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When Yusaku and Kyoko got home from the Café, Yusaku just remembered about the plan he was thinking of. "I have to go to my room and work on…uh…stuff." Yusaku said.

When Yusaku got into his room he thought real hard on what he could do to take Kyoko's mind off Soichiro.

"I wish she never met Soichiro…" Yusaku muttered.

At that very moment, Mr. Yotsuya came in of Akemi's dresses and started to twirl around Yusaku's room.

"Mr. Yotsuya!" What the heck are you doing in one of Akemi's dresses and dancing in my room?" The angered collage student asked.

"I am a fairy!" Mr. Yotsuya pulled a plastic wand from behind him and started waving it around like he was a magical fairy.

"I heard your wish and I'll make it come true!" Mr. Yotsuya said. Then he sang a strange rhyme:

Oopidy, Moopidy, Kupidy, Soupity,

You'll go back in time to be a little Poopidy!(A/N: a kid.)

Mr. Yotsuya hit Yusaku on the head with his plastic wand and Yusaku fell to the floor unconscious. "Oops!" Mr. Yotsuya said as he ran to get Kyoko.

He explained the whole thing while Kyoko stood there with a strange expression on her face.

They were staring at Yusaku's body. They lifted him onto his bed, only to see it disintegrate into the air.

"Uh-oh," Mr. Yotsuya said as he ran back into his room.

"Your wand really worked?" Kyoko said angrily. "Who knows where he went!"

"I do!" said an old man with crooked teeth.

"An old fart?" Mr.Yotsuya whispered into Kyoko's ear?

"Who are you?" Kyoko asked.

Sorry it was kind of short, but I hope you liked the story!