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Chapter #1: And a secret

The DigiDestined with sat at a nearby table when the adults walked in. Gennai had not told them their parents were coming to the digital world, but it was a nice surprise. Tk, Kari, Mimi, and Tai had jumped up to greet their parents; the rest had a tough time because of the digimon crowding on their laps.

That's what they wanted them to believe, anyway.

In truth, the others had a tough time with their parents company. Izzy knew they were not his real parents, Matt didn't know his parents well from the divorce, Sora had a tough time with her mother, and Joe had an argument not yet settled about him being a doctor, like the family profession had demanded. Really though, in Joe's mind, He did not yet know if he wanted to become a doctor or not himself. It was a pointless argument that just delayed his thoughts.

The adults, smiling nervously at the digimon, welcomed them with hugs, kisses, and praises of gratitude and love. After defeating the evil digimon that had threatened the digital world AND the human world, no one could expect otherwise from a worried parent, or several, as it seemed.

Once the smothering was over, all eyes turned to the feast set before them. Tummies growled and mouths watered at the sight of the food. Watermelon and grapes in a bowl next to each other. Roasted lamb. Grilled chicken. Thousands upon thousands of rice balls were stacked next to the soup. Chocolate cake had been set out even though it was dessert. Pumpkin pie, cherry pie, banana-cream pie, chocolate silk pie; they all sat with the strange dishes from around the world such as borscht, pho, cayenne dusted, stuffed bell peppers, and other strange things. There was silence for a moment, and then everyone broke out laughing and dug in.

"So how long can we stay?" Tai asked hopefully

"Doesn't matter, it's up to you. The digimon destroyed the school and school board, didn't they? School can wait until winter. They might not even get school started this year, with all the commotion and fear going around. They're afraid that some digimon will come out of nowhere and flame the water tower. I mean, seriously!" Tai's mother looked over at her son and added, "And don't talk with your mouth full, Tai. It's rude."

The kids smiled at the much needed parenting that they were receiving after long days of cooking for themselves, defending their backs and others, and fighting evil digimon. It was nice to sit back and be children for once, instead of Young miniature adults.

Talk was struck between parties, adult- adult, child- child, child-parent, and even digimon- adult. Talks ranged from the weather to the food, from the digital world to home, and from much needed chores to be done at home to jokes they had heard recently. All talks seemed to be light hearted and peppy, enjoying the moment. There were very few serious talks between two of the people there, though they did exist.

"So are you going to tell your parents about…" Joe whispered to Izzy.

"Of course! I couldn't keep it to myself anymore… well… not now, anyway. I'll tell them later, though." Izzy replied, talking softly.

Joe smiled. "And I'll be right there with you if you need me."


Izzy sat back and thought about their situations. He had been looking through stuff in his father's home work desk, which he wasn't supposed to do. He had seen the paper work, the letter from children services, the documents of the accident, and other such things. How could he not have noticed? He wondered what his parents had been up to, and why the stuff was on the desk. It had struck him, and struck him hard. After a little research it had been confirmed, and he had begun to draw away from the adults living under the same roof as him.

He sighed. This wasn't the time to be depressing. But it was so depressing, the way life went. Joe didn't exactly have a perfect relationship with his father, always wanting to press him to being a doctor. How could Joe be a doctor, though, if his heart wasn't in it? Not to mention if he always threw up at the sight of blood.

Oh well. The time would come. Secrets were important to those who kept them, but those who didn't probably thought nothing of it. He'd waste time worrying over it sometime when his stomach wasn't grumbling over soon-to-be-cold food.

Between Sora and matt there were also whispered secrets. "You are going to have to break the ice between you and your mom, you know." Matt leaned forward in order to not be heard by untrustworthy ears. "As will I, but- any idea how you're going to do it? I need some ideas… on more things than just the divorce."

