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Usagi's feet barely scraped the ground as she spun round and round. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of weightlessness. When she opened them again, several blurry faces rushed past her. She slowed to a stop, and found the senshi looking at her.


Her voice was not friendly, yet it wasn't cold either. They all nodded, and from the corner of her eye she could see Mamorou sitting on the stool next to hers. She sighed.

"Obviously, you want to know why I'm acting so weird." She could see the hope evident in their eyes, and felt slightly at fault for what she said next. "Well, I'm not going to tell you."

"Why not?" Rei pressed her face up against hers. The miko's eyes weren't blazing with fury; instead, they reflected only curiosity and worry.

"I have my reasons."

"But Usagi, we need you!" Mako pleaded with her. "What if another youma attacks? How are we going to kill it?"

Mako was startled when Usagi turned suddenly to face her, upset. "Don't kill it! Look at what you're saying! You want to murder it! I refuse to."

"What?" Ami looked at her incredulously. "If you do, Usagi, than Tokyo's citizens will be sucked of their energy, and Beryl will take over the world!"

The blonde looked down at her hands. "It's a lose-lose situation. I'd rather not bloody my hands in the end."

"What are you talking about?" Minako demanded. "How will you lose?"

Usagi ignored her, instead choosing to twist to face Mamorou. "You won't kill any either, will you, Mamo-chan? It's wrong! We're taking away their lives!"

Mamorou avoided her gaze. "What else can we do, Usako?"

She stood suddenly. The slap resonated clearly in the Crown. Mamorou let a hand go up to his cheek, as the senshi and occupants of the arcade followed Usagi's movements.

"You just don't understand," she hissed. "We are murderers. I am trying to fix this, and while you soil your hands and minds with these horrors, I will have none of it." She removed something from her pocket and flung it on the counter, where it bounced off onto the floor.

"Goodbye, Mamorou-san."

Mamorou did not move as she left, only staring at the item lying forlornly between his feet.

Her transformation brooch.

Usagi stumbled down the street, feeling strangely light headed without her brooch. She glanced back and forth, and seeing no one around, she began to run.

She sprinted randomly across streets, and through back allies, until she collapsed. She didn't feel upset; simply as if she had done something…wrong.

"Why the long face, pretty one?"

She looked up and found herself face to face with a woman. The "woman" had green, scaly skin and flat eyes. A forked tongue slithered out from her lips.

Usagi gasped and scrambled backwards. Something flashed in the youma's eyes, and Usagi immediately stopped.

"We were people, once…"

"I'm sorry." She looked at the youma directly. "I didn't mean to be afraid, you just…look different, is all. Do you want something?"

"Yeeesssssss," The youma hissed. "I want your energy!"

Usagi stifled a shriek as the youma lifted her bodily, and she felt herself growing weaker.

"You don't have to do this!" She gasped out. "You have a choice! You were people once!"

The youma narrowed her eyes. "No, you lie!"

"Please…" Usagi couldn't breathe now. The youma had long ago begun to choke her as well, and black spots appeared in her vision.

"Die, child!"

She felt herself falling, falling quickly. The youma had let go…but it was too late for her. She was dying…

Right, then left.

She flung an arm out, and then moved to her right, and her left. In front of her, her mirror image moved along, wearing a white ball gown.

She twirled, then fell, and the image followed. She dropped her head, panting slightly, and when she lifted it, she was staring at Sailor Moon.

This was not her.

She wanted to know what she looked like. So she stood, and Sailor Moon did the same. She moved gracefully arching her back.

When she straightened, another woman, this one with deep blue eyes, and wearing a resplendent white and silver dress with wings followed her.

Still unsatisfied, she stood on one toe and spun around, holding onto her leg as she would if she were ice-skating.

When she slowed to a stop, there was no one. She stopped her dance and padded forward, waving a hand. No reflection, in tune with her, danced back to face her.

Had she erased herself completely?

"Hello again."

