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Chapter I

Hwoarang sighed at his bed in his house. He looked at the clock, it was seven thirty in the morning. School starts at nine, and in the next eight hours, he'll do mountains of homework. And as the usual, he doesn't need to eat his breakfast. He tried to boil some water but the heater is malfunctioned. "Oh, shit!" Hwoarang exclaimed then he had to boil the water in the slow way.

So he decided to put some music on. He plugged his radio on and tried to find a good place to listen. "Hey! It's RR.787, the only rock and roll station in the radio!" he said again while trying to listen at the music in peak volume. But..."Hello, welcome to RR.787, your one-stop station for mellow music. Let's listen to Eyes on Me by Wong Faye" the announcer said. "WTF!" Hwoarang shouted. He didn't notice that the water was already boiled that when he took a bath..."OUCH! HOT! FUCK THIS WATER!" Hwoarang shouted then he spilled the water on the floor.

"Maybe I'd rather take a bath with cold water" he said sarcastically then turned on the faucet. He didn't realize it was Winter and the water from the Dam was already frozen. That's why when he tried to take a bath again..."NOW THIS IS CRAZY! THE WATER'S FROZEN!" he shouted again and again, cursing the water. He didn't notice it was already nine thirty...and when he reached the school at ten o'clock...

"Hwoarang, you're late again. Do 200 push-ups on the ground!" the Security Guard shouted at him while taking his backpack. "Oh, man...why do I always get the punishment?" Hwoarang said then he did only 100. "I said 200, 100 more YOUNG MAN!" the Guard shouted at him. "No" Hwoarang said while grinning. "I'm warning you" the Guard said angrily. "No" Hwoarang replied mockingly. "ALRIGHT! GO TO YOUR CLASS NOW!" the Guard shouted while throwing Hwoarang's backpack to his head. "Thanks, old man" Hwoarang replied then ran at the third floor. He was just in time for Chemistry Class. He took the empty seat near a girl.

"Hwoarang, you're late again. Go back to the door at once and give your manners to us" their Chemistry teacher said. "Alright," Hwoarang said then he went to the door, "Good morning teacher, good morning classmates, sorry I'm late, and I'm sorry I disturbed you" he said lazily. He went back to his seat. "Okay, so now we're complete, we can go to the formula" the teacher said then she went on explaining. Hwoarang dozed off. "HWOARANG! Explain to us the formula I just said recently" the teacher said, mockingly. Hwoarang woke up then stood. "Add A to A to form a Double A or 2A and change the letters like B added to B to form 2B or Double B, it's easy" Hwoarang said then sat down. The teacher was amazed, but little did she know that Hwoarang had a piece of paper stuck on his pants so he can explain the answer, perfectly. A lot more explanations then the teacher left.

"What's the next subject after Chemistry?" Hwoarang asked the girl beside him. "History" she replied in an angelic voice. Hwoarang tried to look at the girl but she was busy looking at the window. "Kazama..." he heard the girl say that name. He glanced at the window and saw a quick picture of Jin. Their history teacher, Wang Jinrei, went in.

"A pleasant morning to you class. Charge your kis and we will study the fascinating world of history," he said. "Today's topic, William Shakespeare. Can anyone of you explain Shakespeare's childhood?" the teacher continued. The girl next to Hwoarang shot her hand up high. "Yes, Miss Miyazaki?" the teacher said while Miyazaki stood up. "William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in England. He was..." Miyazaki said while Hwoarang looked at her.

Maybe...he's in love.

End of Chapter

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