Mega man Battle Network: Virus mutations

A virus infects MegaMan, in his search to save him Lan gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to get his net navi a real body. But it's not that simple. MegaMan (Rockman) x Lan (Netto) , Lan x Chaud(Enzan). Yaoi! Slash!

Chapter one: The first Virus

" Did you hear about that new site?" The larger boy asked.

Dex walked at an unusually slow pace, playing with his fingers nervously with his head downcast and an unusually thoughtful expression on his face. At the moment he really wasn't paying attention to the conversation, his mind was some how detached thinking of other things.

Lan walked instep beside him, his hand resting behind his head and his eyes shifting over the surrounding green of the park, all of it was usually vibrant, full of life, cheery even. Not today though, today everything seemed to be considerably duller, the usually vibrant plants held a darker tent, and the sky overhead was becoming increasingly dark from the gathering gray clouds. "No." Lan spoke tired voice, his current mood as well as his friends seemed to match today perfectly.

Neither of them were feeling particularly well today, Lan more so then Dex. He had a tendency to get physically sick when ever he got really depressed, he knew he'd be nauseous by the time he got home.

"It was on the news last night. It suppose to be something that will revolutionize P.E.Ts" Dex explained.

"What is it?" Lan asked, that seemed to peek his attention.

"I don't know, it should be ready by tomorrow. That's when they're showing it off."

Lan's eyes glimmered with the small hope that whatever it was it could make a difference in his, three days would be too late... "Oh..."

A cool, humid breeze blew through the park, tilting the grass to the side and rustling the leaves on every tree. Finally a another gray cloud settled over the sun, not a ray of light made it through, completing the appropriate bleak atmosphere for Lan's day.

"Well, we both better get home, it looks like it's gonna rain." Dex's voice held evident disappointment, it was so strange to see him like this, he wasn't the type of person to be in this type of mood. Usually when he was feeling sad he got angry, 9 times out of 10 he got mad when he was angry. But the situation caused for this type of contrast in emotion, things just weren't going in his favor this week, ending even worse today.

"Yeah…" Lan nodded, inanely his head titled back and his eyes turned to the sky just now rumbling with a low thunder. "Dex, I'm sorry about Gutsman ." He couldn't seem to look at the other boy when he said this, he just continued to look away...He winced lightly when a drop of water fell from the sky and landed on his nose.

Rain seemed fitting for this day.

"Yeah, and I...uh...I'm sorry I couldn't help." Dex suffered from the same awkwardness when he said things like this, but he spoke sincerely.

This was the first time that Lan had ever seen or heard Dex like this, he wished that he'd get back to normal, he'd get mad like every other time something made him depressed. But he would snap out of it in a day or two...right? "Dex..."

Things could only get better from this point, at lest that's what Lan kept saying to himself. This was the worst right? Things could only go up...Maybe if he kept repeating to himself...

The soft rain began to pound to the ground, hard. "Great! I didn't think it would start already." Lan lifted his arm to his forehead to keep the water from hitting his eyes, it seemed to be blowing in his face. He turned around and began walking with hasty steps. "See ya Dex." Lan waved a half hearted goodbye to Dex who headed in the opposite direction before running off.

"I'll E-mail you if I find out anything that might help." Dex called out before turning to leave.

! - ! - !

Lan stopped by the park exit, quickly retrieving his skates from his bookbag and putting them on as best he could with out sitting down. The boy grimaced at the hard rain drops and the light roll of thunder changing this from a heavy shower to a storm.

A small thought crossed his mind that at lest he didn't have to worry about his PET getting wet. But that content thought quickly changed in to a depressing one and he shunned it away.

Megaman and the PET were waiting at home, which he really had to get back too. It was the reason he was so anxious. The only reason he'd left him alone was to go find Dex who'd had the same problem he was having right now.

