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Some one once told me that every one in this world had a purpose. They told me that some day all people find their purpose and they realize why God put them on Earth. I told that person they were crazy. The next week my mother died on the couch while we were watching tv. Doctors didn't know what she died of. I never got say good-bye to the crazy lady who told me all those things. My father explained to me that God gives life and then he takes life, you just never know when he'll take your life. I was 9 when both my parents died, my father died only two months after my mother did. The foster people found out about my aunt in Detroit and shipped me off to her. I went from a big city girl to a small town girl.

My aunt had two friends who had sons. The two boys were best friends and always picked on me when we were kids. I was the same age as the younger one and two years younger then the older one. The older one was the one that was nice to me. The older ones name was Joe. Every one called him Big J. Most every one had a name that started with J and some of them had the same name. The younger one was the meanest to me, his name was Joey. Every one just called him by his name. When I told my aunt how the boys treated me she told me that when boys pick on you it is because they like you and they want to go out with you. When I asked her what that meant she told me that when you go out with a boy you kiss him. I told her that was nasty, but in the back of my head I think I actually liked the idea. But not with Joey.

Anabell Lee. That's my name. But every just called me Bell. No one ever really knew my name, it was just Bell. Although now I go by my full name, my job kind of requires it. I'm a lawyer. A damn good one too. I spent most of my life watching my aunt get cheated out of her money because she couldn't afford some one to help her keep her money safe. But I don't just help people that are like my aunt, I know that is what you are thinking, and now you are thinking 'what?' right? I help every one.

"You told me you need the best. Well I can get you the best." My boss Todd said to the man sitting in a chair in font of his desk. The man looked to be middle aged, at least 6 foot, 250 pounds, blonde hair, not married, and brown eyes. "Good, cause I think we are going to need the best to get those four out of jail." Said the man in the blue siut. My boss stood to his full height which was about 6'2" and fixed his brown hair and pulled on the left sleeve of his grey suit jacket. I fixed my purple jacket top and smoothed out my matching skirt. I opened the large oak door and walked in. "Ahhh, just the woman I was looking for." Todd said and his blue eyes traveled over me and a shiver of disgust ran up my spine. "Woman?" The man asked and turned in his chair to look at me and I put on a professional smile. He seemed like a pig, but I couldn't let the thought bother me so I pushed it to the back of my head. "Anabell Lee. Out best lawyer." Tod said with a smile on his face. "I wouldn't say best, but the job is correct." I said trying to seem bashful. "But she's a woman!" The man exclaimed. 'Good eye.' I thought. He stood up and looked at Todd. "Yes, but she is one of our best." Todd tried to explain. "We need a male. Shaggy, Monoxide, Jamie, and J will have her trapped in every corner trying to get her into bed!" The man exclaimed. "She can hold her own." Todd said. "No, get another lawyer. I don't think she would be a very good lawyer anyway." The man said and I stormed from the room. As I turned my long back hair whipped me in the face.