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Annabell sat in her car with tears streaming down her face. 'Why'd I have to leave?' She kicked herself mentally. She started her car and pulled out of her parking spot. She was almost to the exit when some one ran in front of her car. She slammed on her breaks and watched Joey put his hands on the hood. She saw his take a deep breath then walk to the passenger side and get in. "Hey." He smiled at her.

"Hey." She said back looking out the windshield. She heard him sigh and saw him put the ring on the dashboard.

"That ring doesn't mean anything to me any more. I got a divorce. It became final tonight. I hadn't told J yet, we didn't want to tell any one until it was final." He explained to her.

"Why?" She asked still not looking at him but looking at the ring that sat on the dashboard of her car.

"Look it wasn't because of you, I mean you weren't even around when…"

"I mean why didn't you tell any one until it was final?"

"She didn't want any one to know that I was leaving her. We both knew who our parents would act when they found out about it. I mean her father works in a court; he could have easily made the papers disappear. Bell, I don't love her, never have. The only reason I married her was because I got her pregnant. I wanted to be with my kid. She told me a little while ago that it wasn't even my kid. She had a one night stand with some guy after she'd had one with me. She liked me so she told me that it was my kid." He told her what his ex-wife had told him.

"You loved her in some sort of way to stay with her for that long of a time." She told him.

"Would you at least look at me? I feel like I did something wrong." He told her.

"Did you even like being around her?" She asked still not looking at him.

"Damn it Bell." He grabbed her chin and turned it to him seeing the fresh tears running down her face. "I liked her ok, that was as far as our relationship went. I've only loved, truly loved one person and that person is sitting next to me." Her eyes grew wide and she tore her face away from him.


"Shut up. I love you ok Annabell? I love you. Funny thing is, is that I've known it since the day that you left and I didn't do anything about it. Not once. Well damn it I'm doing something about it now. I'm not going to loose you again Annabell. Not now that I have you back in my life. I couldn't take loosing you again." He told her then grabbed her chin roughly, turned her face to him and kissed her with a passion he'd never kissed any one with. She was shocked at first then placed her hands on the sides of his painted face and kissed him back. "I…want…you." He told her in between kisses.

"Then take me." She told him pulling away from his lips.

"Here? Now?" Joey asked in surprise.

"Here. Now." She nodded and climbed in the back seat.

"Bell, we're going to get busted for this." He told her watching her take her shirt off. He felt himself harden at the sight of her unclad breasts.

"Do you want me or not?"

"Yeah, but…" She grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled into the back seat on top of her. "If we get busted, I'm going to blame this all on you. I'm going to tell them that you seduced…Oh shit." She slipped her hand into his loose jeans and began to stroke him.

"You want me don't you?" She asked and he nodded unable to find his voice. She tightened her grip on his penis and stroked slower eliciting a deep growl from his throat. "I'm telling you to take what you want." She whispered into his ear then licked the back of it causing him to growl again.

"I'm not going to last that long." He told her as he pushed her skirt up and undid his pants. He pushed her panties to the side and positioned himself at her entrance.

"I don't care; I just want you inside of me." She told him and kissed him and he pushed himself into her slowly. As soon as his hips touched hers he blew his load.

"Awe fuck." He moaned.

"You were right. You didn't last that long." She giggled.

"I would have if you wouldn't have played with him so roughly."

"Oh, so he likes it rough?" She asked and watched him smile. "So do I buddy." She said and watched him harden again. There was a tap on the window above Annabell and they both looked up to see J standing there smiling and humping the air. "I know a place near by." She whispered at him pushing at his chest.