What if Darth Maul killed Obi-Wan Kenobi


It is widely known that the Star Wars Universe is the creation of "The Man" George Lucas and most of the characters and settings in this story are the sole property of George Lucas and Lucasfilm Ltd. I am making no money from this story and no copyright infringement is intended. Star Wars is someone else's toy I am merely taking it down from the shelf and playing with it for a while.

In the Star Wars reality as we know it Qui-Gon Jinn is separated from Obi-Wan in their battle with Darth Maul and killed. But, what if Qui-Gon had not died? What if it was Obi-Wan that was drawn off to a solo battle and defeated? What would life have then been like for the Chosen One of prophecy? Indeed how would this one event change the course of history for the entire galaxy?

Chapter One Obi-Wan's Fate

The hangar doors opened to reveal an ominous figure cloaked in black. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi moved to the front of the group.

"We'll handle this," Qui-Gon stated calmly.

"We'll go the long way," Amidala said as she directed her remaining security forces to go in the opposite direction. Pulling back his hood Darth Maul revealed his heavily tattooed face and skull. Feeling the dark power radiating from the dark warrior Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan removed their robes for freedom of movement in the battle to come. Darth Maul followed suit and then with a flourish extended his lightsaber horizontally in front of him, extending a crimson blade from first one end then the other. The Jedi quickly brought their lightsabers to bear as well, emerald and azure blades humming to match the snarl of Darth Mauls blades.

The battle moved into high speed from the very start. Qui-Gon knew from their encounter on Tatooine that their opponent was very capable, while Obi-Wan was still young enough to think he could score a quick kill and impress his master and the Jedi Council. For his part Darth Maul, supremely confident in himself and his abilities, went for the early kill in an effort to prove the Sith were superior to the Jedi. Despite dealing a couple of kicks that knocked down one or the other of the Jedi, Darth Maul was unable to catch either one of his opponents with his lightsaber while they were working as a team. His fury at the Jedi rising to new heights Darth Maul was slowly pushed away from the Queen of Naboo and her party towards a door on the opposite side of the hanger.

Landing another kick to Qui-Gon pushing him back Darth Maul executed a twisting jump that gave him some breathing room from Obi-Wan. While Obi-Wan was closing in, slowly twirling his Lightsaber, Darth Maul used the force to throw a piece of one of the many smashed battle droids littering the hanger, into the controls for the door to the power supply for the hanger complex. Qui-Gon rejoined the fight as Obi-Wan followed the Sith Warrior into the vast room containing the power source for the area.

Catwalks crisscrossed the room at various heights weaving around the large columns of energy rising in the middle of the room. The Jedi Master realized that Darth Maul was deliberately leading the two Jedi in this direction and started to warn Obi-Wan to be careful when Darth Maul suddenly focused solely on the Jedi Master and managed to knock Qui-Gon off the catwalk they were on and down two levels to land hard and roll off of another walkway. Only a last minute grab let Qui-Gon catch the edge of the walkway saving him from a deadly plummet to the floor far below. Obi-Wan used this opportunity to land a couple of stunning blows of his own and succeeded in knocking Darth Maul onto a walkway one level down where he landed on his back and lost his breath momentarily. Obi-Wan jumped down quickly trying to take advantage of the situation but he was met by a boot from his opponent that staggered him long enough for Darth Maul to get back on his feet. Their battle raged down the walkway with Obi-Wan apparently gaining ground on his opponent and pressing him back steadily.

Meanwhile still a level below the action Qui-Gon finally caught his breath and pulled himself back onto the walkway. Picking up his lightsaber, which had luckily not followed its owner over the edge of the walkway, he looked up to find the combatants far down the walkway above with Obi-Wan steadily backing Darth Maul away from Qui-Gon's location. Knowing Obi-Wan's lack of experience and having firsthand knowledge of Darth Maul's skill Qui-Gon felt a stab of dread about his padawans chances in a one on one fight with the Sith warrior. Using the force to assist him Qui-Gon jumped to the upper walkway and started running toward the fighters. By now Darth Maul had succeeded in luring Obi-Wan into an access hallway leading to a disposal chute for some of the more dangerous byproducts of the power systems. The chute itself was not in use at the time but the series of protective force fields, which cycled on and off to protect anyone working in the area when the chute was in use, were still operating. Obi-Wan and Darth Maul had almost reached the disposal chute itself when the barriers sprang to life trapping Darth Maul in the first section and Obi-Wan in the second. Qui-Gon had only made it to the outermost section when the protective fields stopped him.

