Title: Reminder
Character(s): Kikyou
Theme: #13 rain
Rating: 13+
Word Count: 187
Squicks: None
Summary: Nature once meant something to her.


She was free to love and free to hate. It was true she was able to experience emotions that she had to contain while alive, but all those emotions came with a price. The senses that she had taken for granted while alive were no longer there. Smell, taste and touch brought her no pleasure.

Simple things like the rain falling on her skin, the moist soil between her toes or the aromas of fresh grass and dew on flowers no longer made her senses tingle. Natural beauty held no meaning any more. Once upon a time she use to enjoy the rain. The cool water gently beating down upon her flesh, the smell of the salty fragrance dampening the air, the sounds of the rain soothing her like a lullaby and the rejuvenation it brought her.

Now the rain served as a bitter reminder of all she had lost. The rain now represented the truth. The truth that she stood out of time isolated from everyone and everything that once meant something to her. Revenge would be her only comfort now and she would embrace it.