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Tomoyo was driving to the coffee house to meet Eriol. "Stupid Sakura. She doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm the freakin' designer and I say I look darn cute!"

She passed by a clothing store that had mannequins by the windows dressed in the hottest new styles.

"Then again she does have a point. I'm not just cute. I'm cute and dangerous. I've never been one to turn down outfits that would make men's eyes drop out of their sockets. What's so special about him?"

With that said she did a U-turn and parked in front of the clothing store.


Eriol was sitting by a table waiting for Tomoyo. She was fifteen minutes late..


He looked up when he heard his name, only to have his mouth drop open. Tomoyo walked towards him in a simple black checkered dress that as Sakura suggested showed a lot of cleavage not to mention her long smooth legs.

Eriol mentally slapped himself and looked up at her face. "Tomoyo, uh hello." He stood up and pulled out a chair for her.

"Thank you. Sorry to keep you waiting. There was a lot of traffic on the way here." Tomoyo smiled sweetly, hoping he'd buy the lie.

"Really? That's odd." But Eriol was too preoccupied to actually think about the lie. Eriol cleared his throat and looked away to gather his thoughts. "Um What kind of coffee would you like?"

"Oh I'd like a tall latte please." Tomoyo crossed her legs and Eriol got up immediately after seeing how much more of her legs he could now see. He walked up to the counter to get Tomoyo her coffee.

"One tall latte please," he told the guy working at the counter.

"Dude, your girlfriend's hot!" said the guy behind the counter.

Eriol glared at him. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk about her like that." He grabbed the cup and walked back to the table. "Here you go." He handed her the cup.

"Thank you."

Eriol sat down and looked at her once more. This time admiring her true beauty. Her sparkling eyes. The smile that could light up the darkest city in any town.

"Eriol?" she interrupted him with a quizzical look. "Are you alright?"

Eriol immediately apologized after he realized he'd been staring at her. "I'm sorry I dozed off for a second." Tomoyo flashed him another heart-warming smile. "Tomoyo, you look... absolutely breath-taking."

Tomoyo blushed slightly. "Thank you."


Sakura closed the door to her father's office. She'd just made dinner plans with her father to discuss some big family secret. Her mind was going a mile a second trying to figure out what that secret could be.

"Miss Kinomoto" called out a male voice from behind her snapping her out of her thoughts.

Sakura immediately recognized Syaoran's voice and pretended to ignore him. After the way he'd treated her in the alley she wanted nothing to do with him.

"I don't know who you are and I don't care but if I find out that the Captain's covering up for you-"

"I don't know what he's doing but he has nothing to do with me and he doesn't have to cover up anything because I haven't done anything wrong!" She pushed him away and jumped up grabbing up to a bar from the emergency escape ladder and flipped herself on it. "Have a nice night Detective," she said angrily before disappearing into the shadows.

"Miss Kinomoto!"

"The nerve of this guy," Sakura muttered under her breath as she walked faster trying to get away from him but unfortunately for her he caught up.

"Miss Kinomoto." He stood in front of her blocking her way out.

"Detective Li. What can I do for you?" She asked him coldly.

"Are you upset with me?" he asked.

"No, why would I be?" Sakura replied sharply but then decided to calm down. Now was not the time to start a fight with Syaoran. She already had too much on her plate. "Look I'm sorry. I have a lot of things going on right now. It's not a good day for me."

Syaoran nodded understandably. "I just wanted to let you know that what you did at the ball was very impressive. Not many women would fight a guy who has a gun against their head even if they had the ability to."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "I'm not a damsel in distress waiting around for a knight in shining armor to save me."

Syaoran smiled. "Certainly not."

"If you'll excuse me, Detective, I have to leave."

Syaoran stepped aside and let her pass. "Goodbye, Miss Kinomoto."

"'Bye," she replied.

Syaoran stood there in the hall for a while thinking. He'd been told that the Captain and his daughter weren't that close and it certainly showed when she'd first come into the room to talk to her father. Syaoran couldn't help himself. When he'd left the room he'd begun to do a background check on Sakura. Apparently she had to see a therapist because twice she's beat up muggers. Syaoran didn't think that was so strange considering she worked at a bar and had probably seen a lot of injustice done by drunks. But when he'd read that, he'd immediately remembered the mystery woman in the mask and how the captain had said she was her mother's child. Then he'd done a background check on Sakura's mother and it turned out she'd been a model for a designer named Sonomi Daidouji who turned out to be Tomoyo's mother. So when he'd said "she's her mother's child" was the captain referring to the masked woman or her daughter who was following in her mother's footsteps and modeling for a Daidouji.