Having watched the timing of the barriers cycle Qui-Gon knew he would not have enough time to make it to the chute area before the shields closed again. Qui-Gon tried to yell for Obi-Wan to bring the fight back his way but his voice could not defeat the layers of shields in-between him and his padawan. He tried to reach Obi-Wan through the force but the young Jedi was so focused on his opponent that he was unable to sense his masters warning. As the barriers fell Obi-Wan sprang ahead engaging Darth Maul and pushing him into the disposal chute, where they continued to battle on a ledge around the inside of the chute with no railing to prevent a fall to the depths below. Qui-Gon made it to the last section of shields when, as he had feared, the final barrier snapped into existence as he approached.

Darth Maul's trap had been sprung. No longer did he back away. No longer did he give ground. Suddenly Obi-Wan realized just how much trouble he was in as time and again he just barely kept the double bladed lightsaber from completing a lethal stroke. Darth Maul aimed vicious glances at Qui-Gon, trapped behind the barrier, all the while keeping Obi-Wan between them so that the Jedi master couldn't use the force to attack him. Qui-Gon stood there and willed the barriers to cycle faster and prayed that his padawan could last a little longer.

Obi-Wan's spirits started to climb when Darth Mauls sudden burst of energy seemed to fade suddenly. Obi-Wan gathered his own failing reserves of energy and moved forward with an overhead attack that should have split his foe in two. Instead his opponent moved forward with a surprise block that knocked Obi-Wan off balance long enough for Darth Maul to spin around and with a reverse thrust impale the young Jedi on his crimson saber.

Many Jedi would have become enraged at the loss of their padawan while they watched helplessly unable to do anything, not Qui-Gon Jinn. Qui-Gon was known as the rogue of the order. Placing more of an emphasis on the Living Force than the Unifying Force he often chose to do things differently from the way most Jedi would. Most Jedi acting on the promptings of the Unifying Force resolve situations in the best interest of the people as a whole and for the long view. Qui-Gon on the other hand tended to listen more to the Living Force and resolve situations in the best interest of the people involved and refused to sacrifice the here and now in favor of a distant future. Indeed it was rumored that this difference in philosophy was the only reason Qui-Gon was not sitting on the Jedi Council already. Coming from a planet where the average lifespan was 200 years, Qui-Gon is in the early prime of his life and renown as one of the best swordsmen in the Jedi Order. Yet, in this duel, all of his skill meant nothing. Whether from a physical advantage of race or a natural ability to use the force, he was outclassed by this opponent as things stood now. Most Jedi at this point would either lose their focus and attack in a rage or pull heavily on the force and focus it on their fighting ability. Qui-Gon Jinn with his padawan dead or dying before him and knowing that he could easily end the same way opened himself totally to the Living Force.

As the barrier dropped again the being that moved forward to meet Darth Maul in final battle was not really Qui-Gon Jinn any more. He was an empty host filled with the Living Force itself. Gone were the reasoned strikes and parries. Gone were the precise movements of martial training. There was only the fluid grace that can only come from allowing the Force to flow through your entire being and letting it; control, guide, and assist his movements.

