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Summary: Still hanging in Chicago waiting to be taken to San Francisco, Rosette and Chrno take a look around only to find a large crater with sounds of a baby crying within it. Meet Mommy Rosette and Daddy Chrno.

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WARNINGS: Violence, blood, partial nudity, language and parenthood

Devil Child: Chapter 1 "Baby Boom"


"So, how long until we take off?"

"In a few days, Sister Rosette."

"Oh, okay... How many days exactly?"

"Sister Rosette, maybe you should find something to do until we are ready."




"Something else away from here."



Chrno was startled as the blonde nun was kicked out the door of the Chicago branch. He sweatdropped as Rosette sat on the ground near the steps, rubbing her rump. He looked up to see the door close and looked back at his Contractor.


"Just wait. I'm going to use the Gospel on her to see if she's possessed by some kind of evil spirit of some sort." Growled Rosette. Chrno gave a weak smile; she was okay. He went to help his friend up.

"Where are Azmaria and Satella?" Asked Rosette, dusting off her rump.

Chrno sat down on the steps once more. "They're checking out the stores. Azmaria insisted, so Statella took her."

Rosette sighed and looked out where the city was; she might as well kill time until they were ready to leave.


"Huh?" startled, Chrno looked up as Rosette grabbed his arm, pulling him up. "Ro-Rosette?" He asked in a surprised tone.

"I'm getting bored of just waiting." The blonde said, pulling him along. "Might as well do something then just wait around." Chrno smiled and matched her pace as they headed into town.

It was 3 o'clock by the time they headed back to the Hotel they were staying at. The two had a good time of walking around town, until Rosette went a little crazy with the free food samples that were being given away at a particular store, and Chrno had to drag her away before the store manager chased them off. Next, they entertained some kids at an Orphanage by holding a puppet show with some puppets that looked very similar to Chrono and Rosette, and then they continued shopping around. Rosette purchased a red cap for Chrno as a present, which he gratefully accepted. As a thank-you for the cap, he bought her a new tie for her hair. They hadn't run into Azmaria or Satella at all and figured they were either at the Hotel or the Chicago Branch.

Rosette hummed as they passed an open field with a fenced-in area for horses. She made her way over and climbed over the fence, watching the horses run about and graze. Chrno joined her, leaning against it.

"Have you ever ridden a horse, Chrono?" Asked Rosette.

Chrno nodded. "Once, but I think the horse was trying to kill me. When ever I made it stop, it tried to flip me off the saddle in the process." Rosette giggled as Chrno grinned sheepishly.

All of a sudden, there was a loud boom in the distance, which startled the horses and Rosette, who almost fell off, had Chrono not been there to hold her up. The two watched the group of horses run off into the direction opposite the explosion.

Chrono and Rosette spotted black smoke rising up into the sky. Rosette climbed over the fence and took off in the direction of the smoke.

"ROSETTE!" Chrno shouted, trying to keep up.

The blonde sister ran into the woods, when she started smelling smoke. Her harsh panting filled her ears along with the sound of her boots pounding the ground. She barely heard Chrno behind her, and when she saw a clearing ahead, she picked up her pace.

Rosette gasped and came to a halt before she fell into the large crater in the center of the clearing. She saw that the hole in the Earth was large and deep enough to form a small pond. Because it was in the middle of the woods, there were no trees, and the grass was completely gone, judging by the darkened dirt.

The girl didn't even bother to look up as Chrno come crashing through the woods, but instead kept her eye on the crater. She heard Chrno come to a stop next to her as he took a moment to catch his breath.

"What in seven hells?" Chrno said, looking at the crater before them.

A soft cry came from the center of the crater.

Both Rosette and Chrno jumped back, startled, and looked at each other to make sure neither of them was hearing things. The helpless cry came again. Their eyes widened.

"No way." The two looked at the crater and determined that that was the source of the cry.

"Chrno." Rosette squatted next to the edge. "Help me down."

"What? Why?" Chrno almost shouted. "Rosette, you're not going down there, are you?"

The nun snorted. "Of course, you blockhead! It's only 12 feet deep and 26 feet wide! Look, I'm still going down there!" The crying came again, sounding ever more desperate. Rosette almost looked panicked. "Come on, Chrno, please?"

Chrno sighed and held onto Rosette's hands as she made her way down, then slowly let go as she continued to drop down into the crater. He almost panicked when his Contractor slipped, but heaved a heavy sigh to see she was okay.

He stood back up and watched over her in case the entire thing was a trap.

Rosette had to cover her mouth and nose and squint her eyes, considering the rocks were still smoking. The crying was still going on, which made it easier for the Sister to find the source; fortunately it got louder once she got closer. Getting onto her hands and knees, Rosette carefully removed the pile of rocks where the crying was coming from. She spotted something purplish and removed the last two rocks.

Blue eyes widened.


Chrno looked down hearing his name. "Rosette? What is it?" He asked to the crouched figure.

"Come down here!"

Blinking in confusion, Chrno obeyed. He jumped down and slid all the way to the bottom. Running to Rosette, the Devil sniffed for danger as he slowed down.

"Rosette?" Chrno said again coming to a halt. He looked around for a moment, only to see black rocks and dirt surrounding him. His Contractor didn't say a word or even look at him, but kept her focus on the source of the crying.

Crimson eyes widened. It couldn't beā€¦could it?

Chrno approached the still-crouched blonde and stood behind her. He peered over her shoulder, his blood-red eyes widening in shock.

The crying figure was wrapped in a violet-colored blanket, and it had stitch-like markings on its face, with three small, purple, diamond-like gems on it' forehead which created an upside triangle if connected, and silver markings on its cheeks, and to top it off, small, pointy ears. The crying began to sound like a kitten crying for its mother.

It was a baby.

A baby Devil.

Rosette finally looked at Chrno, unsure of what to do. Chrno still couldn't take his eyes off the new-found hatchling that was in the crater.