Miss Independent

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Hinata leaves her family in order to prove to her father that she is independent, soon peoplenamed her "Miss Independent". She enjoys her single life without men interfering with it until she met him. Sasuke determined to win the heart of so called "Miss Independent" without knowing he would fall for her in the process. Will Miss Independent finally see how beautiful true love could be?





Sasuke saw a myriad of colored gourds hovering in the dark.

Everything was a mess. A stupid, jumbled clutter he couldn't begin to fix. Gunshots and voices whizzed at a dizzying speed past his ear, almost until he could feel a dull throb in his temple.

Then the gourds started dancing, and at that point, his eyes too had begun to hurt. His lids finally quivered and parted slowly, revealing an abyss of black. His eyes stung. In fact, every joint of his body ached. Sasuke reached to support his head; feeling a bit disoriented as the drug induced slumber crept off him, only to realize that his right arm was in a cast.

It was hospital room, he realized and groaned inwardly. 'How did I get here?' he thought, as a spasm of pain shook his body.

There was a silent creak, footsteps, then the sound of the door fitting back into its hinges. He turned his head ever so slowly to see a blurred figure dressed in white, just standing there.

Sasuke tried to speak, but his throat was too parched to make a sound. After a few excruciating minutes, he heard the door close silently behind the figure that just entered and his head began to feel light again.

Sasuke sat up and tried keeping his consciousness, but his mind was too weighed down by fatigue to think straight. So after a moment, his eyes began to close, and he fell back into a deep, fitful slumber.

The figure that just came out that room rolled her eyes and made her way slowly down the hallway, wanting to linger there for as long as she could. Hinata knew that once she entered the staff room the other nurses would pelt her with questions about the supposedly hot gangster that was brought in yesterday.

It was just her luck to get someone like him. Maybe she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hinata remembered yesterday quite clearly as she went in for her she shift at the regular time. When she had entered the staff room, every nurse present at that hour was fighting over each other on who should get that particular shift. Needless to say, it was pure chaos.

So in the end, the irritated head nurse assigned him to the only one who wasn't squabbling. Namely: HER.

She took a deep breath, twisting the sleek steel of the doorknob as she remembered who she was before entering the staff room. Without fail, every head in the room turned to gaze at her as she walked in. But before they could even open their mouths, she answered all their questions in one single sentence.

"He didn't wake up yet."

With that, she went over to the cupboard and got her cup out quickly, pouring herself a cup of tea before settling down with a magazine.

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