Devil Child

Summary: Still hanging in Chicago waiting to be taken to San Francisco, Rosette and Chrno take a look around only to find a large crater with sounds of a baby crying within it. Meet Mommy Rosette and Daddy Chrno.

Disclaimer: Demon Seed doesn't own Chrno Crusade's wacky yet lovable characters. D.S does on Aiden and Kylik

WARNINGS: Violence, blood, partial nudity, language and parenthood AND NOT BETA-READ!

A/N: OMG! Its an UPDATE! After how many years!? I'm am soooo sorry Dx things got hectic and before i knew it i strayed away v.v I am so ashame But to make up for it, i started this up and Aiden has her own book coming out soon . Yea, thats right, I'm publishing a book for her, its coming out next spring hopefully ; So for those who love her, maybe that'll make up for the lost of time v.v

Devil Child: Chapter 16 "Carnival"

"!!" Aiden face was light up like a child on Christmas Day and there was reason why her face was like that. It was her first time at the Carnival. Azmaria had insisted that they should all go as a break and for Aiden since she had really never been to a Carnival before and just seeing the look on the devil pup's face, they were all glad they did agree.

Satella smiled as she patted Aiden's hair. "You like?"

"Oh yes!" Aiden squealed as she took in the bright lights, the smell of the festivities in the air. She squealed again, shaking in excitement and took off running, unable to stand still anymore.

"Ah! A-Aiden!!" Rosette shouted chasing after the devil child. Chrno followed after, not wanting both to get lost.

Satella sighed. "Leave it to them to get lost so soon, right Azmaria?...Azmaria?"

"Look Miss Satella!" The German Witch turned to see the Apostle was near a gun shooting game. She smiled in amusement and walked over with Stiener following after.

Rosette grunted in annoyance as she looked around to see where Aiden had ran off too. "She knows she's not suppose to leave our side." She growled.

Chrno chuckled. "You know she can't help it, it's the first time she's ever been to something like this." He smiled at his Contractor. "You were the same way, you know?" Rosette went slightly red, recalling her first time to the Carnival and how she got lost and Chrno had to go look for her.

The nun only huffed and began to walk off quickly. "Ah! Rosette! Wait for me!" Chrno ran after her. They eventually found Aiden near the dancing stage. The pup was memorized by the people dancing and wanted to join them.

"We will, but we have to find Satella and Azmaria first, okay?" Rosette explained. Aiden pouted, but her face pirk up as she saw the two heading towards them.

"There they are!"

Rosette and Chrno turn to see she was right. Satella smiled as she flipped her hair over her shoulders. "I guess I was wrong this time. I would have been half expectin you to be at the eating contest, pigging out."


Rosette began to load her gun. Chrno sweatdropped and snatch it away. "Chrrrnoooo..." Rosette growled.

The devil grinned uneasily. "Come on, Rosette. We're here to enjoy ourselves, not kill each other." The blonde nun only huffed, crossing her arms. Satella smiled and blinked.

"Ah, where's Iden?"

"What!?" Rosette turn to see the pup gone and groan. "Dammnit!"

Azmaria looked around then look upon the dancing stage. "Ah! There she is!" She pointed to see the devil child trying to avoid getting stepped on as she tried to watch the people dance. Rosette groan and smacked her face. "She's going to be the death of me." She growled.

Satella laughed and blink as a young man asked her to dance. "Vhy yes! I would!" She smiled and let the man lead her away. Azmaria giggled, clapping her hands.

"You go, miss Satella!" She cheered then looked at Rosette and Chrno and giggled and reach over to push them towards the dance floor. "You should dance too!" She gleed.

Rosette went slightly red. "Ah...I...uhm..." Chrno rubbed his arms sheepishly.

"Come come!" Azmaria pulled their hands behind her as she race up the stairs, dragging the two flustered devil and nun behind her.

"A-AZ!" Rosette shrieked and looked around as the Apostle let go of their hands only to be on the floor. She looked at Chrno a bit embarressed.

Chrno gave her a gentle smile and bow to her. "May I have this dance?" he asked. Rosette went a bit more red, rubbing her arm, sheepishly.

"Ah...yes..." Chrno smiled and gently move to take her hands.

Azmaria giggled as she dance with Aiden. She had asked Stiener, but he gently denied her request since his back wasn't as it use to be. The two girls swirl around then stopped as everyone else stopped to watch Satella and her dancing partner take the spot light. They watch her swirl and turn and gracefully dance. Who would have thought she was a great dancer.

Everyone clapped as Azmaria and Aiden cheered. Satella smiled and grinned at an embarressed Rosette.

"Top that, fiesty." She teased. Rosette went red, growling and grabbed Chrno's hand.

"Come on Chrno!"


She set them up and tried to recall how to dance, but it ended up with Rosette stepping on Chrno's feet every now and then.


"I'm sorry!! It's not like how i'm doing it on purpose!" She growled. "It's been awhile since I dance." She fumble a bit and this time Chrno's stepped on her foot.

"Ah! Sorry!!"


Rosette growled and this time, purposely stepped on Chron's foot...HARD.

There was silence between the two and before anyone knew it, they were in a stomping battle. Azmaria sweatdropped as Aiden found the whole thing amusing, giggling. Satella sighed and shook her head.

"Not how I planned it out.." She muttered. Stiener chuckled.

