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The Legend of Zelda the Evil Within

By Flashgunner

Ch. 1 a new beginning

Across an open field the wind blows and the tree's sway. All is peaceful. All is quiet. In the distance the sound of galloping can be heard. It draws closer and closer. An image appears on the horizon. That of a man clad in green wielding a Hylian shield and a large steel sword, atop a brown horse with a white mane that whisks in the wind.

The Horse is the noble steed Epona and the man atop this horse is Link the Hero of time.

It has been a while since I've been summoned by Zelda. The times of peace must be boring her already. Link thought to himself as he road pass Lon Lon Ranch. He was on route to Hyrule castle where he had been a mercenary for a long time.

Link soon approached the open gates and road straight through the town and up the road to the castle. He reached the castle stable and dismounted Epona, leaving her in the care of the stable caretaker. The doors to the castle opened and Link found himself in a long hallway that led to the courtyard where Zelda said she would meet him. He entered the courtyard and saw Zelda standing by a tree. She spoke when he approached.

"Thank you for coming so quickly Link" she said in a quiet lady-like tone of voice. "I came as soon as I heard from your messenger, what seems to be the problem Zelda?" Link questioned. Zelda paused for a moment before she spoke. "Link, ever since the day you returned from Termina 6 years ago I detected an evil power following you when you returned. However it vanished from my sight after you crossed back into Hyrule." Link suddenly thought to himself.

I wonder could it have anything to do with that mask I used to defeat Majora. When I showed it to the mask salesman after the battle he told me that the mask was that of an ancient fierce deity, but he also told me that I should get rid of it as soon as possible. According to him the masks evil power can take over someone's heart and destroy the human soul. The masks power seemed to disappear though, as if its power was completely drained while fighting Majora. Never the less, I buried the mask deep within the floor of Lake Hylia and told no one of its location.

"Link…?" Zelda's voice made Link snap back into reality. "I'm sorry carry on" Link replied a bit embarrassed that he zoned out for a good minute.

"Link I want you to see if you can find anything out about this evil power. Even if it disappeared from my sight I want to be sure that Hyrule is safe from all evil.

"You can count on me Zelda, I'll leave no stone unturned." Link gave his assurance as he turned to leave. "Thank you Link we can always rely on you."

Link walked back through the long hallways of the Castle while many things went through his head. Recollections of Termina, of Hyrule, of the evil power he was forced to resort to in order to defeat Majora. His mind also turned to a certain painful memory. Seeing Zelda again made him remember how sad he felt when her royalty ruled out any major relationship between the two. Link quickly shook the thought out of his mind and continued on.

He came to the stable and mounted Epona. Soon he was again riding into the wind of the open Hyrule Field. Where should I start? Maybe I should go ask King Zora or Daurunia if they know anything.

Link quickly lead Epona out of Hyrule town and turned her around towards Zora's Domain. He Road swiftly up the riverbank until a large waterfall stood before him. Link took out his ocarina and played the royal song. The Waterfall suddenly parted revealing a cave in the cliff side. Link entered the cave and the waterfall closed immediately behind him. He emerged in a large cavern full of beautiful waterfalls and sparkling pools of water. Not wanting to waste any time Link moved quickly through the cavern and up the stairs to where King Zora's throne resides.

"Ah! What a pleasant surprise! Welcome Link it has been a while." King Zora warmfully greeted. "Hello King Zora, I'm afraid I'm not here just for a friendly visit, I'm here on an investigation for Princess Zelda…" "An investigation? Has something gone wrong with our ties to the Hylians?" Zora was quick to question. "No, no, no, it has nothing to do with that. I'm here because 6 years ago when I returned from another land Zelda sensed an evil power following me. I'm here to ask you if you or any of your Zora's have either seen or know of anything that seemed suspicious lately." "Oh, ho, ho, pardon me for jumping to conclusions. Hmm, I do not recall any suspicious reports around the domain or in the Ice cavern. Lake Hylia has also been quiet so I can't say I've seen or heard of any suspicious things lately."

Nothing from Lake Hylia huh. Guess it really does have nothing to do with the mask. I'll go check Lake Hylia later anyway, just to be safe.

"Thank you for your time King Zora I shall continue my search. Please keep a look out for anything suspicious. If you find anything you can contact me through the Hylian royal family." Link thanked King Zora. "I shall be on guard. So long Hero of Time!" Link then turned to go and walked back through the cavern.

So, Zora knew nothing of any evil power. Hopefully Daurunia knows something or else I don't know what to do.

Link found Epona outside, mounted her, and road back to Hyrule field where he rode towards Death Mountain. Link gazed up at the Volcano had been dormant for 4 years now as he road up the mountain path towards Goron City.

The City gate soon came in view and Link dismounted Epona. As he walked though the gates he came within a large living area that was carved into a cliff side in a large cave. He made his way down to Daurunia's quarters and stepped in. No sooner that Link stepped in was he greeted enthusiastically by Daurunia, which was normal.

"Brother! Long time no see! How are you doing?" "I'm great Daurunia it has been a while." Link replied. Daurunia could sense in Links tone of voice that he was here for an important reason. "Come my brother, sit down and we'll talk." Daurunia led Link to a table and the two sat on opposite sides. Daurunia was the first to talk.

"So brother what can I do for you?" "Well Daurunia…" Link explained to Daurunia the current situation at hand and asked him if he knew anything about it. "Hmm…nothing on Death Mountain has happened for a while and the volcano has been quiet too. Sorry brother but I can't say I've heard or seen anything about any sort of evil lately, but be warned brother, Zelda's senses have never let us down before. I'm sure there is something out there somewhere, I can feel it in my bones." "I'll take heed to those words. Okay then, thanks for your help Daurunia. I'll visit some other time okay?" Link said as he got up to leave. "That would be great! So long brother!" Daurunia answered as link left the room.

