Quick note: I started this story about a year ago, and in that time my writting has improved to a much higher level. With that said, in my opinion, the first three chapters suck. I started writting them thinking it was going to be a comedy, but that didn't work out. I wanted drama. And I got some. So I plan to re-write the first couple of chapters when I have some time, that may be a little while. So if you hate reading less then great stuff, my advice is to skip to chapter 4. You won't really miss any details.

Courting Cherries

Just like the Movies Part One

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Sometimes I don't understand him, well it's more like most of the time I don't understand him. Would it kill him to be nice, or even a little considerate, just for a while? I fear the answer is yes, and usually it is. I know truthfully that's just the way he is, but there's a speck of hope in there somewhere that's starting to come out more and more. Ryoki Tachibana is not the kind of man who would allow his girlfriend to change him with his knowledge, but if done gradually it might just work. Especially since he can be so dense sometimes…

"So what's your excuse this time, Hatsumi? To busy spending time with your brother again?" Ryoki asked impatiently grabbing Hatsumi's arm, dragging her to a walking place beside him. To Ryoki, being five minutes early, meant that you're five minutes late.

"I had to pick up my little brother from Day Care." Hatsumi replied. She knew which brother Ryoki really meant though.

"Oh great, now I have someone else to worry about."

"He's five!"

"Doesn't seem to matter with you." Ryoki said pulling her arm a little tighter. He looked down at her face expecting some new excuse, but none came. "What's the matter now? Is there something always wrong with you?"

"No, fighting with you just isn't worth it, okay?" She had started looking at the ground, but her face came to meet his as she gave him a smile. "Lets just go see the movie. It will be fun."

"For you. I'm probably going to get stuck watching some stupid chick flick."

Hatsumi frowned, half-way listening as Ryoki started his latest rant. Would it kill him to learn the beauty of silence? Or at least to speak in a normal voice? He was so peaceful asleep that night...

"Hey, what the hell are you looking at?" Ryoki shouted, off towards something to his left. With his loud holler he drew her away from dreaming.

Hatsumi looked for the cause and found a couple of guys staring at them. Oh god...She was going to roll her eyes a lot today.

"I suppose your gonna want popcorn. Your such a klutz, probably gonna spill it all over the floor, or even worse, me!"

"I don't need any, I'm fine just like this." Hatsumi smiled goofily at him. Just go along with everything he wants and we might actually have a good time.

"No, cause then your going to secretly want some and not be able to concentrate on making out with me."

Hmm. Ryoki is one if those guys that likes to turn everything into a decision that he makes...

Wait, back up...make out? Since when was that on the agenda?

"Come on let's get in line or we'll be here forever." Ryoki once again grabbed Hatsumi's upper-arm and dragged her into the shortest line. "Your lucky I'm rich, they charge so much for crap here."

Oh yeah, I'm lucky.

Ryoki hadn't not noticed the rather startled look on her face when he accidently slipped out his plans. It had come form another magazine, and according to them; making out in a movie theater was a must.

Three simple steps and Ryoki would be on his way. Hatsumi was his girlfriend now, so there should be no problems.

Step one, imagined a chibi Ryoki. You have to sit in the back of the theater, only start executing the second step after the lights go out. This promotes atmosphere.

Step two, yawning is the key to everything. Yawn, and then causally place your arm around her shoulder without arousing her suspicion.

Step three, go in for the kill. You can either just dive in or use trickery. Pretend there is something on her face, they will of course allow you to fix it for them. Women are always concerned about their appearance.

In his mind Ryoki rubbed his hands together plotting and scheming. After this I'll be one step closer...

Hatsumi starred at Ryoki next to her in line. He had a...devious look on his face? His look was transforming more into that of mad serial killer's, butcher knife and all. What is he thinking about?

Shaking her head, Hatsumi frowned. It doesn't matter, I'll leave him to his thoughts. I have my own to worry about...What does he think were going to do? Ryoki wouldn't actually want to do that in public...could he? No, he has to much pride for that. With imaginary clocks ticking, Hatsumi formed ways in her head to wiggle around whatever scheme he was thinking..

The front! We'll sit in the front of the theater. That way he'll have to put aside his intentions, 'specially because lots of children sit there! Hatsumi smiled to herself, proud of her plan.

My new plan will interfere with whatever he is thinking about...Hatsumi looked back up at Ryoki, god that look was scary.

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