Syaoran and Eriol were having lunch at a restaurant. As he sipped his drink Eriol wondered why

Syaoran had wanted to meet up with him. "So buddy, you wanna spill it, or do I have to ask?"

"What do you mean?" Syaoran tried to look clueless.

"You didn't bring me out here just to have lunch. There's something else going on."

Syaoran sighed and put down his glass. "There's this ... woman."

"Ah" Eriol gave a knowing smile. "Miss Kinomoto?"


"No?" asked a confused Eriol.

"Actually I don't know who she is. Can you keep a secret?" When Eriol nodded Syaoran moved closer and whispered, "She fights crime... in a mask."

"Ah." said Eriol with another knowing smile. "Like Batman?"

"Man, I'm serious. I've seen her a couple times at crime scenes. I almost arrested her once, too."

"So what's the problem? She's not interested in you?"

"I'm not interested in her!" Syaoran said a bit too loud.

"Then why are you thinking about her?"

Syaoran ran his hand through his hair. "I don't know. It's become an obsession for me to figure out who she is. I can't sleep. I can't think. She's all I think about!"

Eriol laughed. "Are you sure you're not in love with her?"

"Eriol I'm serious. I haven't told anyone else about her. I know it's against the law for me to keep something at a crime scene a secret from the other officers but... I can't just tell them!"

"Maybe you don't want to share her? You want her to be your little secret?"

"For the last time I'm not interested in her!"

"Keep your voice down. That's not what I meant."

"What do you mean?"

"Maybe you want to protect her. Because if the others find out who she is then they'll want to arrest her for taking the law into her own hands."

Syaoran stared at him for a moment. "So you actually believe me when I say there's a woman crime fighter on the streets at night?"

Eriol chuckled. "I've heard weirder things."

Syaoran laughed. "Such as?"

"Well I once heard that some guy flew a spaceship to the moon. I mean what kind of insanity is that!?"

Syaoran got up and started to leave once he realized his friend was mocking him.

"You just laugh. One of these days she just might save your ass from being mugged."

Eriol smirked. "Looking forward to it. I definitely want to meet this girl who's managed to make the great Syaoran Li fall head over heels for her."

Syaoran continued to walk out and ignore his friend.


Sakura was ushered to her table at the restaurant. Fujitaka was already there. "I was beginning to wonder if you were even gonna come."

"I was wondering the same thing myself," Sakura admitted.

He smiled at her. "I'm glad you did."

"Well you promised to make it worth my while."

Fujitaka sighed. "So straight to business then?"

"I"d appreciate it."

After the waiter took their order Fujitaka started talking. "Your mother and I met in the most unconventional way. One night I was out patrolling and I heard fight noises coming from a nearby alley. I went to check it out thinking someone might be getting hurt." Fujitaka started laughing at the memory he was remembering.

"What did you find?" Sakura asked curiously.

"I saw a huge guy pinned to the ground by this tiny, beautiful woman."

Sakura laughed. She'd always known her mother was a good fighter. She'd been the one who'd had Sakura start Karate classes at a very young age.

"I was rendered speechless of course. When the guy started squirming I was about to go in and help her but she just swung her leg at him knocking him to the ground. Of course as an officer I was supposed to arrest her for that but ..."

"But what?"

"But from the moment her eyes found mine that night... I knew I'd fallen for her and there was no getting up. So I let her go with a warning. Of course a few nights later the same thing happened and again I stumbled onto the scene. Funny how it was always me and only me that found her." tears started to gather in his eyes.

Sakura reached out across the table and took his hand. "Are you trying to say she was purposely going after these guys?"

Fujitaka laughed. "Don't act so shocked. Who do you think you got it from?"

Sakura's eyes widened. Not only did her father know that she fought crime but her mother did too!?

"That- that's not possible."

"That's just the tip of the iceberg Sakura."

"There's more?"

"A lifetime more. But maybe this is enough for tonight. I don't want to overwhelm you."

"No. No, please, tell me more."

Fujitaka sighed and continued. "I never approved of the way she did her job but there was no stopping them. Eventually-"

"Wait, them?"

"Your mother and her partner, Sonomi."

"Tomoyo's mom?! She fought- she was like my mom too?" she corrected herself quickly before she said something out loud in a restaurant.

"Yes, they worked together. Is this enough for one night?"

Sakura shook her head. "I need to know everything."

Fujitaka nodded. "Very well."


Tomoyo had been sitting alone in front of the computer checking for alarms when a voice startled her.

"Good evening."

Tomoyo turned around to find the masked man there. "You know you can't just drop by anytime you want. That's a privilege for people who we know."

He smiled. "Oh you know me, Tomoyo."

"Well you certainly know me."

He walked up to her and sat in the chair next to her. "I will tell you who I am but now is not the right time."

