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One day Yusaku goes for a walk and he sees a beautiful girl named Sakura. (A/N: I made her up.) Sakura has wavy red hair and lets it flow into the wind. She was putting water, from a stream, into a bucket. She had light green eyes and wore a blue shirt and a white skirt.

Yusaku walked up to Sakura and said, "Hello. I'm Yusaku. Do you need any help?"

"No, I'm fine. Thank you for asking though." Then Sakura got up from putting water into a bucket. "I'm Sakura."

"Would you like me to walk you home?" Yusaku asked.

"Uh…sure." Sakura answered.

Sakura made sure her bucket was full and then she started to walk with Yusaku.

"So do you live around here?" Yusaku asked as they were 5 yards away from the stream.

"Yea, I live 2 miles away from the stream. Where do you live?" Sakura asked.

"I live at Maison Ikkoku." Yusaku replied.

"Really? I'm thinking about moving there." Sakura replied smiling.

"You should move there. We have a new manager. She is nice; you could probably become friends with her."

"You think so?" Sakura asked.

"I know so." Yusaku replied." You are very nice too. And beautiful."

"Thanks. By the way do you go to a high school?" Sakura asked.

"Yea, I go to a high school called Myiko Valley. Where do you go?" Yusaku asked hoping she went to the same school.

"Well, right now I am going to a high school called Chilton High. But we are going to be moving to a different place soon." Sakura answered. "My mom and dad want to go live at Maison Ikkoku and I want to go there too, so we are packing stuff up right now. We are going to be moving to Maison Ikkoku in 2 weeks and my mom talked to the manager and she said there is enough room for us. I'm going to get my own room."

"Cool. So you will be going to Myiko Valley too. They can both walk there together if you want. That's how I get my exercise, and the high school is only a half a mile away." Yusaku said happily. "I can't wait till you move to Maison Ikkoku. I hope you will get the same classes as me."

"I can't wait either. It will be fun and I don't have to feel shy around you because I know you now." Sakura finished saying as they got to the front of her house. "This is my house. See you around." Sakura blushed and walked to her front door and pushed it open.

"Bye!" Yusaku said and he left and walked back to Maison Ikkoku. He greeted Kyoko with a "hi" and then rushed to his room. When he got inside his room he laid on his bed and thought "2 weeks, huh? I can't wait." Then a few seconds later Yusaku closed his eyes and went into a deep sleep. He dreamed of Sakura moving to Maison Ikkoku.

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