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Chapter 1

Aria Maxwell sat in her grandmother's rocking chair holding the pendant her father had given her when she was just a little girl, no more than six years old. Her father's name was David Maxwell and he was a good, hardworking, and loving man. He died in a tragic accident when Aria was ten. After her father's death, she lived with her grandmother because her mother had died while giving birth to her. The pendant belonged to her mother and her father said the she wanted her to have it. The pendant was brilliant silver that was wrapped delicately around a sapphire stone that was about the size of a nickel and rested on a matching silver chain. Aria sighed and clasped the pendant around her neck and stood from the chair. She looked around the empty house and felt very alone.

Her grandma was raised in the old farmhouse as was Aria's father. Aria's grandma died a few days ago and the funeral was earlier that day. She smoothed out her black skirt and walked over to the mantel and smiled at a photo that caught her eye. The photo showed a very pregnant woman with a large smile on her face standing between a man with just as big a smile and an older woman with a gentle smile. The pregnant woman's eyes matched Aria's light green eyes, but her hair was a dark brown, nearly black unlike Aria's auburn hair. The woman's cream colored skin was smooth as was Aria's and it was easy to see the resemblance between mother and daughter.

Aria never met any family from her mother's side. Her father once told her when she asked that they lived a great distance away and it was not yet time to visit them. Aria smiled at the photo of her parents and grandma. It was easy to see the love her parents shared for one another just by the way they held onto each other. All Aria really knew of her mother was her name was Marwen and that she was very kind, loving, beautiful, and had a way with nature and animals unlike any other. Aria sighed and picked up the silver frame from the mantle. She took the photo out of the frame and took it with her upstairs. Tomorrow was her 24th birthday and she had a hike ahead of her, just as she promised her grandma she'd take.

Aria made her way up the stairs and she made to go to her room, just to sleep because she felt so drained, however, she stopped outside her grandma's bedroom. She stepped inside and smelt the familiar scent of her grandma's perfume and peppermint. Aria sighed and walked over and sat down in the old wooden chair she had sat in for the last week and a half just holding her grandma's hand as she slipped away from life. She sat there remembering the last few minutes of her grandma's life with tears in her eyes.


"Ria," her grandma said, her voice sounding weak and strained. "Ria, it's time for me to go." Aria gripped her hand tighter and shook her head.

"Nan, what am I going to do without you?" she asked with tears in her eyes. "You can't leave me like everyone else has." Her grandma just smiled at her with her old blue eyes sparkling with sadness.

"I'm afraid I have to. You're a big girl now, you have a job and you'll be fine." Aria shook her head again and her grandma sighed. "You're stronger than you think Ria. You may just be 23 years old, but you've got a good head on your shoulders and you're special, very special." Aria wiped away a stray tear and looked at her grandma.

"Special? I'm not special Nan."

"Yes you are and you'll found out soon enough." Her grandma paused and let out a heavy breath. "On your birthday, Ria, I want you to follow the path in the forest. You'll come to a small clearing. Your father met your mother there and when they found out they were going to have you, they promised each other that on your golden birthday they would take you there. Go there Ria, it was special to your parents. They never told me why, but it was a special place for them." Aria only nodded and she noticed her grandma became a little paler and her breathing slowed even more.

"Nan, please don't go," she whispered.

"Just remember that we all love you, and we'll always be watching." With that her grandma let out a slow breath and her eyes became lifeless. Aria laid her head on the side of the bed and cried just as hard, if not harder, than she did when her father died.

End Flashback

Aria's eyes held the tears inside. She had no more strength to let them spill. Aria sighed and stood from the chair. She walked over to her grandma's vanity and smiled at the various bottle of very old perfume that her grandma never even wore. Aria looked up into the mirror and sighed. Her round eyes were red and tired looking and her normally cream colored skin seemed even paler than normal against her auburn hair. She shook her head and left her grandma's room for her own to get some much needed rest.

Once she was ready for bed, she crawled into her bed and slowly closed her eyes as the moonlight shined in through her window.

Aria woke, took a shower and dressed in a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt to keep her warm in the late October air. Before she left her room, she put on her pendant and tucked the photo away in her pocket. Aria grabbed a bottle of water and locked up her house before she made her way down the path. She found her way easy enough before she spotted the small clearing in the distance. Once she stepped inside she looked around and saw a boulder with strange writing on it. For some reason Aria felt compelled to go over to it.

She kneeled in front of it and ran her fingers over the carvings. Suddenly, Aria felt as if she had been hit by some force. She fell back on her butt and she used her hands to catch herself. Aria furrowed her brow and realized that the forest seemed different, but she had little time to find out what was happening because she became very dizzy. She raised her hands to her head but the next wave was too much. Blackness covered her eyes and Aria knew no more.

