07. Worse II

Shikamaru was sure something was not right in that 'friendly competition'.

First, Tsunade wanted them to be in a group from the other school. And that's not a good choice if you want your school to win.


I admit. I just lost a good cause. I'm addicted to yaoi and can't write a paragraph without thinking how this fanfic is not right.

Not that I don't like my fics, or have anything against the pairings I was writing. But I just can't continue.

So, if you are interested in adopting PWH, then you must find out what is 'wrong' with the competition. In the past chapter there are some clues, so if you get it right (or close to it) you win this! (and if no one get this right, then I'll have the first author who asked to own it.)

Thanks for the love you guys showed me along the updates! And don't worry, I'm slowly writing a naruto-centered fic (in my opinion it is really good winks, so if you are interested, check my profile xD).