Crossed and Damned
Senseless Note-Thingies That You Should (!) Read Anyway

What, Perchance, Is The Main Coupling?:

The main coupling for this fic is Mizuno Ami/Duo Maxwell just so you know. I mean, why attempt a poorly written plot that tries to mask it? That and there are soooo many gosh-darn AWESOME Heero/Usagi fics that I'd be ashamed to even *try* my hand at 1xUsagi unless they're a supporting couple. (If you adore 1xUsagi-ism, look up some of D-Chan's stuff, and Angel Kisses', and Usa-chan's, and…aw, dang, there're too many great 1xU writers!!) So, feh.

What Are The Supporting Couplings?:

Aino Minako/Trowa Barton (or Triton Bloom…or Nanashi…)
Tsukino Usagi/Heero Yuy (or that-other-name-that-makes-me-laugh-uncontrollably)
Kino Makoto/Quatre R. Winner
Hino Rei/Chang Wufei (who, in all honesty, did *not* see that coming?)

What's The Reason For The Title/Main Pairing?:

Duo isn't as goofy as so many writers like to portray him. He hides all his pain and loneliness (and longing) behind a laugh-at-fear exterior, but I see him as an insecure young man who feels even more isolated and useless than Wufei does. He wears the Christian cross (hence, 'Crossed') but calls himself Shinigami, proudly boasting that he doesn't believe in God ('Damned'). Ami is not only his striking opposite, but also his striking soul-match. She hides her own fears and doubts behind a mask of knowledge and security. In a sense, Duo has himself convinced that he *is* a careless, carefree fool much as Ami has herself believing in her own lie of maturity and contentment. Thusly, would they not be a perfect fit for each other? (Get your mind back in the sewer and outta the gutter, hentai reader that you might be!) So, both Ami and Duo are, indeed, the "Crossed and Damned."

What Are Your Reasons For The Other Couples?:

The couplings of Minako/Trowa and Usagi/Heero can be explained similarly in my own mind, albeit with differences. Wufei and Rei, I need not explain. Makoto/Quatre is not often looked at as a possibility, but I'm quite fond of it. Makoto is wild and tempestuous when we first see her in SM, yet she has a good, motherly heart buried deep inside that Usagi's friendship manages to drag out. Quatre is sensitive and shy when he is first exposed as a pilot, even though he has his own demons to wrestle with, as shown when the Zero system sends him off his rocker. Both play the parts of substitute parent at times and both sometimes wish for a deeper meaning, a selfish desire they hide for the better good of their friends and the people. That and, to be blunt, they look soooo kee-YUTE together! :}

Why A Crossover?:

Because, though I haven't written one (aside from a rejected-by-myself SM/IMPULSE fic), I love crossovers more than the one-universe fics. The possibilities are endless and, though some fanfic writers seem too blunt to notice, there's a wider range of abilities to avoid gosh-awful clichés.

Will There Be Character Bashing?:

Much as I detest some characters (Mamoru leaps noticeably to mind, quickly followed by Urawa Ryo/Greg), I refuse to bash *any* characters. I happen to think Relena/Ririna (?) is a very strong woman and I admire her character for being stubborn enough to vouch for absolute pacifism (even if I *do* think that's a load of crock since we humans seem to be much too dense to stop warring against each other) in the face of death. But I can *NOT* stand Mamoru. He *could* show a little affection to Usagi; he's not a stone, if he's noticed (which I doubt). And Ryo/Greg grates on my nerves. Not sure why, though…however, I assure you that there is absolutely no character bashing in this. OOC-ness, yes (in abundance), but chara. bashing? Certainly not.

What About Hilde?:

She and Duo are, like Becky of Deathwish (a 2xRelena page) pointed out, more along the lines of brother and sister than lovers. Duo needs someone he can get to smile, not vice versa. The Hilde thing is resolved swiftly in "CaD".

Which Universe Is This In?:

GW. That would make the SM portion Alternate Universe. The SM characters exist in the GW world, *without* their Senshi forms.

Do You Accept Flames?:

As long as you leave the Caps Lock off, check your grammar and spelling *twice*, make sure you have read the fanfic so you don't make a fool of yourself, avoid flame clichés, do not ever use the f-word, and try to get your point across clearly, go ahead and flame away. However, reviews and comments/criticism/compliments (R and CC&C) are much more welcome and will be put under greater consideration.

How Do You Feel About Other Authors Using Fic Elements From Your Story?:

Like it or not, whether I own the characters/shows or not, the moment I write this, it is *COPYRIGHTED* to *ME* and *ME* alone. I'd be flattered if you asked before taking and allowed me time to reply before using an element/idea. Generally, I advise that you stew up your own ideas instead of borrowing others. You'll get more respect.

May I Use Your Fic On My Webpage?:

Of course, though *why* you'd want *my* works on your page, I haven't the foggiest. Just give me credit where it's due.

How Can I Share My Views And Opinions With You?:

There's always the reviewer if you are reading this on (which you probably are) or you can e-mail me at in case you want to keep the message private.


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Any Special Messages?:

Have a wonderful life! All of you, be you reading this or not, are beautiful beings in God's Eyes. He loves you all! Yes, I'm Christian; I'm Presbyterian to be exact. Proud to be a Believer at 13 yrs!

God bless!