"Do you not trust us?"

"I trust you." He slowly reached out and took Tomoyo's hand. Neither could deny the sparks that were flying around as they gazed into each other's eyes. "I need you to trust me."

"Maybe if you told us who you were-"

"No. I need you to trust me as I am now. I'm a totally different person without this mask."

Tomoyo nodded. "So how do we start this trusting process?"

He smiled. "We find me a suitable codename."


Fujitaka had taken Sakura back to his apartment because he thought a private place would be more appropriate for the things he had to tell her. "Please have a seat. I'll be right back."

Sakura sat down on the couch as he disappeared into the bedroom. She looked around the empty apartment that her father had lived in since her parents divorced. There was a couch, a small tv and a coffee table. It was very humble.

He came back out with a little photo album. He sat down next to her and held on to the album like he was holding on to life. "I haven't looked through this in years... Not since your mother died."

Sakura leaned in and hugged him. It felt so odd because she couldn't remember ever hugging her father. Maybe she did so when she was 3 and her mom was still with her dad but she couldn't remember it. Due to the recent discoveries she felt slightly closer to Fujitaka.

Fujitaka pulled back and looked her in the eyes. "There are many secrets that were kept from you for your safety and revealing them might upset you. Are you sure you want to hear the rest of this?"

Sakura looked at the album in his hands and she felt like all the answers were in there. Everything she'd ever wanted to know about herself, her mother and the relationship of her parents was in there. "Tell me."

"I don't even know where to begin." Fujitaka groaned and rubbed his eyes. "OK. When your mother and I got married, I knew about her other life and I knew she'd never want to give it up but when she got pregnant I thought she might change her mind."

"She didn't, did she? I remember her going out at night almost everyday. She always told me she was working."

"Yes she didn't give up her other life when she got pregnant with you but she did the first time she got pregnant..."

Sakura stared at him, not being able to comprehend what he had said. "First time? What's that supposed to mean?"

"You weren't our first child, Sakura."

"WHAT?!" Sakura jumped out of her seat. "Who? What? When? WHO?!"

Fujitaka stood up and put his hand on her shoulder. "Sit down honey." She sat down and raked her fingers through her hair. "Your mother got pregnant and we decided it would be better if she gave up her night job. When our son was born we discovered he had the same abilities as your mother and Sonomi."

"Abilities? What abilities?"

Fujitaka looked at her oddly. "Your mother never told you about her abilities?" When Sakura shook her head he looked at her with a sympathetic look. "No one else told you either, I'm assuming. Your mother and Sonomi had been part of a genetic healing project as kids. They had a very rare disease and some scientists thought they hand found a cure by genetic mutation. They enhanced their genes so their body could have a better defense system against the disease but there were some side-effects."

"The abilities?" Sakura asked breathlessly. She always knew she and Tomoyo could run faster than most others but she assumed it was normal. She didn't know what the normal running rate was for a person. "What were they?"

"Basically every gene was enhanced. They could see farther, hear better, run faster, and heal more quickly. Oh and who could forget the super-strength?" Fujitaka laughed. "I don't think all of them were passed on to you."

"No, they weren't."

They both stayed quiet. Sakura was digesting all the information and Fujitaka was contemplating what to say next.

"What happened to him? My brother?" Sakura asked timidly.

Fujitaka looked down. "He died."

"Oh." Sakura's heart filled with great sadness. Even though she'd never known him, she mourned the loss of her brother.

"He was three years old at the time. Someone had figured out your mother's identity and they'd come to seek revenge but she wasn't home and neither was I. Touya was alone with the baby sitter. They blew up the entire house without even looking to see who was in there." Tears slid down his cheeks.

Sakura gasped. "No. Who could do that to a child?"

Fujitaka whipped off the tears. "The police never figured it out." the way he said it, implied that there was more to it than that.

"But mom did..."

"Yes, she did. She went after them and ..." whimpering sobs escaped from Fujitaka and he couldn't continue.

Sakura hugged him. She knew her mother must've done something horrible and illegal. She wasn't sure she really wanted to know what it was. "It's ok. You don't have to tell me that." Fujitaka held unto her daughter as he let out the pain he'd been holding in for years.


"How about 'Shadow'?" Tomoyo suggested.

The masked man shook his head. "No, I want something cool, like 'Batman'."

Tomoyo laughed. "What about 'Catman'?"

He made a face. "That's just lame."

"OK. OK." Tomoyo thought for a moment then her eyes lit up. "What about Knight?"

He smirked. "Like 'Knight in shining armor'? I like it..."

Tomoyo smiled. "I like it too."

As they stared in each other's eyes, Knight leaned in and stole Tomoyo's heart with a kiss.

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