Summary: A trip to the book shop leads Goku to ask a question.

Notes: Humor, Fluff, all dialogue and Sanzo's sharp wit squished into 100 words!

Disclamer: Not mine



"Hold my hand."

"What? No."

"Come on. No one's looking."

"They will if you don't hush up."

"Just for a minute."

"No, Goku . Now busy yourself elsewhere while I browse this side of the shop."

"I just wanted to see how it felt."

"What, rejection?"

"Funny. No, your hand."

"Oh. What for?"

"To hold it in public, like a real couple."

"Feels the same as it does in private, I'd imagine."

"Well, I wouldn't know, would I?"

"Lovely drama, Goku."

"Everyone knows anyway."

"Of course they know."

"Then why hide?"

"We're not!"

"Sanzo, please?"

"Stupid monkey."

"Thank you."