thinking about it to. I umm even looked at dresses." Lorelai looked away from him with a small smile.
"You did when?" Luke asked gently turning her face back to his.

"When I was helping my mom find a dress for her renewal thing."

"Oh " Lorelai looked up meeting his eyes. His smile had faded. The memory of that night was still painful for both of them. "So …" Lorelai was trying to come up with something to talk about but her sleep deprived, coffee less mind couldn't seem to come up with anything.

"It's time" Luke said squeezing her hand.


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