She turned, and found Liana smiling widely at her. She made as if to speak, but found her mouth clamped tightly.

Liana waved a hand. "It'll go away, I'm sure. But I'm proud of you!"

Usagi cocked her head to the side, but her unspoken question soon had an answer rolling off Liana's tongue.

"You've saved us, silly!"

Usagi stood, stock-still. She had done nothing. In fact, she had died. Liana's smile faded.

"Well, almost saved us. It seems you are unhappy in your many roles. You do not wish to fulfill those duties that make you who you are. The choice is yours; you may choose to stay Usagi, and just Usagi, or you may become everything you will ever know."

Liana began to fade, and Usagi reached out a hand, realizing for the first time she was surrounded completely by darkness.

Liana shook her head. "I can't stay. You must do what you choose to do, Usagi. You're a kind girl; I've no doubt you will know what to pick. Choose what you will!" And with a wave of her hands, claws intact, she was gone.

Usagi turned, and found the mirror again. Inside, she gazed at herself. There was Usagi. Big, blue eyes and long blonde hair. But something was missing.

Usagi began her dance again.

Right, then left.

Moving elegantly, almost as is she was floating, she raised one foot in the air and leaned back. Her head touched the ground, and she looked into the mirror.

Behind Mirror Usagi, she could see other figures, hazy, but there. They were trapped, trapped in her mind, and waiting to be freed.

She knew what she could do. She could stay here, and dance, with all the grace and happiness she had never known before.

Or she could go back, to a world grown with tears.

Slowly, she raised herself up, and began to spin. She knew what she would pick. Life was unfair, she knew that also. But to choose life…

There was a certain fairness to that, wasn't there?

The senshi let tears slide down their cheeks as they watched Mamorou cradle their leader's body.

They had followed her, too late to save her, but in time to see a youma dropping her, and hissing almost as if it were upset. The creature had crouched over the fallen body, but they had chased it away before it could finish whatever it was doing.

Mamorou sobbed into Usagi's chest.

"I'm sorry…so sorry…Usako, why did you have to leave me?" He could barely speak as he clung to her. The senshi were in a similar state of grief and shock, shaking through their cries.

"Hey…Mamo-chan…you're crushing me…"

They opened their eyes, and through their blurry vision, found Usagi blinking dazedly at them.

"Usako! You're alive!" Mamorou hugged her close, and she pried his fingers off gently.

"Not that I don't mind, but that's a bit too much, Mamo-chan." She was suddenly overcome as the senshi pounced on her, hugging her fiercely.

"Don't you ever do that again, Usagi-chan!" Rei reprimanded her.

Usagi shook her head, but then her gaze wandered away. They followed it, and found her looking at the youma, squatting by a dumpster.

Mako rose, and her face began to turn red. "I'll kill you, you piece of garbage! You tried to kill her!"

She stopped as Usagi grabbed onto her wrist. "No, Mako-chan. I have to talk to her."

The shock the senshi and Mamorou received at these words were great enough so that they didn't move when Usagi walked over to the youma. She bent down and stared into the lidless eyes.

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned…"

She blinked back the memory, and looked into the youma's eyes. "Do you truly wish to be forgiven?"

There was a moment, then a small nod from it.

"Then I shall do so." A crescent moon flared on her forehead, briefly at first, but then gaining power. In a moment, Princess Serenity held out a hand to the youma, who took it.

Both felt something hard and lumpy in the joined appendages, and when they separated, a shining jewel floated in the air.

Princess Serenity grasped the ginzouishou, and motioned to the youma to kneel, and it did so. She held the ginzouishou over its head, and a small, gold drop fell from it.

It hit the youma's head, and in a moment, a woman with blonde hair and green eyes was trembling from her spot.

"Thank you…" she wheezed, and Serenity nodded. She held out her other hand, and from it appeared a small glass vial, with the golden liquid bubbling inside.

