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Summary: Mizuki's secret is finally exposed. Now, kicked out of Osaka, she transfers to a new school. But how will she and and her friends, especially Sano, cope with it?

Authors Notes: I worship Hana-Kimi, and I wanted to write a fic, so here ya go! I only read up to volume 5, so I hope it's enjoyable and not too OOC...

Starting Anew
Chapter 1- Exposed

It started out as any typical day at Osaka high. Everyone got up, did their morning routines, met up for breakfast, and went to class. Yes, everything seemed normal. That is until the voice of the principal rung through the intercom.

"Sorry for the interuption, but will Ashiya Mizuki report to the pricipal's office immediately! Ashiya Mizuki, please report to the pricipal's office immediately!" The principal said, sounding a bit angry.

"You heard him, Mizuki." The teacher said. "Go see what he wants..."

"Okay, sensei." Mizuki replied as she got up, her heart racing with fear.

"Hey, Mizuki!" Nakatsu whispered. "What did you do?"

"No clue." Mizuki replied as she walked past. As she walked out the door, she stole a glance at the class and saw Sano in the back, looking very concerned.

"Come in!" Replied the voice inside.

"Um, you...Wanted to see me, sir?" Mizuki asked as she peeked into the office.

"Yes, now take a seat." The principal replied. Mizuki did as she was told.

As she sat down, two more people walked in. It was Umeda and another student she had seen before, but never knew.

When Umeda sat down, he looked over at Mizuki and gave her an apologetic look. She wondered why until the principal spoke up.

"Ashiya, I want to know something..." The principal began. "Why on earth would a girl pose as a boy and attend an all boys school for two years?"

Mizuki froze and paled in her spot. 'He...He knows! But how!'

"Well, Ashiya?" He asked.

"I...I-I..." Mizuki began. "I...I just wanted to...I just wanted to meet Sano...He...He was...Like my hero..."

"Mm-hm..." He replied. "And you, Umeda. Why did you hide her?"

"Well..." Umeda began, trying to think of how to say it. "I...I really don't know why...In two years passing, you can forget alot of things..." The principal just rolled his eyes.

"Well, I have some news for both of you." He replied, looking at Mizuki, who looked like she wanted to cry. "Ashiya, you're being transfered to an all girls academy. As of now, your new school is the Kaishio Private High Girls Academy. I already have an escort comming with a uniform and to take you there, so stay put."

Then he glared at Umeda. "As for you, you're being suspended from your job until further notice, Umeda. No pay, no nothing, for keeping a secret like this." Umeda just looked down. He didn't bother trying to argue with the man. He knew he deserved it, and he was actually lucky. Normally, people would get fired rather than suspension.

"And you, Fujimiya," He said, looking at the boy who walked in with Umeda. "Thank you for comming forward with this secret. Who knows what could've happened if we let this continue?"

"It would bring the school down, and attract all kinds of trash, sir." Fujimiya replied, smirking at Mizuki as he said this.

"Thank you again, Fujimiya." He replied. "You can go back to class now. Umeda, I'll allow you to finish up todays shift, but after that, I don't want to see you here."

"Yes, sir." Umeda said as he bowed and left. He didn't even want to see Mizuki. He knew she was heartbroken.

"As for you, the escort should be here any minute now." The principal said. Mizuki said nothing. He was about to say something else, but there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" He said, looking from the sulking student to the door.

"Hi, am I interupting anything?" Said a woman with short black hair.

"No, not at all!" He replied. "I'm glad you could make it on short notice, Tachibana-san! Oh, here's the transfer student."

"You must be Ashiya Mizuki!" Tachibana said as she looked down at the sulking Mizuki. Mizuki just looked up at her with teary eyes. 'Oh...Best thing to do right now is give her some alone time...I'll tell her everything in the car...'

"Here, Mizuki." Tachibana said, handing Mizuki a nicely folded uniform. "Why don't you go up to your room and change and pack? I'll tell you about Kaishio later."

"Okay..." Mizuki replied, taking the clothes and leaving the office as fast as possible.

'It's okay...You're just going to check up on him...He didn't show up for the rest of first hour, so something must've happened...But what!'

"PLEASE SAY IT'S NOTHING TERRIBLE!" Nakatsu shouted as he stood in front of Sano and Mizuki's room.

"The terrible thing is that you're blocking the way into my room." Sano said, shoving Nakatsu out of the way. "Now move or I'll be late for...Class...?" Sano's voice went out on him as the books slipped out of his hand. What he saw inside made his body, and even his heart, stop.

End of chap.1! Short an' crappy, I know, but it's late and I need to sleep. Sorry for any OOC-ness (if any) and I hope you liked! It's my first Hana-Kimi fic, so it might be different.