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Clashing of swords

Shouts in the distance

Pleas for mercy

Thunderous beat of hooves

Clouds of dust

And there was silence.

One face

One name

One betrayal

Two friends

One to heaven

One to hell

One to triumph

One to fail

And then there was silence.

Beneath his clawed hand

Rasping breath fading

And then there was silence.

One triumph

One death

One dark world

And then there was silence

Lighting strikes

Thunder claps

Creation's scream

Life to the undead

And then there was silence.

Curious minds

Swarms pine for blood

Frenzied shouts

And then there was silence.

Dracula's eyes shot open and he breath out a sigh. The morning's light just barely peaked through the curtains. He had begun to have the dream again…

A cry in the walls

A father rushing to assist

A child's fear

A father's comfort

And then there was silence.

Gunshots rang out

Pained cries echo

A form burst into dust

And then there was silence.

A morose and broken man

Lost and tired

Wishing, pleading for it to end

Dracula sat on a log among the tangles of thick forest, his arms hung at his knees and his head was lowered. His long raven black hair hung over is face in long straight lines. He stared straight at the ground, never blinking, thoughts racing through his head incohearently.

"Gone is the challenge, the thrill of the hunt, gone with my last standing foe. Gone are the spoils of my victory, my home, family…. everything."

He raised his head just as the morning sun poked over the trees, filling the land with its fiery light. He drew in an unneeded breath, contemplating breaking forth through the trees and ending his miserable un-life.

"Why must my only enemy taunt me so? Out of reach, staying as such." His eyes flitted back to the lone ray that danced just feet from him.

An angelic voice whispering in the night

A dark angel lifts his head

The two meet eyes, darkness and light

And then everything was silent.

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