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The Legend of Zelda: The Evil Within

By: Flashgunner

Final Chapter: The Evil Within

Saria stared at Link with an unexplained fear in her heart. Link? What happened to you?

Saria however, was nowhere near as terrified as Ganon Majora. "How can this be! The Power of the Fierce Deity dwells within him?" Link grinned evilly.

"He was merely my host until I could gain enough power to wreck havoc over the world again. You seem to want the same thing……but I don't like sharing. HeheheHAHAHA!"

Saria took a couple steps back. What? That doesn't sound like Link at all!

"I don't care if you're the Fierce Deity! I will still kill you! AND CLAIM THIS WORLD AS MINE!"

Sky had managed to get to his feet, "Great, their both completely evil. No matter which one wins we're done for either way……this is it I guess."

Ganon charged at Fierce Deity and lashed both of his whips at him. Fierce Deity only laughed as he caught one of the whips and let the other one coil around his sword. He thrust his sword to the right forcing Ganon's body to follow, and then pulled back hard in the other direction with his fist that held the other whip. There was a loud snap and a scream of agony. The force of the pull had snapped the whip right off the top of Ganon's wrist and blood seeped out of his hand like a fountain. Fierce Deity did not stop. He immediately pulled his sword back in a swift motion that sent Ganon flying towards him. Fierce Deity clenched his fist and delivered a punch right between the eyes that sent Ganon flying back in the opposite direction. There was a small jerk and another snap, followed by another excruciating scream.

"Heh. Now with your whips gone you can't attack me. What do you plan on doing?" Questioned Fierce Deity with an evil grin still plastered on his face.

"I'll…still…DESTROY YOU!" Yelled Ganon as he fired a magic blast of fire towards the smug demon. The blast impacted on Fierce Deity's armor and exploded, yet there was no effect. Which Ganon found out after the smoke cleared. The same fear came to his eyes that did right before Link was about to kill him a week before.

"Such a fine display of dust…if that was your intention." Ganon began to back away. "Is it my turn? To show you some REAL magic?" The double criss-crossed sword that lay within his hand began to glow a silver color. "SILVER BLADE!" he yelled as he began slashing his sword through the air. His slashes produced silver blades of energy that skimmed past Ganon's body, only leaving scratches as if to strike more fear into the already panicking Evil King. Once Fierce Deity stopped he only smirked at the fear in Ganon's eyes. "Oh……so you want some more?"

"N…N…NOO! STAY AWAY!" Ganon managed to shout through his fear and took some more steps backward.

"BIND!" Yelled Fierce Deity as he swung his sword through the air again. This time a black blade of energy flew from it. When it hit Ganon he didn't fly backward, instead he got caught in a black aura and couldn't move. Slowly Fierce Deity raised his sword. "So pitiful." He charged forward and cut Ganon in half, then into many more pieces.

Saria looked away as quickly as she could. No! This…this isn't Link!

The pieces of Ganon disappeared into a purple cloud and when it cleared away all that remained was Majora's mask laying on the ground.Fierce Deity picked up the mask and eyed it for a moment. "Heh!" He dropped it and crushed it with his foot. Then he turned to walk off, but Saria ran in front of him.

"What have you done with Link!"

"Heh…Link is gone little girl…I have full control of his body. Now get out of my way! Unless you want to die!"

A tear began to form in the corner of Saria's eye. "NO! He's not gone! He can't be!" She began to sob. "I know…he's alive!"

"Stupid girl……I warned you." Fierce Deity began to step forward, but sky stepped in front of Saria.

"I won't let you hurt her you vile demon." Remarked Sky as he raised his sword.

"Pitiful Hylian. You're digging your own grave."

"SHUT UP!" yelled Sky as he wound up and swung vertically at Fierce Deity's head. Fierce Deity raised his hand and stopped the blade with the pad of his index finger. "No way!" was all Sky had time to say as Fierce Deity thrust his hand forward sending a shockwave of air that made Sky fly into a rock. A Snap was heard and Saria looked over in horror as she saw Sky's limp body on the ground with an arm bent the wrong way.

"Now for you little girl."

Saria's eyes fixed on Fierce Deity as he slowly walked towards her. She began to talk to herself. "Link…I know your alive. Please, I know your still with me." Fierce Deity stopped in front of her. "There's no way you can't be here I know you are. I can feel it." Fierce Deity grabbed her by the neck and raised her into the air. "I can feel you close to me……because…I love you."

