Happy New Year

Chapter 6

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Kai was in the G Revolutions hotel room, tapping his boot on the ground as he made himself coffee. He couldn't find Ray.

"Why is everything bad happening this year?" mumbled Kai. Kai picked up his cup and was just about to drink it when…

"Kai! Where are you?"

"I right in front of you."

"OH, Hey, I found this!"

"Do you have to yell Tala?" Tala smiled.

"Sorry. There you go." Tala gave Kai a red head band with a yin yang on it. It was…

"…Ray's. It's Ray's."

"I didn't no," Kai said sarcastically.

"U didn't! You got the memory of a …"

"…TALA! IM NOT THAT DUMB!" Tala turned around and puffed out his cheeks.

"I'll come back when you're in a good mood." Tala walked out the room.

"Stupid Russian," mumbled Kai.

"I heard that! You do know that you're Russian too." Kai smirked.


"Whatever." Tala slammed the door and walked out of sight. Kai finally got to have a sip of his coffee, but he spat out straight away.

"It's cold, thanks to Tala," murmured Kai as he threw his coffee away. All he had to do was wait to see if Bryan had any luck.

"BANG," Kai jumped out his seat and looked towards the door. Apparently, Bryan kicked the door down. Kai growled.

"Did you have to kick the fucking door open?" Bryan laughed nervously.

"Sorry about that." Kai rolled his eyes and got up.

"So what did you find?" Bryan threw Ray's black trousers and boxers at Kai. Kai's eyes widened.


"Bryan, I think we should let KAI carm down," murmured Tala as he entered. Bryan rolled his eyes.

"Carm down Ka…" Bryan was stopped by Tala's lips.

"Um, let's just let Kai cool off." Bryan and Tala rushed out of the room.

"Why," moaned Kai. Kai took his boots off, headed to his bedroom and jumped onto his bed.

"Everything bad is happening to me. First Boris kills my parents, and then I live in the abbey, then…" Kai stopped. He heard something that sounded just like a…cat. Kai wondered.

"It can't be?" Kai looked under the bed and saw a black and white cat wearing Ray's Chinese top.

"Cute, it's sleeping, wait a minute!" The cat woke up.

"Why you shouting," whispered the cat…whispered Ray…okay, this is confusing.

"Look at yourself…um…you are Ray right?" The cat blinked.

"Kai, of course I'm Ray." The cat looked around.

"Why am I underneath a bed…and why you are bigger than me?" Kai bit his lip nervously and helped 'Ray the cat' come out from underneath the bed. He then started stoking 'Ray the Cat' in his arms.

"Why da…how!" Kai walked to the mirror.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Ray the cat jumped out of Kai's arms but didn't land on his paws…It landed on his side. Kai was in shock. He crawled to Ray's side and stroked him.

"Ray?" 'Ray the cat' wasn't responding.

"BANG!" If you thought it was Tala and Bryan…You were right.

"Where's the beef," they both said in Unison. They both saw Kai on the floor staring at some cat. Tears in his eyes. Tala gasped.

"Hell No! It can't be…" Kai looked at them.

"No shit...It's Ray alright," whispered Bryan.

"He's not breathing! Lee is gonna kill us…he's gonna kill me!" Tala and Bryan looked at each other and nodded. Kai gasped at what he saw before him. Tala and Bryan looked like super heroes. Kai smirked.

"Nice costumes." Tala and Bryan blushed. Bryan looked angry…maybe it's because he was wearing pink.

"Why the fuck is my costume pink?" Tala walked away from him.

"Your gay, gay people like pink!" Kai raised his eyebrow.

"That's not true. I like blue." Bryan sighed.

"Ok…let's go back to what we are meant to be doing." Tala nodded.

"Hi Kai, I'm super Tala and he's mighty Bryan. We are here to help." All of a sudden smoke appeared.

"Liking da effects." Tala smiled and went to 'Ray the cat'.


"What!" It said in a creaky voice.

"You're alive!" Bryan shouted. 'Ray the cat' opened his eyes.

"Yeah, I just hurt my ribs when I jumped outta Kai's arms…and my head." Kai smacked his head.

"So you were just unconscious?" The cat nodded.

"You said he wasn't breathing."

"I panicked!" 'Ray the cat' smiled.

"You panicked for me?" Kai smiled.

"Kai panics…Ha…that's just weird." Kai growled.

"At least my name don't mean lesbian in Japanese." Bryan and Ray started laughing.

"That was a good one." Kai looked Tala in the eyes.

"Fuck off!" Tala and Bryan transformed to their normal self's.

£Don't tell anyone bout us being super heroes." Kai rolled his eyes.

"You are not real super heroes."

"Yeah Tala, we aren't!" Tala puffed at his cheeks.

"Way to spoil my fun ha!" Kai looked at Ray and Kisses him….it……'Ray the cat'. Tala and Bryan looked at them with wide eyes.

"That's impossible!" whispered Bryan. Tala started licking his lips and blushed.

"Um…pleaseexcuseme." Tala ran out.

"Whooooo." Kai gasped as he broke apart. Ray smiled.

"Your tongues like sand paper." Ray laughed.

"Hey, you better mind Tyson don't eat you…or flatten you!"

"He won't"

"Cya…wouldn't wanna be ya."

"Get the fuck outta ere," kai said. Bryan smiled and was out of sight.

"Ray we need to talk."

"About what?"

"About us and…"

"…WE'RE BACK!" Kai looked pissed off.


"There was a fire." Daichi jumped up and down.

"Bet it was terrorists!"

"Shut up…do not think such a thing, "yelled Hillary.

"Cool, you got a cat," shouted Max in excitement.

"It's Ray."

"Cool…wot the fuck!"

End of chapter 6

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