Legolas rode through the forest of Imladris with three companions. They had left Mirkwood a week ago for the council and Legolas was carrying the message from his father that Gollum had escaped from Mirkwood. He brought his party to a stop when he felt a disturbance. His companions looked around as well, trying to decipher where the disturbance came from. Legolas looked to his left and quickly dismounted. "Something is in the distance," Legolas said as he scanned the forest. He turned to one of the riders and motioned him down. "Galadin, come with me. Noradine and Elmador wait here for us to return." Galadin dismounted his horse and Noradine and Elmador nodded as they sat on top their horses.

Galadin and Legolas made their way through the forest quickly with their weapons ready if needed. Soon, they came into a clearing and Legolas stopped Galadin. "Milord?" Galadin asked. Legolas glanced at him and shook his head.

"Wait here, but keep your eyes pealed," Legolas said. Galadin nodded and Legolas moved closer to the form that laid on the forest floor. He quickly sheathed his short knife when he saw that it was an elleth who was unconscious. Legolas kneeled down next to her and moved her face so she was looking at him, however, her eyes were closed and it slightly alarmed him. "Brennil nîn (my lady)?" he asked quietly but received no response. He looked up at Galadin. "She is unconscious. We must take her to Imladris for aide." Galadin nodded and Legolas picked up the elleth from the ground. He noted her strange attire; it was like nothing he had ever seen before. It was similar to a man's tunic and leggings but unlike any he had seen worn by elves or by the few men he had seen.

Once they reached the others, Legolas handed the elleth to Galadin so he could mount his horse. When he was ready, Galadin handed her to him before turning to the others and quickly explaining how they found her as he mounted his horse. Legolas took off quickly down the path with the others on his tail.

Gandalf and Lord Elrond stood on the balcony. Gandalf sighed and turned away from his conversation with the Elvin lord. He saw the Prince of Mirkwood and his party enter the city. Gandalf furrowed his brow when he noted the young woman in front of him. "Lord Elrond, I'm afraid our discussion must come to an end," Gandalf said as he turned around to face Lord Elrond. "Prince Legolas brings another that is in need of your healing skills." Lord Elrond frowned and looked over the balcony to see Legolas lowering an elleth into the arms of one of his companions before quickly dismounted and taking the woman from the rider and rushing inside. Lord Elrond sighed and quickly made his way from the room and down the corridor to meet up with Legolas.

"Bring her in here," Lord Elrond said as he opened the door to an empty healing room. Legolas did as he was told and laid her down on the bed. Elrond quickly moved over to her and placed his hand above her eyes and closed his own eyes. Legolas watched in wonder as a slight glow began to form in the palm of Elrond's hand. After a moment, he pulled his hand away and looked at Legolas. Gandalf soon joined the pair and looked over at the elleth. "Something great has drained her of her energy. Do you know what happened to her?" Legolas shook his head.

"No, milord, my party and I felt a disturbance in the forest. Galadin and I went in search towards the direction of the disturbance. That is where we found her lying unconscious," Legolas said as he stepped closer to them. "Have you ever seen dress like this before?" Lord Elrond turned and looked at the elleth as he shook his head.

"I have not. Gandalf, in all of your travels have you seen dress such as this?" Gandalf stepped up and looked over her clothing.

"No, but I have seen that pendant before," Gandalf said as he pointed to the sparkling gem that was pushed up by her throat. Lord Elrond reached over and pulled the pendant slightly so it was clearer to them all.

"It cannot be," Elrond said quietly. Legolas furrowed his brow as he looked at the pendant. It seemed familiar, but he could not place its meaning. Elrond looked at the wizard. "She cannot be Marwen's daughter." Legolas looked sharply at Elrond and then at Gandalf.

"If she bares the pendant she must be, my friend," Gandalf said. Elrond shook his head and Legolas was just confused but kept quiet. "We shall have to wait until she wakes before we will receive the answers we seek." Elrond looked at her and then at the wizard before he quietly left the room. Gandalf sighed and turned to leave but Legolas stopped him.

"Gandalf, Marwen is the elleth that went missing nearly thirty years ago is she not?" Legolas asked. Gandalf nodded.

"That she is and she is the daughter of Armondel and Lutheria close friends of Lord Elrond and his wife. They sailed to Valinor after their daughter went missing for they feared her dead," Gandalf said quietly. Legolas nodded and looked at the elleth. "Come, we should leave her be. She will not wake for several hours." Legolas nodded but did not leave before he covered her with a thin blanket.

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