Suddenly Fierce Deity dropped Saria and stumbled back a couple steps. "What is this?" You… "That voice! How?" You tried to hurt her… "How is this possible! How are you breaking free!" You tried to HURT SARIA! "Nooo! I must hold him back!" Fierce Deity began clutching his head. GET……OUT………OF………MY………BODY! "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!" There was a sudden White light and two bodies flew in opposite directions.

Saria looked in both directions. She saw Fierce Deity first. Then she looked the other way and was filled with joy. "LINK!" There sat Link. Green Tunic, sword, shield, and all. She ran towards Link and helped him up. "Oh Link your alive! I was so worried that I lost you." She hugged him tightly, but he had no reaction. She looked up at him and saw him glaring in the direction of Fierce Deity.

"Saria…please step back……he's not gone yet." Saria looked in the same direction to see Fierce Deity walking towards them. She looked up at Link, nodded, and reluctantly let go of him before running over to Sky to see if she could wake him up.

Fierce Deity stopped about ten feet away from Link. "I don't know how you broke free from my bind spell, but you'll pay for causing me such pain!"

Link shot a glare at Fierce Deity. "You're the one who's gonna pay! Not only did you hijack my body, but you also tried to hurt Saria! I'm going to defeat you!"

"HAH! Are all you Hylians this stupid! You'll never land a single blow on me!"

"We'll see about that! Hyaaaa!" Link ran forward and began slashing at Fierce Deity. Only each slash was either blocked or dodged. Once fierce Deity had enough, he punched Link in the stomach, sending him about 30 feet and then to the ground.

"Dammit! I can't land a single hit!"

Saria watched as Link was beaten around. No…Link…is there anything we can do?

Suddenly Link heard what sounded like galloping. He turned his head to the direction of the sound to see a white horse with a familiar friend of his on it. The person yelled. "Link!"


She road closer. "Link! Use this!" She threw something towards him. He caught it and his eyes shot open when he realized what it was. It was a sword, but not just any sword. The sheath was colored blue and gold, and there was a Triforce symbol on it's dark blue handle. It was the Master Sword. The bane of evil itself.

"Use that to defeat the evil Link!" yelled Zelda who was unaware of a magic blast heading straight for her.

"ZELDA WATCH OUT!" yelled Link in an attempt to warn her, but it was too late.

"YAAA!" screamed Zelda as the explosion threw herfrom her horse and sherolled to a stop on the ground.

"ZELDA!" yelled Link. Zelda lay sprawled out on the ground.

Link turned his attention to Fierce Deity. "You scum…"

"Heh…I know how her light powers can hold me down. You would've been able to beat me no sweat. So what if you have that "Legendary" Master Sword. It won't make a difference if you never land a blow on me.

"We'll see about that!" Link charged at his foe.

What's this? The Master Sword has made him faster and stronger! Heh…this might be interesting.

Link swung horizontally, but Fierce Deity blocked the attack and made a swing of his own. Link managed to dodge and unleash a spinning attack. Fierce Deity Jumped over the attack and swung his sword down while he fell back to the ground. To his surprise Link blocked the attack and thrust his sword forward. Fierce Deity dodged to the side andswung across in an attempt to cut Link in half by the waist, but Link leaned back and the blade passed right over his nose. Link lost his balance and fell. Fierce Deity took this as an opportunity and swung down at Link. Link rolled out of the way in just the nick of time. Link jumped to his feet and faced his opponent again.

"Hmm…not bad at all. How about I kick it up a notch?"

"What? You can't be serious!" Link began to shake in fear. ARGH! Stay calm Link……focus…you must concentrate to beat him. Then Fierce Deity suddenly disappeared. Shoot! Where is he? Ok…clear your mind…find him. Link closed his eyes and concentrated. Soon his eyes shot open and he yelled, "You're right here!" Link turned around and slashed at Fierce Deity. The Master sword blade passed right through him. "Oh no! An after image!" Link spun around in time to see Fierce Deity's elbow drive into his chest and he flew back a couple feet. Link regained his balance quickly and dashed towards the demon. About halfway Link grinned and disappeared. The slight tapping noise could be heard again. Fierce Deity looked around, and then closed his eyes. About 30 seconds later, the instant he heard a tap noise that was closer than all the others, Fierce Deity thrust out his arm and grabbed Links by the face making him instantly reappear. Fierce Deity drove Links head into the ground and draggedhis head through the dirt as he wound up and threw him into the air. Link managed to straighten out in the air and was falling back towards the ground when he saw Fierce Deity holding his sword straight at Link.

