H/D warning! nothing major but there is hints. hmmm? dont read if u dont likin da male/male 3

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The sun sparkled against the edge of the lake where two bare feet splashed about in the shallow water. It was the end of the sixth year for Harry Potter, and he was making the most of the warm weather and shining sun. At this precise moment he was wearing only rolled up faded jeans, and his t-shirt was sitting beside him since he had just thrown it off so he could catch all the precious rays he could. He was, at the moment, sun tanning himself.

Now normally he would have not done this, too much attraction he thought. But this, was the exact thing he wanted right now.

You see.. This Harry Potter was gay. Very gay. He was as gay as a gayest pink fairy that had won the pinkest gayest fairy competition. In a tutu. And about 50 metres away, Draco Malfoy sat staring at is tanned, slightly shiny, exposed stomach.


Oh yes, this, this is what he wanted. For a while now he had been trying to get this delicious, beautiful, blonds attention. And he finally had.

While on his back, with his arms sprawled behind his head, he cocked his head to the left, stared Mr. Malfoy straight in the face, and smirked. A sly smirk, filled with hidden meaning. And the reaction he got was reward enough.

Draco's molten silver eyes widened, and he gasped, and then blushed scarlet. Either at the fact that he had been caught staring, or that innocent-precious-golden-gay-boy-who-lived, gave a very devious, evil and lusty smirk. Both probably.

He smirked again. Just for good measure.

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