Sora sighed slightly. "I know. I think I'll tell her how I feel about how she treats me." She set down her cup and looked sharply at him. "Wait… more things than just--" she glanced at him again. "What's that supposed to mean? 'More tension between you all than just the divorce'?" she was panicking slightly, trying to keep her voice down.

Matt winced and mentally kicked himself. You IDIOT. He thought to himself. Do you want her to respect you or not? Don't slip up again! He tried to compose himself, looking into her eyes. She caught that. She's pretty bright. And Pretty cool sometimes. And pretty optimistic. And pretty… ah- he caught himself at it again. He shook his head.

"Don't worry about it Sora! It's just something that happened a few years ago." His voice was overly bright. Spooning up a forkful of peas, he added, "You and your mom have other things too. Things that irk you? That's kind of what it's about. Only different." He shoved the peas in his mouth and motioned to her quickly cooling food. "Eat!"

Sora sighed in relief, digging into her mashed potatoes and gravy, a strange dish that Gennai had cooked up. The creamy taste intrigued her, and she couldn't ask for more in a food. Except maybe sweetness.

And matt was sensible. He wouldn't argue about anything dramatic. His style was to play it cool, he would probably do something rational to let them know about his feelings that he kept behind his mask. After all, how could anyone know what he was feeling, when he kept it all locked up behind those icy blue eyes that reminded her of a lake. Or a crystal. Or sky… she started to ramble on in her brain of all the beautiful blue things she could think of. She was on dolphin's sheen when she caught herself at it and sneered at her own folly. She'd been off again. Why didn't anyone stop her when she was doing that? It kind of got scary last time when in her rambling she had compared his hair to "a god's attempt to make a golden statue that had somehow turned into the perfect boy with golden hair and a golden smile and a golden…" that's when she had walked headfirst into a tree.

Matt had made a joke about her being a ditz, but it hadn't had his usual spice behind it… perhaps he was being nice? She had been embarrassed and had decided never to do that again, and here she was rambling off in her head again. Thankfully, the memory had been enough to let her watch herself. Oh well.

She knew the crush would run off sooner or later, (even though she had never had one) she was positive. That's how it always went in the book, anyway.

Looking over at him, she saw his perfect body. The perfect way he moved and the perfect way he made jokes that didn't try to hurt (at least, not anymore), it was all there.

Unfortunately, nobody was perfect.

If it hadn't been for his parent's brake- up, Sora wondered if he really would be perfect. The split had caused him to recoil in life, though.

Matt had somehow managed to mature through the ages of 7 to 11 into being the only cook for the group, one of the people who suggested logical ideas (more than you could say for tai if he was out there on his own) and took it rather well when he was shot down constantly, by his friends or his enemies. He was also the one to provide a rational solution when they were under attack, if Izzy hadn't beat him to it already.

His rift between his mother was great, but Sora wondered if it could be surpassed by the relationship with his father, which also seemed to be in flames.

Nancy Takaishi had been the one to take custody of Matt's brother, TK, and his father had been the one to take him. It was obvious that a seven year old in a different town than his mother would not be able to know her as well as the father… but Mr. Ishida was rarely ever home.

You can imagine the way Matt felt about being alone.

There had been several instances when his hatred for his parents had shined through his protective barrier, now that she thought about it. His words came back to her in her mind:

"Wow. You're almost as bright as my mother"

"I wouldn't expect too much from an adult anyway. We won't rely on you."

"Not your average answer, but hey, it's coming from a Parent. Don't push him; he'll see his mistake before he has to collect his Pension."

"You know, there's only one person- make that two- that I respect outside the digi world. Don't worry; I won't make fun of you. I respect doctors."

She sighed as she remembered these ice-cold remarks he had made. It was typical for him, to be so cruel. No one had noticed the trend until the truth had been revealed- he had some issues with his parents.

That's when everyone pieced everything else together.

A crash woke her out of her dream state of mind. Everyone glared at her dinner partner, who had tried to pick up a bowl of cherries and dropped it all over the floor. Matt blushed slightly and mumbled sorry.

