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Inuyasha was starting to find this hard to believe. What purpose did he have in killing his own child, and why would he have shot Kikyou.

"Kikyou are you sure?" he asked.

"He was the one who shot me."

Just then Sesshomaru stepped out into the hallway. By his guilty expression Inuyasha could tell that he was the one who shot her.

"You bastard, why the fuck did you do it?"

He didn't answer him instead he looked at Kikyou. He wanted to do anything that would make her stop hating him but he soon began to doubt he would help.

"Kikyou, I swear it was an accident. You weren't the one I meant I wanted to shoot."

So was that supposed to make her feel any better. Deep down she believed him when he said it was an accident. But that wouldn't change the fact that there daughter was dead.

"I know it was an accident. But theres nothing we can do to bring her back."

He knew that she was right. There daughter was dead and no matter how much they wished that she wasn't. It just wouldn't be so. Kikyou didn't wait for him to say anything instead she walked back to her room.

"Kikyou wait." he said.

He grabbed her by the wrist so that she couldn't go anywhere. But she turned around quickly and slapped him.

"I deserved that." he said.

She broke free of his grip and then went back to her room. All they heard was the door slam shut Inuyasha knew that he should leave her alone right now. He started walking back to the nursery when Sesshomaru called out to him.

"She may have chosen you for the moment, but I will get my wife back." he said.

"Feh! She already made her decision." Inuyasha said.

Sesshomaru didn't respond to him. On his way home he began to wonder, if it were possible to get Kikyou back. He somehow began to doubt that he would be able to. She was devastated over the lost of their daughter.

If there was a way for him to get her to forgive him. He would gladly take his chances Kikyou was his first love he couldn't allow her to stay with his brother. So what they had a child together, yes it did hurt but he would learn to live with it. If it meant that he could still be with Kikyou.

(Days later)

Kikyou was released from the hospital. She, Inuyasha and their son went back to the hotel. Only until he would buy them a new house. Kikyou had much time to think over these last few days many thoughts running threw her head.

She sat there with her son gazing out of the hotel window. Below her was Sesshomaru standing there looking up at her. She could see so much pain in his eyes, and that he was truly sorry for everything. That sorrowful image would remain in the back of her mind forever.

This was the worst thing he ever did to her. But during their marriage he was nothing but amazing to her. Despite the role that he played in the mob. And also she did cheat on him, if she would have never carried on with this affair maybe all of this could have been prevented.

She watched as Sesshomaru dissapeared down the block. Her soon had went to sleep and she laid him down. There was so many things she had to do, but right now she had to speak to Inuyasha.

"Whats wrong Kikyou?" he asked.

"During these last few days I was able to do a lot of thinking."

"Yes I know, you were alone most of the time."

She really hated to do to him. After everything that happened between them, after bringing a child into the world. But still she had to do this, it was the only way to make things better. And maybe right some of her wrongs.

"Kikyou what are you going to say."

"That I' am no better than Sesshomaru. He may have killed our daughter but what about all of the things I have done to him. I had an affair and had your baby but he was ready to forgive me."

"Are you saying that you are going back to him?"

She could see the hurt in his eyes. She didn't want to hurt him, truth is she really loves him. He was amazing to her as well. But she couldn't ignore everything that she and Sesshomaru had, although she would most likely never completely forgive him. Just like he would always hate her somehow for her affair.

Inuyasha looked into her eyes as the tears streamed slowly down her eyes. He knew now what she was about to say.

"I'm sorry Inuyasha." she said.

She expected him to yell at her, anything but instead he wrapped his arms around her. He understood why she needed to go back to him. He didn't like it but he understood.

"I know why, you still love him don't you."

"Yes, I hate him for what he has done. But when I saw how hurt he was he needs me to be there for him. And he still loves me otherwise he would have never forgave me for sleeping with you. Don't worry we will raise our son together."

He knew that much, although it wouldn't be the same without her always around. He couldn't really blame her for having to go back to Sesshomaru.

"I know. I will always be here for you if you need me."

"Thank you Inuyasha, for understanding." she whispered.

"Well what are we waiting for lets get you back home." he said.

(With Sesshomaru)

He had been drinking excessively over the past few days. Dealing with losing both Kikyou and his daughter. He began to seriously doubt that he could have her back. He went into his study and began writing what looked to be a letter. This was it, he had nothing anymore. He killed his daughter, lost his wife.

There was nothing left for him, he wanted nothing but to have them back. He knew now that is was impossible. He reached for the rest of his rum and drunk down the entire bottle. He proceeded until all the bottles were empty. Then one by one he threw them against the wall, each shattering instantly.

By now he was good and drunk, hardly aware of what he was doing. He went to the painting on the wall and opened the safe behind it. There inside was a 9mm gun that he kept there he had done most of his killings with that gun.

He took it and pointed it right to his head. Memories of him killing people quickly entered his mind. He didn't regret killing them. He only regretted killing his daughter and losing his wife forever.

