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This is my first Ron/Hermione fic EVER! I don't usually support this ship, yet a found a terrific plot I just had to use. And well, somehow the story was just there, in my head. I have to write it down or I'll obsess about it for ages.

It's my version of Bonnie and Clyde in a post Hogwarts era. The whole story was just so, so perfect. I'm sorry everyone.

My fave ship is still Hermione/Severus.

This story is not going to be especially long. About seven chapters or so…. It all depends on the public….

The Depression-Era Duet.


Hermione and Ronald were meant for each other. And they clung to each other while they fought back against the elements. These elements were destitution and a government they took for its face value. They were children of a nationwide economic depression that not unlike France in the late 1700s had its upheavals -- and those who tried to keep small the size and impact of the upheavals. Not your average HG/RW story! Set in the Post-Hogwarts Era.


There was a huge, enormous poster hanging from the facade of the Gringrotts bank. It was a warning sign, and the words 'WANTED' were printed on it, in big, fat red letters. It was a rather happy, sunny picture, with a blue sky and a refreshing green forest in the background. The huge sign attracted people's attention and everyone stopped walking as they saw it and observed the photograph in front of them.

It represented a young woman in a red dress, a dress that showed her figure and had a slit of the right side, showing off a rather flirty ribbon that held a rather dangerous looking gun on her thigh. Her hair was curling and slithering down her shoulders down to her arms. They were in odd cork-screw rastas, shining in a rich dark brown colour. Her face was flawless and creamy with the exception of a fling of freckles on her nose and cheeks. Her eyes were carefully rimmed with mascara and brown eyeliner, making her eyes sparkly, malicious and huge. Her lips were the same colour as her dress, they were shining glossily and it reminded one of the shiny, lean, firm skin of a cherry.

Her arms were bare, with ribbons intertwining on her legs and arms, hanging loose and fluttering in the picture. Her feet were bare, with golden toe-nails. A single golden star hang from her neck, attached to a black leather string. Her arms were joined in front of her and she held a gun, pointing it directly at you. Sometimes her lips outstretched into a smile, flashing a row of perfectly white teeth. She looked dangerous, yet very pretty. But you couldn't fail to notice the two bands she had around her left hand ring finger. Such a pretty girl had to be married.

Next to her was a very, very tall man. His hair was red, half long, and slightly curly as well; it hung down to his shoulders. Once in a while, he would pass his hand through his hair, trying to get it to stay behind his ears. The first thing you noticed in his face was the incalculable number of freckles and the scar that started from his right eyebrow and continued down to his chin. The scar was perfectly vertical, making a straight line. He grinned crookedly because of that scar. It was literally a broken smile. His eyes were blue, the same blue as the brightest, happiest summer skies.

He wore a loose ripped man's shirt and a pair of faded pants, in some odd, old looking fabric. They had been black, but now they were grey if anything. He also wore a pair of brown boots, perfectly shining and clean yet very worn. The only jewellery he wore was a wedding band on his left hand and a broken handcuff. He had a wand in his hand, which twirled between his fingers once in a while. His back was against the girl's and each time the rings would gleam on her hand, you saw him smile happily. When he shifted his position you could see a large leather band across his chest, and on this band was attached a set of knifes.

They smiled to each other and pointed their mutual arms menacingly down at people. They were the two most notorious rebels and thieves in the whole United Kingdom's wizarding world. They were the Bonnie and Clyde of the Post-Second War against Voldemort. They were the newest fugitives on the road.

The people who saw the poster couldn't help but smile whilst cowering. They were so sweet, yet quite vicious as well. They didn't kill, but hexed nastily those who stand in their way. Yet no one could really blame them for what they did; they needed money to live.

Everyone did. And finding money after the second war was easy, yet totally pointless. The inflation had made the Galleon worth as good as nothing. You needed more than just money to survive: you needed gold, muggle money, gems, expensive objects, magic. Food was difficult to find. Of course people transformed things into food, yet those magical meals didn't bring one vitamins or proteins. They just filled one stomach.

Rarely had the muggle authorises seen so much false money flow on the market. It sprouted everywhere. Wizards were desperate so they all went to the muggle world. They sent their children to muggle boarding schools, sure that there at least they would eat a warm meal once a day. Hogwarts was another place where people went to receive a shelter for the night.

Seeing the misery, Hogwarts opened a wing in the castle were people could come and leave for a restricted amount of time. The food had been free at first, yet after seven months of feeding people, they started to sell their food to the people. The money asked wasn't much, yet many people couldn't even afford so much.

The two thieves started to operate during the end of the first year after the Final Battle. They had been called the 'Depression Era Duet' and Aurors and the ministry represents had left in peace because there were more pressing criminals than them. Death Eaters were back then still roaming in England and France.

Apparently they were on their way to London now. They were surely suicidal enough to try to break into Gringrotts. Yet no one even doubted on their success. They had managed after all to steal quite successfully the storage money of Hogwarts.

They knew they didn't really have a future. They knew they were going to die, maybe next week, maybe next month. Maybe in the morning. They never pretended they might be the only exception to the standard, "Crime doesn't pay". But, because they knew their time was limited, they decided to let all hell break loose in the meantime to whoop and holler it up till death do them part. They lived a Fast life. A die-young life. And they wouldn't have traded it for the world.

They were Hermione and Ronald. The new infamous Weasly duo.

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