A young girl came out of a well in Inuyasha's forest. An angry hanyou awaited her sitting on a tree by the well.

"About time ya got here Kagome! Where's your stuff?" the half demon said.

Kagome got out of the well and brushed her skirt off. She seemed very cheerful and excited.

"Actually Inuyasha..." Kagome cheered as she clapped her hands together. " I was wondering if you and everyone else would want to come back to my time with me for Christmas!"

The hanyou lifted an eyebrow in confusion.

"What's kris-mahs?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome sighed.

"I guess I'll explain it to you and the others...let's go to Kaede's. I would rather not have to explain it more than once..." Kagome said in an irritated voice.

At Kaede's

Kagome explained to everyone what Christmas was.

"Is there candy?" Shippo asked excitedly (A/N: is that a word?)

"Yea Shippo! Lots of candy, but don't too much or..."

"YIPEE SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!" Shippo started to dance and chew on his tail. Everyone else sweatdropped...Miroku interupted the awkward silence.

"Well, I guess we should be on are way now."

"OOOOOO THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN!" Kagome started doing a little dance. Everyone else once again, sweatdropped. This time it was Inuyashas turn to stop the endless sweatdrops.

"Well, I'll get the sugar high runt." Kagome had told him want sugar high ment.

Inuyasha grabbed shippo by the tail.

"EEEWWW IT'S WET!" Inuyasha, who was grossed out, flinged the young demon out of his hands and threw him very far away. He landed with a big "thud".

"Grrr Inuyasha osuwari!" Inuyasha hit his head on a rock and was knocked out.

"hehehehe, woopsys " kagome said scratching the back of her head and grinning innocently.

"He battles great demons all the time, but gets knocked out by a rock." Sango siged.. Miroku picked Inuyasha's feet up and dragged him to the well.

At the well

Miroku threw Inuyasha in the well after Kagome. He then gestured for Sango to go in first with Kirara.

"Lady's first!" He smiled.

"Why, thank you Miroku" Sango blushed. She jumped in...followed by Miroku.

Poor Shippou, everyone forgot about the little demon. He slowly awoke, swirly eyed.

"HEY WAIT FOR ME!' he rushed to the nearby well and jumped in just before the well closed up.