At the same time, the ever-helpful Sora and the embarrassed-beyond-reason Matt bent at the same time to pick up the fallen red disaster on the floor, and were rewarded with a hard smack on the head as blonde and burnet came together in a resounding clash.

That's when everybody close stood up frantically to see where their DigiDestined friends had gone, or to help them out from under the table where they'd fallen...

After the mess at the dinner table, everyone decided it was best to play in the sprinklers to wash off the excess food; there weren't enough showers for everyone to get clean in the next three hours, much less that much hot water.

The entire thing kept playing over in Nancy's mind;

There was a crash at the end of the table. Everyone's head turned to see a slightly blushing Matt freeze in shock from dropping a bowl of cherries. After a second he mumbled an apology and bent over to pick up the fallen food.

At the same time Sora, a girl with burnet colored hair and loving attitude bent over to help him with the dish. Their heads collided and down they went, having fallen off their chairs.

The girl's mother had stood up suddenly, as did Nancy, her ex husband, TK, and as she thought about it later, virtually everyone else, too…

Which is why the table toppled over.

They had finally found the food soaked children after some confusion, slipping, falling, smearing, pulling, pushing, and throwing (ahem…) of the food and tablecloths, stuck under one another and faces red, as if they had caused the disaster.

Well, they had… but there was something different about those blushes. Something familiar… oh well.

By this time, food was all over, the dining room was a mess, and everyone had at least one unrecognizable dish in their hair (but with all of the strange dishes, that wasn't very hard) along with a now-edible food encrusted shirt, saggy and stained pants, and completely unrecognizable shoes.

The giggling had begun, as had the food fight. The food fight, surprisingly, had been started by an adult. She couldn't remember which one, just that the shock of an adult doing a kids dream of announcing a food fight and getting dirty had completely burned into her mind that she was the only one not completely relaxing here. In the end though, she had joined in on the fling (bad pun) and made herself and others considerably more dirty.

Which is why they were now in their bathing suits and running around the yard under freezing cold water from the sprinkler…

With the exception of Matt, Sora and Tai. They had all gotten so coated in the main courses that changing into swimsuits would become a mess that no one wanted to clean up. After all, their clothes did need to get clean, too.

What a time. She hadn't spent this much time goofing off in years! Ever since the divorce…

She didn't want to think about that.

She had just been so busy lately, writing her book and news column and holding that part time job to help pay for the apartment. Holding two jobs was tough, but it rewarded when she got her paycheck. Somehow, it made everything better. She used to spend tons of time with little TK, but she had been so overwhelmed lately. It was nice to get a break from the constant stress. It was nice to spend time with her son.


Nancy winced at the guilt trip her mind had just given her. Sons. Yes she had more than one son, plural, as in two, SONS. It had been a while since she had even glanced at Matt before the DigiDestined-must-save-the-world trip that happened recently.

She had become detached from her son. Matt. She didn't know his birthday, what he liked, what he thought about her, what his favorite color was, where he went to school, how he was doing…

She didn't know anything.

Did this mean she was a bad mother? No, of course not. She was just not used to seeing her son, him being in another town and all. She never sent him mail, and vice versa. She had never made an effort to see him, but that thought could be overlapped by the 'I'm busy' train of thought. She had barely ever talked to him, and didn't have any pictures of him besides the one on the fireplace mantle. How was that possible? She had tons of pictures of TK, and she was what one could call a camera-fanatic. She had three in her suitcase at the moment… she could take one of him being soaked by Tai just ten feet from where she was standing.

She chuckled. He did look pretty funny being bombarded by the unmerciful hose-bearing child standing behind him. That face would be something to remember.

Then she had a thought. A good thought in her mind, flowing smoothly from her brain into her conscience and then into her future plans.

She would talk to her husband. Surely he would know. Nancy walked off, finishing the mental note. 'Also, it would be nice to talk to Matt' she finished her thought transmission in her brain. There was nothing that could go wrong. Not in her mind.

Boy was she wrong.