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Chapter 53

Aria stood with Legolas, Maldamiriel, Maldor, Éowyn, Faramir, and Leofwen in dinning hall of Éowyn and Faramir's home. The children were playing while the others talked. "I'm looking forward to when Aragorn and Arwen arrive with their children. I have yet to see little Caladwen," Aria said. Éowyn nodded.

"Well then why don't you turn around," came a familiar voice and everyone turned to see their king standing in the entry way holding Eldarion's hand and Arwen behind him smiling brightly at them as she held a small bundle wrapped in a navy blue blanket. Aria laughed happily and Legolas linked his arm with hers as he led them over to her. She bowed along with Legolas before Aragorn pulled her to him and embraced her tightly. "It is good to see you Aria," he whispered to her. Aria smiled and returned his embrace. She pulled away and nodded her head.

"It's good to see you too," she said before she looked down at the little boy to Aragorn's left and Legolas stepped up and greeted Aragorn. "Eldarion, look at you. You've grown so much since I last saw you. You were but your sister's age." The little boy looked up at her with a bright smile.

"You look like my naneth," he said happily. Aria smiled and held out her hand.

"Your naneth is one of my dearest friends. My name is Aria, will you be my friend as well?" she asked the little boy smiled and nodded his head before he took her hand and squeezed it. Aria smiled and nodded her head before she kissed his forehead and stood. Aria went over to Arwen and smiled at her. "He is so adorable," she whispered to her friend. Arwen nodded and looked at Maldamiriel and Maldor as they stood next to Legolas talking to Eldarion with Leofwen while Aragorn talked with Legolas and Faramir. Eowyn joined the two elleth and smiled down at the little girl.

"Oh, my lady, she is so beautiful," Éowyn whispered and looked at Arwen. Arwen smiled.

"Thank you Éowyn. Your daughter is just as lovely if not more. She has grown so quickly," Arwen said. Éowyn smiled and nodded as her own eyes turned to her daughter. "I'm surprised you got Maldamiriel in a gown, Aria," Arwen said. Aria smiled and nodded her head.

"So am I. The girl just despises gowns. She would rather run around in a pair of leggings and learn the bow and arrow before she did anything else," Aria said. Arwen and Éowyn laughed quietly. Aria looked at the raven haired baby in Arwen's arms and then looked up at her friend. "May I hold her?" she asked and Arwen nodded before she handed the baby to Aria. Caladwen looked up at the new face and smiled a small smile before she giggled and raised her hand and touched Aria's face. Aria smiled and kissed the little baby's hand when she felt a pair of eyes on her. Aria looked to her right and saw Legolas looking at her intently with a small smile on his face. Aria returned his smile and the two elleths and the woman made their way to their husbands and children with smiles on their faces.

The years seemed to pass so slowly for Aria, Legolas, Maldamiriel, Maldor and the other elves that lived in Ithilien. However, the day that Éowyn passed in her sleep, was fifty years to the day since her battle with the witch king. Aria was saddened by her friend's passing. It seemed so unfair that she lived on while her friends around her died. She had watched her age gracefully and Leofwen grew into a beautiful woman who had a family of her own. She was happily married to a merchant in the city with three children of her own. Faramir had passed the year before after he fell ill and Aria knew that Éowyn's heart was heavy from missing her husband.

Aria stood looking out her and Legolas' bedroom window as the rain started to fall from the sky. She wore a black dress and her hand played with the pendant that rested around her neck.

"Nana," came a smooth voice and she turned from her window to see Maldamiriel standing there dressed in a dress similar to Aria's. Maldamiriel may have been nearly fifty years old but looked no more than thirteen. Aria gave her daughter a sad smile and walked over to her.

"What is it Malda?" she asked her daughter as she brushed some of Maldamiriel's dark hair over her shoulder.

"I was coming to get you. We are to meet the others for Lady Éowyn's service." Aria nodded and reached for her daughter's hand. Maldamiriel took her hand and squeezed it gently before the pair made their way to the hall where Legolas and Maldor stood waiting for them. Maldor escorted his sister outside after they had drawn the hoods of their cloaks over their heads, while Legolas looked at Aria's saddened expression. He could feel Aria's heavy heart and raised his hand to her cheek once she stopped next to him.

"Aria," he whispered as a tear made its way down her cheek and he gently wiped it away before he kissed her forehead and held her close. Aria sighed and wrapped her arms around him.

"I do not like the feelings I have shared with you these last few years. First Lothoriel's passing then Éomer's followed by Faramir and now Éowyn," Aria paused and shook her head against his chest. "I think this is what I dreamed of all those years ago. All this pain and great feeling of loss, it was the deaths of all our friends Legolas." Another tear rolled down her cheek, but Legolas just kissed the top of her head.

