This drabble got stuck in my head while working on one of my other stories. Just a little insight into Charlie's pause during his and Don's conversation at CalSci. Let me know if it's terrible. I wrote it in, like, five minutes, so it's most probably not my best work. Italics are Charlie's thoughts.
Don sat there as Charlie shuffled through some papers on his desk. Was that a smirk on his brother's face?

"You seem happy about that."

"Are you asking me as her thesis advisor?" Charlie asked, briefly looking up from his search.

"You tell me."

Charlie paused, thinking about his answer. What should he say?

"Of course I'm happy! I'm in love with her! In love with someone the rules forbid me from loving. But she won't be my student. I won't be her thesis advisor. I'll be able to do whatever I want."

"Yeah. Yeah, I am happy."