"Forgive me Kikyou, forgive me daughter." he said firing the gun.

All that was heard was the two shots that he fired. And then his body instantly dropping to the floor just then the house went silent. The servants knew what happened they weren't in the least surprised that he did this.

About an hour later Inuyasha drove up to the house. He watched as Kikyou got out of the car and started to walk up to the house. He couldn't let her leave without one final kiss, he pulled her into an embrace and captured her lips in a kiss.

It was like they somehow came full circle. This was where they shared their first kiss and this was where they would share there last.

"Goodbye Inuyasha." she said.

"Yea, bye Kikyou."

She entered the house to see the servants standing around looking sorrowful. She stopped and wondered what happened.

"Lady Kikyou." Jaken started.

"Whats wrong?"

"Its the master he's well..."

Before Jaken could continue she ran up the stairs, the first place she checked was their room. He wasn't in there. She walked past the study the door was half open, he never left it open. She walked in only to see his body laid out on the floor.

"Sesshomaru!" she yelled.

She ran over to him and held his body in her arms. As tears streamed down her face why hadn't she seen this coming. She felt for a pulse but there wasn't one.

"Why Sesshomaru, you didn't have to do this."

Inuyasha who had heard her yell came running up the stairs.

"Kikyou what happened?" he said.

But stopped when he saw the scene before him.

"Is he..."

"He's dead." she answered.

He didn't have to do this, she was coming back. They could have started over begin their marriage again. And maybe after awhile could think about having another child. She couldn't help but feel that this was her fault that she drove him to this.

"Why? I was coming back. Why couldn't you wait just a little while longer."

She was upset that he left her. By deciding to take his own life, she didn't want this she wanted their marriage to work out. She looked up and saw that there was a letter in his hand.

"What does it say?' Inuyasha asked.

I Sesshomaru Tyjacki leave my entire estate, my buissness, any thing I own that is sentimental or worth any value to my wife Kikyou. By the time she reads this I will already be dead, I have nothing left anymore. Everything that ever mattered is gone. Kikyou I hope that one day you may be able to forgive me. I'll embrace death happily knowing that in all our 6 years of marriage that you have loved me as much as I loved you.


"He left everything to me." she whispered.

(Five years later)

"Mommy, Mommy."

A five year old boy with silver hair shouted. He ran into his mothers awaiting arms. The little boy smiled at his mother.

"Whats wrong Takeshi?" she asked.

"You and daddy said you had to go somewhere today, we're are you going?"

He was so innocent. She wasn't sure how she was supposed to tell him where she was going. Today was the five year anniversary of the day her daughter died. But she would visit both Sesshomaru and their daughters graves. Inuyasha would go with her every year as well.


"We're going to see someone, do you want to come?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yes." the little boy said.

He jumped down from his mothers arms and led the way to the car. Kikyou wasn't entirely sure if she wanted to take him to the graveyard. But she also knew that it was about time he knew about his sister. The drive was silent except for Takeshi who was busy asking a million questions. But he stopped immediately when he saw where they stopped.

He got out of the car with his parents and followed them into the graveyard. He thought it was the scariest thing ever. He grabbed a hold of his fathers leg.

"What is this place?" he asked.

Inuyasha picked up his son and held him in his arms.

"It will be okay Takeshi don't worry."

He nodded and decided not to ask anymore questions. Until his mom and dad stopped at two graves he looked around but didn't see anyone.

"Mommy I don't see anyone. Who's Anza and Sess-ho-maru." he sounded out.

"Anza was your sister, Sesshomaru was my husband. You can't see them because they are under ground."

"I had a sister, you were married before daddy?" he asked.

She had never told her son about her marriage before, and his sister. As far as he knew he was the only child and she had always been married to Inuyasha.

"Yes, but that was many years ago. I'll tell you the entire story when your older."

Takeshi got down from his fathers arms and stood in front of Anza and Sesshomaru's grave. He then bent down and started to pray.

"What are you doing?" Inuyasha asked.

"Saying a prayer for Anza and Sesshomaru." he answered.

Then he and Kikyou sent up some prayers as well, they did this every year. But it felt different now that Takeshi was with them. She was sure that he would want to visit their graves often, and she didn't have a problem with that.

"Are you ready?" Inuyasha asked his son.

Takeshi's eyes got brighter and then he grabbed both of his parents hands. So now that he was in the middle if them.

"Do you think they heard my prayer?" he asked.

"Yes I'm sure they did." Kikyou answered.

They continued walking with Takeshi in the middle swinging back and forth happily. His gold eyes full of wonder and bliss. He looked so happy right now and Kikyou had expected him to be angry that she hadn't told him about his sister.

"Mommy, Daddy." he said.

"Yes Takeshi." Inuyasha said.

"Can we visit Anza and Sesshomaru every year."

"Yes Takeshi we will visit them as often as you like. They would be glad to know that you care about them." Kikyou said.

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