"The pain shall ease away with time, Aria," he whispered. "I promise that soon your heart will not ache as such as time replaces the pain with fond memories of the times we shared with them." Aria nodded against his chest and looked at him. Legolas wiped the dampness from her cheeks before he leaned in and kissed her lips tenderly. "We must go to say our good byes. Are you ready to do so?" Aria nodded and he kissed her again before he raised his hands and pulled the hood of her cloak over her head followed by his own and he led her from their home and through the city to say good bye to the fallen shield maiden.

Many more years passed and Legolas' promise held true, until the day the one that had become her brother passed. Aragorn's death was harder for Aria to take than the death of her other friends; for she knew Arwen would now diminish into the Halls of Mandos soon after him. It was when Gimli had come for Aragorn's funeral that it was decided that Aria, Legolas, Maldamiriel, and Maldor shall sail to Valinor to live out the rest of their immortal lives in the oasis of their people.

However, they did not make that journey alone for Gimli was granted permission to sail with them, the first and only dwarf to live in the heavens of the Elves. "Nana," Maldor said as he looked at his mother. Aria turned her attention from the shore that was slowly disappearing to her son. He stood tall now, he was over a hundred years old, but still looked not even twenty. "When we arrive in Valinor Malda and I shall meet our great grandparents." It was then that Aria realized that he was right. She would meet her mothers parents for the first time once she set foot in Valinor and her heart began to beat wildly. "We will also meet our grandparents, ada's parents." Aria nodded.

"That is right my son, you will meet all of your family in Valinor," she said quietly. Maldor smiled and put his hand on her shoulder. He was so much like his father is scared her in a way because even though he was young to many, to her he was growing up, just as Maldamiriel was. Maldor looked over her shoulder and smiled before he lowered his hand and stepped away. Aria furrowed her brow but then an arm found its way around her waist and she smiled before she turned in Legolas' arms to face him. Legolas smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

"We are approaching Valinor, Aria," he said gently. "Are you ready?" Aria nodded.

"Maldor just brought to my attention that I will be meeting my mother's parents. I am beyond nervous now," she said quietly, but she knew what Legolas meant and decided it was best to answer him. "I feel no more sadness, just hope that my mind will keep our friends' memories alive and that our children will be happy." Legolas kissed her lips and nodded.

"Your mind will never forget our friends, and the children will be happy for they will have more family and others around them for all eternity." Aria smiled but it faded when she looked over Legolas' shoulder and saw a shore appear before the boat. Legolas turned and looked over his shoulder and smiled. "We are home, meleth nîn." Aria nodded and swallowed hard.

The five travelers made their way from the boat after it had docked. There were many people gathered to great them. Lord Elrond stood with an elleth with beautiful blonde hair and Aria assumed that that was Celebrain, his wife that had sailed for Valinor long before Aria even came to Middle Earth. The pair smiled at them and Aria bowed her head at them as she walked down the ramp behind her children and Gimli with her arm linked around Legolas'. Lady Galadriel and Lord Celebron were there along with Haldir and his brothers, Thranduil and Elráwien rushed to Maldamiriel and Maldor and embraced them. As Legolas and Aria stepped onto the dock and walked up to the stone path, Aria saw two dark haired elves she had never seen before.

"Legolas," she said through their link as she looked at the two elves who were smiling kindly at her and the elleth looked as though she had tears in her eyes. "It's them isn't it?" she asked. Legolas followed her eyes and smiled at seeing the two elves.

"Yes," he leaned in a whispered to her before he kissed her temple and let her walk over to the two elves. The elleth stepped forward and raised a trembling hand to Aria's cheek.

"You look just like her except for your hair," she said gently. Aria smiled at her. "I am Lutheria, your mother was my daughter." Aria smiled and nodded her head.

"I know. Lady Galadriel told me a lot about you and my grandfather," Aria said. Armondel stepped forward and smiled at her. Aria looked up at him and returned his smile. "I am glad to finally meet you both." Lutheria smiled and embraced her. Aria wrapped her arms around her grandmother and sighed deeply before she pulled away.

"Lady Galadriel and Gandalf the White told us a great deal about you as well. How you fought and helped in the destruction of the one ring. We are very proud," Armondel said. Aria smiled at him and looked behind her to see Legolas standing with Maldor and Maldamiriel.

"Grandmother, Grandfather, this is my husband, Legolas of Mirkwood and our children Maldamiriel and Maldor," Aria said as Legolas and their children stepped over to them. Lutheria looked at Maldamiriel and Maldor with wide eyes before she looked back at Aria. Legolas walked over and wrapped his arm around Aria's waist and bowed his head. Armondel smiled and bowed his head before they all moved into the town. However, Aria and Legolas remained back slightly as Aria watched her grandparents talk with her children.

"Is everything alright Aria?" Legolas asked as he placed a hand on her cheek to have her face him. Aria smiled up at him with tears in her eyes.

"Everything is fine, I'm just a little overwhelmed by everything." He smiled and kissed her softly.

"There is more to see. Let us join our families." He linked his arm with hers before he led her up the path following behind the small group and she couldn't help but smile as she walked through the beautiful oasis around her that would be her home for all eternity.