Link was now quite puzzled as he walked back up to the entrance of the city. Now where do I go? I guess I could go to the geurudo fortress and ask Naburu, but that's a long way from here. Hmm…

Link emerged from the city gates, mounted Epona and rode off again. It was starting to get late and the sun was about to set.

I have just enough time to visit one more place today where should I go? Link thought as he road through Kakariko village and out into Hyrule field once more. Link rode and thought and rode and thought until he heard a loud high pitched noise off in the distance. He pulled Epona to an abrupt stop.

That sounded like a scream! Link quickly turned Epona around and rode as fast as he could towards the source of the noise. He soon came upon what looked like a gang of 7 bandits and one girl.

"Heh heh……we found ourselves a pretty one boys!" A Bandit with a large broad sword on his hip said. "No! Please let me go! Someone help!" the girl screamed again. "Shut up!" one of the Bandits yelled while backhanding her and made her fall to the ground. Tears started to form in her eyes and she started to whimper. "Lets take her back to the cave." The Bandit with the sword ordered the rest of them.

"You'll be taking her nowhere" said Link as he quickly rides onto the scene and fires an arrow through the shoulder of the bandit standing next to the girl. The Bandit howled in pain and fell to the ground quivering.

Link dismounted and faced the 6 bandits. "KILL HIM!" the Bandit with the sword bellowed. The 5 other ran towards link. The fastest one came within swinging range with his club and swung at Link, but link caught the club with his left hand and drove his right elbow into the Bandit's skull, knocking him through the air and to the ground. One. Link thought. Link pulled out his bow and fired two arrows, one hit one of the charging bandits in the knee and the other hit another bandit in the stomach. Two, three. Link counted to himself. The last two bandits went on opposite sides of Link. One had an axe and one had a wooden staff. They came at Link from both directions and started swinging at him. Link gracefully dodged every swing.

On the edge of the battle field stood a slightly annoyed and slightly terrified bandit as he watched his followers fall one by one without any trouble at all. The girl on the ground looked up slowly and saw the fight going on through her teary eyes. Those green clothes…is…is that…him? She slowly got up on her feet and started walking closer but she was abruptly stopped when a sword sheath made contact to her stomach and she fell to the ground again. "Who said you could walk away?" the bandit angrily yelled at her. Before she passed out she thought to her-self, Link……

Back in the battle the bandits swung their weapons at Link to no avail. Link grabbed the ax that was being swung at him and crushed it's wooden handle with the power of his gold gauntlets, then spun around and kicked the bandit in the side sending the bandit motionless to the ground. The other bandit stepped back in horror as he saw his teammate go down.

He quickly jumped back and pulled out a boomerang and threw it at Link, who stepped to the side of the boomerangs path and channeled some magic power to his hand. The magic power latched onto the boomerang and kept it spinning, Link spun around and released the boomerang back at the Bandit, hitting him in the stomach and making him fall to the ground. Four, five. One more.

The Bandit leader raised his sword. "I happened to notice that you are a swordsman warrior, yet you haven't unsheathed you sword yet. How about we make this a sword duel?" Link said nothing and stood for a second doing nothing. Then without a word link unsheathed the steel long sword he had on his back and held it in front of him.

The leader sneered and charged forward holding the broadsword above his head. He came within range of link and swung downward. Then all he saw was Link move his arm upward and the broadsword shattered. "N-n-n-no h-how?" that was all the Bandit had time to say as Link drove his fist into the leaders stomach and the bandit fell to the ground.

Link sighed and thought to himself, six. Link resheathed his sword and walked over to the unconscious girl lying on the ground. She looked like she was about his age. (19 if you were all wondering) She wore a Red top that didn't quiet come all the way down to her green skirt and she had a small green cloak that came halfway down her back. She was wearing brown boots and she had long green hair of which half was tied into a pony tail and the other half swayed free. Her face was beautiful and somewhat familiar to Link, but he just couldn't pinpoint why.

Link kneeled down and tried to wake her up but she was completely unconscious. I can't just leave her here. I guess I'll take her back to my place until she wakes up. With that Link picked her up and propped her over his back as he rode Epona across Hyrule field until they came across a small house next to a river. Link led Epona to a stable and dismounted, carrying the girl over to his house. He walked inside and set her down on his bed.

Ok I guess I better stay here until mourning. Link thought as he grabbed an apple from a basket on his table. He sat down in a chair and after finishing the apple, slowly fell asleep.

You cannot escape me Link……

Who are you?

Hehehe you know who I am……

Argh get out of my mind!


"AAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Link yelled as he jumped straight out of his chair and drew out his sword.

"AIIIEEEEEEE!" yelled the startled girl who had attempted to wake him up. Link looked up and saw the girl he rescued yesterday, sighed, and put his sword away. "Sorry" he said. Then he looked at the girl who was still gaining her breath. Something was very familiar about her. This is starting to get on my nerves, where have I seen this girl before? Link thought to himself as he tried to find a memory that matched. The girl stopped panting and giggled. "You never did that before when I tried to get you up." She said while smiling happily. Link looked dumb struck. What the heck is she talking about? Do I know her? "Thank you for rescuing me from those bandits, I knew you'd rescue me Link." The girl said while coming forward and giving him a hug. Link was now even more confused. Not by the fact that she knew his name, everyone in Hyrule knew who he was, but it was how she made it sound like he has been with her before.

The girl pulled away and saw the confused face on Link and frowned, "Don't you know who I am?" she questioned. Link took a moment to answer, "I don't remember ever seeing you before, but something about you seems familiar." The girl looked at him in the eyes and smiled, "Silly boy, it's me, Saria!"

To be Continued-

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