Day one

Digigirl0093: Hi everyone!

DragonFire63: What's that sound in the background?

Digigirl0093: -turns on fan to block the screaming in the background- Uh…my dog.

DragonFire63: And since when does your dog sound like Yugi? Since when did you even HAVE a dog? -opens door into the house and looks in to see Yugi screaming his head off-

Digigirl0093: -shuts the door- Time for Yu-gi-oh Big Brother!

Yugi was running around in circles screaming his head off. "NNNNNNNOOOO! THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE AWAY MY CARDS!"

I (Digigirl0093) walk in. "AHEM."

Yugi stops running and looks at me. "AH! IT'S THE EVIL LADY WHO IS GOING TO TAKE MY CARDS!"

"Everyone, I will explain something right now. All people with Duel Monsters cards can scream later for I have taken away your cards. Duke, I have taken away your dice. And Mako, I have taken away your fishing gear. That is all." I run out the door just before Duke screams like a little girl.

"Oh well, we will find a way to survive…" Yami said.

I went back in the house. "Oh, and I forgot to mention, I took away the Millennium items and Yami, Ryu, and Malik can go on vacation."

Yami gave a victory yell and Malik high-fived Ryu. They grabbed their bags and ran out the door. "YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMIIIIIIIII!" Yugi yelled.

Wevil was outside in the backyard, sitting in the grass, watching a beetle. Very interesting.

Yugi sighed. "I'm going to bed…"

Yugi went to 'his' room and screamed three seconds after he shut the door behind him. Duke ran into the room Yugi was in. "What's wrong?"

Yugi's eye twitched and he pointed to his bed. His bed was purple with black covers. The bedposts were shaped like The Dark Magician's staff.

There was a scream from Seto's room. Yugi ran in and screamed as well. Seto's bed was shaped like a Blue Eyes White Dragon. Seto ran into the bathroom and screamed again. The toilet was shaped like a Blue Eyes' head.


Digigirl0093: End of Chapter. Will Update soon! I know it's short, but it's the first day peoples!

DragonFire63: Just wait 'till they see how crazy Seto goes.