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Don felt the warm sunlight hit his face in an instant. Scrunching his eyes closed, he pulled the covers over his face and rolled over. He felt something press against the bed, but ignored it. A second later a cool draft hit his body.

Crunching up to stay warm he complained, " Come on, five more minutes."

" Don," a small, annoying voice replied, " You're late! Get up."

" HUH!" Don said bolting up his eyes wide open.

Charlie squated at the edge of his bed, Don's blanket in his hand.

" It's nearly seven thirty," he said, " You slept in."

" What!" Don said.

Leaping out of bed Don made a beeline for his closed. Grabbing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans he threw them on. Squating down he threw a few clothes out of his closet and pulled out his baseball uniform, his glove, and his hat. Standing up he stuffed them into his gym bag, hurriedly.

" Come on, Charlie!" he said running out of his room.

Charlie dropped the blanket and ran after him. Don raced downstairs and into the kitchen.

" I know, I know, I'm late," he mumbled running for the door.

" What are you talking about?" Alan said, looking up from his paper.

Don stopped.

" What?" he asked, disoriented and confused, " But Charlie said..."

" Don, you're game isn't until 9:30. I just sent Charlie up to wake you, scince breakfast is ready," his mom answered.

" What?" Don said.

Suddenly he remembered. There was a special teachers meeting or something. Everyone had gotten off school and the baseball team had a game that morning.

" Oh," Don said as he sat down, " But why didn't my alarm clock wake me?"

" Did you remeber to set it?" Alan asked.

" Yeah, I think so," Don said.

Charlie walked into the kitchen and to a seat.

" Charlie, did I set my alarm?" Don asked.

Charlie innocently shook his head yes.

" Then the battery must be dead," Alan said, " I'll change it when we get home."

" Thanks," Don said.

For the next thirty minutes the Eppes family all enjoyed breakfast. After finishing it Don stood up.

" I'm going to go get ready," he said.

" Me, too," Charlie replied standing up.

" Charlie, you said you weren't going today, remember," Don replied.

Charlie stopped. Alan and his wife shared a look.

" Come on, Donnie," Alan said, " You're not going to make your little brother stay home are you?"

" He said..." Don started.

" Donald!" Mrs. Eppes interrupted.

" No, Mom, it's okay," Charlie said, " I did say I wouldn't go. Besides I have work to do."

" But, Charlie..." Mrs. Eppes started, " Then I'll stay home with you."

At the outraged look on Don's face she replied, " Well, he can't stay home alone."

" Mom!" Charlie complained, " I'm twelve years old. I'm old enough to stay home."

" Don," Alan said, " Go get ready. We'll be leaving soon."

Don nodded and ran upstairs. Again, Charlie was ruining his life. The little monster said he wouldn't go and now mom wasn't going either. It wasn't fair! Don grudgingly brushed his teeth, combed his hair, kicked on a pair of sneakers. Angrily he headed downstairs to hear the bad news.

Suprisingly his mom was already packing up as he came down.

" Your going!" Don exclaimed in amazement.

His mom looked up and glared at him.

" Don't start, Donnie," Alan replied amused, " Oh, your suppose to give these to your coach," he added handing Don a set of papers.

" From Charlie?" Don said.

Alan nodded. Don stuffed the papers into his bag.

" You ready," Alan said.

Don shook his head yes. Mrs. Eppes headed into the living room. Don could hear her ask if Charlie was sure about staying home and giving him instructions. Finally she reappeared.

" I hope you're happy, Don," she said before walking out to the car.

Alan and Don shared a look.

" See you, Charlie!" Alan called out.

" Bye, Dad. Bye, Don!" Charlie yelled back.

" See ya," Don replied.

The two older Eppes men walked out to the car.

" You have everything?" Alan asked as Don threw his bag into the car.

" YES, Dad! I...Oh, crap."

Don ran towards the house. Suddenly Charlie appeared holding out Don's game shoes.

" You forgot these," he said.

" Thanks, Buddy," Don replied, taking the shoes, " I owe you one."

With that he ran to the car. Charlie watched as the car pull out of the drive. He saw his mother wave goodbye and Don hold up a thumbs-up. Sighing, he turned back into the house. There was still a lot of work to be done.