"You will go the lake, and there you will find a small child-like youma, with fangs. Her name is Ileyana. Give her the vial; she will know what to do with it. Your brethren are saved."

"And my husband and sons?" The woman looked up at her hopefully. Serenity winked.

"They will come back to you. Not soon, but after a great change. I will call you all forth." The woman smiled joyfully as she took the vial, and curtsying briefly, she ran off.

Serenity powered down, and turned to face her friends as Usagi once more.

"What was that?" Ami asked in amazement. Usagi tapped her chin thoughtfully.

"I don't suppose this was supposed to happen, so you needn't know, Ami-chan. Please, remember this is for your own good. I'll give you your memories back soon."

There was a bright flash of light, and when it receded, the senshi and Mamorou lay on the ground. Usagi sighed.

"Now I have to carry them back…"

Neo-Queen Serenity huffed and pounded once more on her living room door. "Let me in! I want to come in!"

"You have other living rooms! Go away!" Mars' voice responded.

The Neo-Queen grit her teeth. King Endymion had returned from a long trip, and she hadn't seen him yet. Currently, he, the senshi and Chibiusa were locked into this room. She was sure they were plotting against her.

"I left my glasses in here!"

There was a pause, before Venus giggled. "You had better be talking about reading glasses, your majesty! Mars informed us of your late night meeting with that champagne!"

Serenity blushed. "Ah, damn you, I just want to see!"

"There are children in here!" Ami's voice scolded her. Serenity leaned against the door and pouted. Almost three thousand years and Ami still had to remind her to be proper.

She suddenly fell backwards as the door opened, and she gazed in Chibiusa's smiling face.

"Hi Mama! You can come in now!"

"Gee, thanks…" Serenity brushed herself off and stood, afterwards making no more moves.


She made a small "Oh" as she saw he friends standing together. The room was covered in presents; mountains and mountains of them, as well as yards of fabrics and clothing.

"Oh," was all she could say again. Then Endymion swept her into his arms, his face creased in a smile.

"Like it?"

She grinned, and a few crystalline tears came to her eyes. "I love it! Is this why you've been avoiding me so much?"

He nodded. "You would have literally read our minds if we were too close! Besides, I also had to make a few arrangements. The senshi will be running the kingdom for a week, as we shall be gone on our own vacation…"

She hugged him, nearly squeezing the life out of him. "Oh, thank you so much!" She rushed to her senshi, hugging them too. "I love you guys!"

"What, no love for me?"

Serenity turned, and was for the second time that day, speechless as a young woman with bright orange hair and vibrant hazel eyes grinned at her. A child with black hair clung to her ankles, and behind her a man with black hair and sky blue eyes smiled.

"Oh, Liana! Ileyana!" She rushed to hug them both, and Liana hugged her back/

"You did good, your Highness." She managed a curtsy with Ileyana still clutching her skirt.

"On, no!" The Neo-Queen cried. "I am the one who should curtsy to you!" And she did so. "You saved me, Liana. It was not the other way around."

Liana blushed to the roots of her hair, and pushed her child forward. "Ileyana remembers you well, although she is deathly shy now."

Serenity s smile warmed the whole room. "Hello, my little angel…" She let out a laugh as Ileyana pounced into her lap.

"Thank you for brining Mommy and Daddy back! I'm real happy now!" the child crowed, bouncing brightly.

Serenity tickled her under her chin. "I bet you are!" She turned back to the senshi, who were grinning widely.

"You've remembered since how long?"

Jupiter shrugged. "Ten, maybe fifteen days. We struggled with it at first, knowing why you were so unhappy and wanting to tell you it was ok, but we kept our secret. You yourself were only aware of it a few weeks ago, I suppose. We launched a massive search for these two…are you happy now?"

The question was sincere, and as Neo-Queen Serenity gazed upon the faces of her friends and family, she found only one way to answer.

"As happy as I'll ever be."

Angels without wings may get them back, someday.

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