"SILVER NEEDLES!" Yelled Fierce Deity as several hundred needles of silver magic rushed towards Link. Link only had time to shield himself with his arms. The needles began to hit him, some got stuck in his flesh and some bounced off, yet still causing pain. Most of them whizzed past him and left cut marks all over his body.

Saria watched Link in pain with tears in he eyes. LINK! NOOOO!

When the needles ceased. Link fell to the ground. His body was motionless.

"HAHAHA! At last he is dead!"

Saria fell to he knees, tears now streaming down her face. No……this can't be happening……Link you can't die…… She didn't care if she was about to die, she didn't care that Fierce Deity was slowly approaching her again, she didn't care if this meant the end of the world. The one she loved was dead……there was nothing else on her mind. Her endless tears pour from her eyes like waterfalls. There was nothing else she cared about now.

"Hah! So lost in the fact that I killed her little hero that she doesn't want to live." Fierce Deity raised his sword. "Don't worry this will be quick." But before he could swing, he noticed her smiling. "What is it little girl? So happy to die? Or do you smile because you believe there is still a shred of hope? What nonsense."

"There will always be hope……as long as he's alive………there will always be happiness……always……"

Fierce Deity just stared at her. "Hm…she must have lost her mind. Oh well. Let's end thiGACK!" Fierce Deity looked down at his stomach. A hook shot blade had stuck through him. "HAH! I can't believe you're still alive! But did you really think that a hook shot could stop me?" He turned to face Link. "You so pathet……no……" For the first time, Fierce Deity felt fear. He quivered at the sight he saw. Link was holding the hook shot and an unstrung bow lay next to him. Tied to the hook shot with a bow string, was the Master Sword.

"Go to hell you evil bastard." Then Link pressed the retract button on the hook shot and let go.

"NOOOO!" yelled fierce Deity as the hook shot sped towards him.

There was nothing he could do. The hook shot had fully retracted, and fierce Deity stood there with the Master Sword through him. Link and Saria watched as a bright white light engulfed Fierce Deity, and he was gone. The battle was finally over.

"Yes……I did it……………" Link passed out.

When Link woke up he was in a bed. He gazed around the room from his position on the pillow and noticed that he was in the Hyrule Castle medical center. He suddenly heard a slight even breathing. He looked up and saw Saria sitting on a chair next to the bed, asleep on his chest. He smiled and ran a hand threw her long green hair. This seemed to be enough to wake her up. She glanced around the room for a second trying to figure who woke her up, oblivious to the fact that Link was awake.

"Right here silly." Link said quietly. Saria's eyes shot open and she fixed her gaze on Link. She stared for a moment not knowing what to say. "Are you ok Saria?" Saria couldn't hold it back any longer. She threw herself at Link and gave him a big hug.

"Link! You finally woke up! Oooohh Link!"

"Whoa! Easy easy. How long have I been out?" She withdrew herself from Link.

"You were out cold for a week and a half! Everyone's been so worried about you… especially me."

"Ah! where are Sky and Roam!"

"Don't worry their here too along with Zelda as well."

Link sat up in his bed and rested his back against the bed. "Oh yeah…I almost forgot…Thank you…that's twice I owe my life to you. If you hadn't spoken with those caring words while Fierce Deity had control of me……I don't think either of us would be alive right now."

A small blush ran over Saria's face. "Oh yeah…" That's right……I did tell him I loved him.

"Well Saria, about that."

"Yes?" She leaned in closer to him.

"I'm betting you want to know how I feel about that." He leaned closer to her so their faces were only a couple inches apart.

"Yes…please tell me…"

"I think you already know the answer." And they leaned into a soft kiss. Soon their arms were around each other and they continued.

"OH! I'm sorry I'll be outside." Came a voice from the door. The two quickly pulled away. And saw a nurse dashing out the door. The two blinked for a second and burst into laughter.

"Oh man……that was unexpected……" commented Link. When they stopped laughing Link looked into Saria's emerald eyes and she looked into his sapphire ones.

"I love you Link…"

"I love you too Saria……I think…once I'm out of here…we should go someplace more private."

"What do you have in mind Link?"

"I was thinking……Lake Hylia."

--The end--

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