Lan skated through the now wet streets, watching the sky grow darker and the streets grow brighter with lights of the city. It was only 5:30 but it looked like night time, making the rush hour drive a little harder then usual. "Great!" Lan sighed, shaking the water from his hair, only to be soaked again by the rain with in a few seconds.

This was not his week, well it couldn't be considered a week, it had only been three days but arguably the worse three days of his life.

Lan's mind inanely began to drift as his body moved on it's own with out any focus, to think about things, mostly Megaman. The thought started to make him smile a little, he only had good memories about him, nothing unpleasant whatsoever.

That made this even harder for Lan, his best friend, the person he loved more than anything else, knowing that all of that would…..'No, I shouldn't say that! There's still a chance...' Lan told himself, staring blankly at the wet streets reflecting the colorful lights of the cars, stores, buildings, street lights, and about everything else blending together in a mixture of vibrant settings.

The sky started to rumble with more thunder, streaks of lighting flashed distantly. This situation looked ominous, but everything about this day did... "I wonder how Megaman is doing right now..." Lan started to feel immeasurably bad about leaving Megaman at home. If it was possible to feel worse then he already did.

"I had to do it…..I couldn't risk it." Lan reassured, his head hanging down partly from the rain, mostly from his current state of brooding in his thoughts. It didn't matter how bad the situation looked, Lan couldn't give up hope because that was the only thing he had right now, besides, he had been through worse situations with Megaman...he'd pull through this one, right?

"No I haven't……" Lan mumbled, this was the worse, everything else he had been through had some way out of it. They could fight their out of it together…but his time they couldn't, they had no way to stop what was happening now. 'Not yet…' Lan corrected himself.

But somehow he didn't believe he could get out of this, there was no way it would happen.

! - ! - !

Lan ran in to his room, prying the door open, throwing himself threw and closing it behind him just slamming. He lend his back against the door, his chest rising and falling rapidly with panting breaths, he couldn't seem to get his words out.

After a few seconds he reclaimed his breath enough to move from the spot, leaving a light pool of water where he'd been standing. "Megaman? Are you alright?" Lan asked worriedly, taking off his shoes.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me." Megaman replied as cheerfully as he could mange.

The PET screen resting on his desk was half blank with the other half blinking, every once and a while it would stop blinking and the blank area would flash with an image and Megaman could be seen clearly.

It went with out saying that Megaman had the same problem that Gutsman had, it was simply a virus, but not a normal one. Usually viruses would take a netnavi form, those were the standard viruses, this one wasn't so advance.

This one was different, this one didn't just destroy or altar a files in a system, this one was effecting the netnavi itself, and about everything else in it's way. The problem was that no one knew exactly what it was doing to Megaman, as far as anyone could tell, this wasn't a virus at all.

Lan pulled off his shorts, tossing the soaked close messily aside for the moment, or when ever he got around to picking up, before removing his orange vest and his shirt. They too were tossed in a messy pile nearby, leaving him dripping wet in nothing more then his boxers. "I'm sorry for leaving you here, but I had to…." Lan told him pleadingly, almost as if he had to make him understand how sorry he was.

"Lan, it's ok, you had to go to school." Megaman said that hoping that in the off chance that Lan had found out something about what was happening to him.

An anger flared up in Lan, an uncharacteristic one "I couldn't find anything, even Dex couldn't tell me anything!" Lan slammed his fist on the desk, his eyes narrowing with a sense of angry for himself. "It was a complete waist of time! I'm not going anywhere else until I fix this."

After a deep breath Lan finally unclenched his fist, lifting his hand to his headband to rub his forehead. He was right at the park, he was starting to get nauseous, no to mention the pounding headache.

"Lan you can't do that." The PET screen flashed, returning to a normal image of the netnavi. He had a pained expression on his face... "Don't worry about me so much." Megaman tried to sound normal, but every time his spoke his voice sounded a little shaky.

Yeah, this situation seemed hopeless.