Qui-Gon's speed and precision were like nothing Darth Maul had ever seen before. Suddenly even with the aid of the Force it became almost impossible to predict where Qui-Gon would strike next. His opponent suddenly refused to follow the natural rhythms of bladed combat and would answer in odd ways that shouldn't have been effective, but were nonetheless. Before he could counter the Jedi masters rush, Darth Maul found his opponent in close where his longer double bladed saber was not as effective. Maul tried a force leap across the disposal chute to gain some room and a needed respite when Qui-Gon, at the urging of the Force, used the Force to pull on Darth Maul stopping his leap and forcing him to land at the edge of the ledge. Faster than his opponent could recover Qui-Gon closed the distance and with a horizontal slash destroyed his opponent. Held in the embrace of the Living Force Qui-Gon watched the stunned expression on Darth Maul's face as the separate halves of his body plummeted down the shaft and disappeared.

Shutting down his lightsaber Qui-Gon staggered, his body and spirit drained from becoming an extension of the Force in such a way, and moved to the body of his dying padawan.

"I failed you Master," Obi-Wan managed to get out as Qui-Gon cradled his head.

"No you didn't!" Qui-Gon whispered, "You will go down in the Jedi archives as the Jedi Knight who helped defeat the resurgence of the Sith."

"But Master I'm only a Padawan!" Obi-Wan gasped.

"Trust me Obi-Wan you are a Jedi Knight in the truest sense of the word." Qui-Gon reassured him as a tear slowly made its way down his face.

"Master, please keep my lightsaber with you always." Obi-Wan said as he slowly moved his hand towards Qui-Gon's, "I sense it will make a difference one day."

Qui-Gon started to ask him what he meant but as his hand closed on the hilt of Obi-Wan's lightsaber his Padawans body disappeared as his essence became one with the Unifying Force.

"Completed this job is," announced Yoda to the Jedi Masters with him surrounding the craft previously used by Darth Maul.

"Yes," agreed Qui-Gon Jinn. "I can no longer sense the taint of the former owner anywhere on this ship. Thank you all for helping me cleanse it and thank you master Yoda for letting me use it. I have a feeling it will be needed."

The other Jedi masters who had arrived for Obi-Wan's memorial services, and had assisted in cleansing the ship of the psychic traces of Darth Maul, muttered their various welcomes and departed to their own private meditations before the services for the slain Jedi were to be held.

As the hanger cleared Yoda turned to Qui-Gon with an angry expression.

"Know you do that the boy is too old to start the training, my beliefs were?" Yoda declared.

"You made that clear in the last council meeting I attended. I assume from the way you talk about it that now you and the rest of the council no longer believe so," Qui-Gon responded with a glint of amusement in his eyes.

"Keeps you off the council an attitude like that does!" retorted Yoda. "And yes, to train and observe the boy we now desire. Your responsibility to train and protect him it will be!"

"Are you sure that is such a wise idea?" Qui-Gon asked as a look of grief flashed across his face.

"Saddened are we all by young Obi-Wan's loss," replied the Jedi Master. "Truly one of our brightest lights among the young ones he was. Your request to have him entered into the Jedi Histories as a Jedi Knight in full standing has the council agreed to unanimously."

"Thank You," Qui-Gon whispered as the sharp look of grief slowly faded.

"Drawn to the boy by the Force you were it would seem. Difficult to see the best path to take is," Yoda explained.

"Really?" questioned Qui-Gon. "Your foretelling is usually much stronger than that."

"Indeed, obscuring my view of the force something is. Difficult to see what is to come. The Dark Side gaining strength I sense. Only begun our troubles with the Sith have," warned Yoda. "Ahead dark times are. A glimmer of hope I sense if with you the boy stays, next to none if he does not," warned Yoda. "Like it I do not this break with tradition, but necessary it will be if the Chosen One he is. If that the case is, need he will all the skills and training he can get. So, still desire the task of training and caring for the boy do you?"

"I still believe it was the Force that brought me to Anakin. What you have said only strengthens my desire to train him." Qui-Gon then added, "I do believe he's the chosen one. With the councils blessing I will do my best to prepare him for the times ahead."

"So it shall be." Yoda declared as he departed, leaving the Jedi Master to his thoughts of the Padawan he had lost and the possible times to come.

To be continued. Ch. 2 Tatooine.

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