Charlie listened to the noise outside his room intently. He could hear someone working in the kitchen. Don wasn't here, of course, the lack of music told him that. He listened intently though, because it was the only thing he could do. That and run the probability of survival.

Don't even think about probabilities, he sternly scolded himself, probability is what got you into this mess in the first place.

A sudden noise caught Charlie's attention. Holding his breath he closed his eyes. He could hear his mom greeting someone downstairs. Pounding footsteps echoed as a large body walked quickly up the stairs.

Oh, crap, Charlie thought as he heard a door open. Someone shuffled in the bathroom. Moments past before the door was heard again. Charlie felt a pull on his chest. He had been holding his breath the entire time. Another door opened.

" Honey, do you know where..." Charlie heard his dad yell.

Charlie let out a sigh of relief as his father yelled. He didn't even hear what he was asking, or what his mom replied. He was so relieved he had a few more minutes left. Then, at that moment all his hopes came crashing down.

"Donnie, how was practice?" Charlie's mom asked his brother.

"Practice is practice, mom. Are we having steak for dinner?"

Charlie could hear his mom sigh exasperantly. He knew she was nodding her head yes, even though he wasn't there.

" Kay," Don said blandlyand ran up the stairs.

Charlie flinched as he heard Don's door open and slam shut. The customary music started blaring on the radio. Any minute now Don would discover what he had done.

I have to get out of here! Charlie's mind screamed, I can't die. I haven't even solved...

" CHARLIE!" a roar erupted from Don's room.

Charlie bolted and grabbed the door handle. The only thing he could think of was to run. Numbers flashed through his head as his mind uncontrollably began calculating chances of survival. The results were not good.

Charlie's door slammed open, but it wasn't Charlie who had done it. Don stood towering over his twelve year old brother. Charlie felt his voice melt away as he backed up. Don menacingly approached, his face contorted with fury.

" I. Told. You. To. Stay. Out. Of. My. Room!" Don yelled as he drew closer and closer.

Charlie found himself falling on his bed. Terrified he crabwalked until his back hit the wall. There was no where to go, nowhere to hide. Charlie felt Don grab his shirt and pull him off the bed. Without a sweat Don began dragging his little brother out of the room. Charlie flailed in terror, but it was no use.

" Let GO of me, DON!"he yelled hitting his brother's arm, " Let me GO!"

Don refused to answer. Instead he forcefully picked up his younger brother and covered his mouth so Charlie's screams couldn't be heard. Charlie began to kick at Don, but he didn't pay attention to the blows. Charlie then tried anything he could to get Don's hand off his mouth.When that didn't work he continued to scream hoping his parents would hear the muffled cries.

Finally Don let his brother down. Charlie darted for the door, but Don was faster. In the blink of an eye, Charlie found himself held b the scruff of the neck, looking at Don's " Special Chest"

" Explain," Don said threatenly.

Charlie looked up at his brother pleadingly.

" Donnie," he begged.

A dangerous glint filled Don's eyes. Charlie gulped silently. Looking back at the chest he began to tell what happened.