Happy New Year?

Chapter one

Today's Sunday and its new year's eve. Mr Dickinson invited G revolutions, white tiger X, PPB All stars, Bilscreen boys, F Dynasty and Justice 5 to stay at a Japanese hotel for 3 weeks. Everyone was heading towards the hotel on separate coaches.

"Daichi! That was my last cookie," shouted Tyson, looking rather sad as Daichi ate it.

"I know! It was so delicious."

"Why you little…" Tyson was just about to strangle Daichi but Kai stopped him. He was angry. Kai stood up.

"Can't you two just shut the hell up? Your making me have a head ache," shouted Kai. His pupils were small.

"Sorry Mr sourpuss," muttered Tyson. Kai sat back down in his place next to sleeping Ray.

"How could Ray possibly be sleeping when it's so noisy," thought Kai. Suddenly he saw something in Ray's left ear. It was a ear plug. Kai smirked.

"Good thinking, kitten." Kai's eyes widened.

""Did I just call him kitten? Why would I call sexy, loving handsome Ray, kitten? I think I have a head ache," thought Kai. As Kai was rubbing his head, Daichi and Tyson were making up more noise.

"Daichi! Where did you get that cookie from?"

"My pocket! I have loads left and your not getting any."

"What!" Once again, Tyson was gonna make a move on Daichi but froze when he heard, "Tyson Granger! Leave Daichi alone or else you won't see light again!" Tyson swallowed hard.

"What's wrong with you Hillary? It's like your turning into Kai." Hillary's eyes widened and look Tyson straight in the eye.

"I'm nothing like your cold team captain Kai. Tyson how could you…" The bus stopped.

"…We-are-here!" Shouted Max to shut Hillary up.

"Finally," murmured Tyson.

"Wow! This hotel's huge. I've never been to a hotel like this before, "yelled Daichi as he got out the coach. Everyone looked confused.

"Daichi, we've all been to this hotel before," said Tyson rolling his eyes as he got out.

"Let's go in Tyson," yelled Daichi.

"Wait for us," shouted Max, Hillary and Kenny as they ran out the coach. Tyson, Max, Daichi and Kenny headed towards the hotel but stopped as soon as Hillary started shouting at them.

"Aren't you guys gonna wait for Kai to wake up Ray, then we all go in together?" Tyson's belly rumbled.

"No Hillary! I'm hungry and we don't need to wait for Ray and Mr Sourpuss!" Hillary shrugged her shoulders and followed the other's inside. The coach driver went round the back to have a fag.

Meanwhile in the coach

Ray was still sleeping. Because he had his ear plugs in his ears, he didn't hear Tyson and the others make noise. Kai was just about to wake Ray up but Ray shifted from his current position and laid his head on Kai's lap. Ray started purring. Kai smirked at this. Kai liked Ray for a very long time but kept on denying it. Kai was just about to bend down and kiss Ray but he stopped himself, thinking about how ray would react. He didn't want to kiss Ray yet so he took Ray's ear plug's out and whispered into his ear.

"Ray, wake up." Ray shot his eyes open straight away and saw he was leaning his head on Kai's lap. He sat up quickly and started blushing.

"S…s...sorry Kai."

"It's alright." Ray was shocked. He thought Kai was gonna... do something bad to him.

"We better go in the hotel before Tyson and the others throw a search party for us." Ray laughed at what Kai said.

"Why does Kai act more relaxed around me but not around the others. Does he have...feelings for me? Oh, I wish I could tell him how I feel about him," thought Ray as he took a quick glance at Kai. They headed to the hotel.

"I didn't know you purr when you sleep," asked Kai. Ray smirked.

"I guess you just learnt something new about me." Lai smirked and took a quick glance at Ray before returning to him cold self.

Meanwhile in the G revolutions hotel room

"Cheer up Tyson, when everyone's here you could go to the restaurant."

"Or order room service, said Kenny as he headed to the bedroom.

"By the way, I'll be in here doing research, so if you need me just holler." As Kenny closed the bedroom door behind him, Tyson's belly rumbled.

"But I'm hungry!" Daichi smirks.

"Then swallow your saliva."

"Are you listening to me Daichi? I'm not thirty, I'm hun..."

"Tyson!" Max shouted, just to get Tyson to shut up. Max's face lit up. He had an idea.

"Hey Tyson, do you wanna have a beyblade match?"

Ok Maxy, last one downstairs is a rotten egg."

"Hey, I wanna battle you guys too," moaned Daichi. As Tyson, Max and Daichi ran out, Kai and Ray entered.

"You two took your time," moaned Hillary.

"Whatever," Kai replied in his normal cold tone.

"Hey Kai, are you going to the party that starts at 12 in da morning?" Kai looked Ray straight in his eyes.

"I might just check it out but I won't stay 4 long." Hillary was shocked. That was the longest she has ever heard Kai speak for.

"Where's Kenny?" Asked Ray.

"He's in the bedroom on his laptop doing research about something." They all hear a loud noise from outside their room.


Meanwhile in the White tiger X hotel room

"So we'll finally here," said Kevin with a big grin on his face.

"You didn't need to slam the door Gary," moaned Mariah.

"Uh, sorry," replied Gary.

"It's alright," said Lee as he took out 5 small bottles from his bag. He gave one to each one to each of them leaving one on the table.

"Everyone, drink up." No one listened to him.

"Yon don't wanna have heat, do you," as soon as Lee said this, they all drank up.

"It tastes good," said Gary. He took the other one from the table and drank it quickly.

"GARY! THAT WASFOR RAY. WE DON'T HAVE ANYMORE," yelled Lee. Kevin's eye's widened.

"That mean's Ray's gonna have...heat." Kevin looked at Lee.

"W...who's gonna tell him?" They all looked at each other.

End of Chapter one

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