In two days, every anti-virus created tried and failed, every possible method Lan's father was able to use had also failed, Of course he couldn't use anything too deep, he didn't want to infect his systems with whatever this was. How could he help anyone then?

It came to a point where it seemed Megaman couldn't be saved, everyone told him just forget about it. His father told him spend what time Megaman had left with him if he was truly that depressed over this. All of that had taken it's effect, Lan half gave up, he still looked diligently for a way to stop it.

But now it started to finally sink in that it just wouldn't happen……

Lan shifted around in his drawers with quiet anger while Megaman watched him silently. Just seeing him like this, so angry with himself for something that wasn't his fault he, angry for something he couldn't control. He couldn't take this.

"Lan!" Megaman called out forcefully, half shouting. "We can't keep this up, we both know what's going to happen to me and I don't want to waist anymore time." his voice began to trail off, a little disheartened. Why did Lan have to be this way? Megaman had given up on false hope and excepted reality, this was just something that couldn't be helped. All he wanted to do now was just spend his time with Lan, how could he do that with Lan like this!

"I don't want to talk about it…" The boy paused, mistakenly saying what he was thinking instead of what he wanted to say. "I mean….You shouldn't be talking like that." Lan shifting through the drawers more frantically now, already forgetting what he was looking for, but he didn't care at the moment. Instead he sat down in the chair in front of his desk.

"How do you think I feel? It's happening to me!" Megaman shouted, his voice flared with anger enough to rival Lan's. "I just want..." The navi stopped, lowering his head when he realized that shouldn't have been getting so mad..."How long did it take for Gutsman?"

"4 days." Lan said, still somehow unable to remember that he was searching for dry cloths despite the fact that water was dripping from his hair. His mind was to clouded to think about anything else, so he just gave up, slamming the drawer shut.

It was silent in the room now, Megaman was avoiding making eye contact at Lan. It didn't matter at the moment anyway, the screen started to malfunction making Megaman completely invisible, it flickered before becoming completely white.

Lan just stared, his only thought that it was really depressing to watch your best friend die in front of you.

Thankfully after a few more seconds it returned to normal. "Lan?"

Lan quickly down cast his eyes to avoid looking into Megaman's eyes, staying silent.

"I just want to thank you….for everything ." Megaman found himself looking down also, trying to avoid anything he might see in Lan. He just couldn't look at him...he just couldn't while saying something like that.

"no…" Lan's voice had become so quite that he was almost talking to himself.

Megaman looked up "Huh?".

"No." Lan clenched his hands in to tight fist, his hands became so tense that his arms began shaking lightly.


"No…..No way!" Tear began to stream from his clinched eyes, a small sob forcing it's way from his throat no matter how he treed to repress, all mostly from anger. Lan slammed his fist in to the desk, shaking everything. "No I can't... I won't let it end like this!" more tears streamed down his cheek, his fist fighting more and more.

"Lan." Megaman watched the boy, growing angry at himself because he couldn't do anything but talk to him.

"You're my friend, I can't just let you die." Lan's whole body was trembling now.

He couldn't take this, watching it was like being stabbed in the heart. "LAN!" Megaman shouted, trying to make him listen.

Lan burred his head in to his arms, clinching his fist tighter, he couldn't stop himself from crying. He couldn't repress the loud sobs that came freely now.

Megaman mentally kicked himself, at lest if he were out there, he could touch him, hug him, something, anything other then feeling useless inside of the PET. 'Damnit!' He yelled in his mind. "Lan…..What do I say…..what can I say….I love you?" No, Lan had heard him say that enough. "…..I'm sorry?…Anything! Just…don't cry, Don't do this to me." Megaman couldn't stand to see him cry, it was like death, slow and painful one worse then the one happening to him now.

It took him a second but Megaman realized he had said that out loud, Lan didn't even look up.

This whole thing was tedious, stressful, and futile. Lan knew that, how could he not? He just couldn't take it anymore….