Rosette and Chrno turn around each other, still trying to stomp on each other foot and before they knew it they were starting to dance. Aiden nudge Azmaria and the Apostle look up to see the two go from stomping to dancing and clapped her hands. Rosette laughed in delight as Chrno grinned as he twirl the blonde around, both getting the hang of the dancing.

Aiden laughed in delight and grabbed Azmaria's hand, pulling her to join them and the other dancers. The two giggled and swirl around Rosette and Chrno, giving them thumbs up before the continue on.

The music ended as well as the dancing.

Rosette plopped against her seat, tired, but in a good way. "Here." Chrno offer her a drink of water in which she gratefully accepted. Satella smiled at Rosette.

"You dance pretty well, Rosette." She smiled. Rosette blush lightly.

"Eheheh...Thanks Satella." The German Witch smiled once again. Aiden looked around and spotted the games.

"Ooohh! What are those!!" She took off running and once again, Rosette groan and ran after the pup, yelling at her to get back. Chrno chuckle weakly as he walked after with Satella, Azmaria and Stiener following after.

They played, ate and played some more and as they ate again, Rosette was grumbling about how the shooting game was rigged, that she couldn't hit any of her targets even though Azmaria did. Aiden laughed and hugged Rosette's waist. The blonde nun chuckle and patted her head.

A man appoarch them, carrying a camera and his stand with him. "You don't mind if I take your picture?" He asked. "2.00 each."

Rosette ponder as Aiden pirked up. "Picture?" She tilted her head. The nun smiled. "Yes, we love too." The photographer smiled.

"Okay...Here we go. Cheese!" Aiden watch as the man duck to look through the lense and back at where her family stood. Ther was a bright flash. The girl swayed a bit dizzily. Chrno chuckle and walk over to catch her before she fell. Aiden giggled.

"My turn!" Chrno smiled and nodded.

"Alright! Once more...Say...Cheese!"

"CHEESE!!" Aiden gleed, giving a big grin, it cause everyone to laugh as the camera snapped.

"You can have them deliver to this address." Satella told the photographer as she jolted down the address then pay for the photographs.

"You didn't have to do that, Satella." Rosette said. "I would have paid for it."

Satella smiled. "I was feeling generous." She grinned. Rosette just chuckle and blinked then held her stomach.

"I think those hot dogs I ate earlier are starting to get to me. Be right back!" She ran off towards the bathroom. Minutes passed as the group waited. It had been at least ten minutes since the nun disappeared.

" much you vant to bet she's lost again?" Satella teased. Chrno groan.

"I'll go find her." He walked off. Azmaria blinked.

"Ah! I'll go with-" A hand on her shoulder caught her. The Apostle turn to look at Satella in a curious manner. "Satella?"

The German smiled. "Leave them be, Az. I think sometime alone would do them some good." Azmaria blinked and look to see where Chrno went and nodded, slowly going red on the face.

"Yes, time alone. Good for them." Satella chuckle and jerk a thumb to where Aiden was.

"I bet she would want some company though?" Azmaria turn to look at Aiden and smiled and trotted over to hug the devil child behind, peeking over her shoulder to see what the red-head was looking for.

"And what about you, Miss Satella?" Steiner asked.

"Hm?" She looked at her butler.

"What about your company?" He asked. Satella smiled.

"Ah Stiener. You're all the company I need." Stiener smiled and bow his head slightly.

Aiden watch the people there play more games around there, fascinated by the sights, surrounding and noise. It was something she had never seen nor been around and it was wonderful! Her family was happy, laughing and smiling and it brought joy to her heart. She could feel her face flush from the happiness and couldn't help but giggle some as she wrap her arms around her, grinning from ear to ear. Happiness, it was an oh so wonderful feeling.

"Aiden!" A voice rang out loud and clear. Violet eyes blink before the redhead devil child turn to see Azmaria there, looking for her. "Imph!" She shouted, waving her hands some, catching the apostle's attention who trotted over to her, smiling.

"There you are! I was looking all over for you." Giggled Azmaria, patting her head. Aiden smile and struck up a purr before pointing to a game were people were trying to throw rings on the neck of a milk can.

"Can I try?" She asked, having watching the people for the past few minutes. Azmaria looked over and nodded some before digging into her pockets for some coins. Once finding none, she sighed and look back at Aiden.

"We needed to go back to Satella to get some coins so we can play." She explain. Aiden nodded and move to grab her Imph's hand who started to lead her back to where Satella and Stiener were. A loud bang was suddenly heard, gathering a few people attention, looking up a the sky to see any fireworks but saw nothing and went back to their usual business. Azmaria on the other hand had gone stiff as Aiden frown some.

"It sounded like.." Began Aiden but was caught off as Azmaria tug her back quickly to where Satella was, who was waiting for them obviously hearing the gun fire earlier.

"Satella.." Azmaria started as she let Aiden's hand go. Satella quickly nodded.

"I know, I've heard." She frown some before looking at Steiner. "Vatch Iden, ve'll be back." She said, turning to head towards the noise. Aiden began to protest but stop as Azmaria patted her cheek.

"It's okay, we'll be back soon, alright?" The apostle smiled at the devil child. A soft whimper still escaped Aiden but she nodded and watch her two family member run off. She stayed close to Steiner's side and look up at the butler, who was busy watching Satella run off.

"Will they be okay?" She asked softly. Stiener looked down at her and smile.

"Of course Ms. Aiden." He said, putting a hand ontop of her head, giving it a soft rub. Aiden just bit her lower lip before looking up at the sky.