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Nowhere else

Her team came to a halt in the forest clearing. Shikamaru collapsed onto the dirt, complaining it was troublesome. Chouji immediately dug into his bag for his chips. Asuma-sensei looked at them through tired eyes and shook his head. She rolled her eyes as she sat next to her teammates. This was so typical of them.

They'd just completed a C-class escort mission. Not a great feat for a team of Chuunins and a Jounin instructor. But it had been tiring none-the-less as their charge had whined and whined. She had been rather amazed that their charge could actually complain more than Shikamaru.

They sat there, motionless. They've covered half of the return distance they had traveled in the last five days with their charge in less than a day. Once their breathing slowed and some strength returned to their limbs, they began to set up a camp for the night mechanically.

She would set up the bedrolls on a relatively smoother ground. Chouji would gather dry wood and start a fire. Shikamaru would catch the food (while complaining that it was 'far too troublesome' and then get whacked over the head by her.) Asuma-sensei would scout the area for suspicious signs and set up traps for security. That was the way Team 10 functioned.

As times like this, when Ino quickly set up the bedrolls and joined Chouji by the fire, waiting for the return of the other two, it was silent. And her mind wondered to the other teams. She'd wondered what they were doing and what if would've been like to be in their teams.

She'd envision herself on Gai's team. Ino shivered at the thought. She'd be a year older and she would be with the awfully thick-browed Gai-sensei- the epitome of health and weirdness. Gai-sensei would strike his odd-poses and Lee, a sweetheart according to Sakura, would follow and together they'd join in an experience of the 'power of youth'. Hyuuga Neji, a prodigy of the Hyuuga clan, would remain expressionless at this display and busy himself with training or other tasks. Ino smiled as she imagined the two energetic 'beautiful beasts of Konoha' tried to make Neji to join in their celebration of youth.

She had of course, more than once, imagined herself on Team 7 with their infamous teacher, the Copy ninja- Hatake Kakashi. It had been her dream to be on the same team with the best rookie of their year. She had always admired him like Sakura. When Sakura came to her that day, telling her that she had been the one who got the Uchiha genius, many feelings surged through her. There was jealousy that she didn't get the place she wanted. There was a sense of excitement too as Sakura had emerged from the frightened girl she had found in the park years ago into the flower, the rival, she knew she would be. However the strongest feeling, one she could not explain, was a sense of pride. She was proud to be on Team 10 even before they were assembled officially.

Lately, a year after the split of Team 7, she seemed to have found the answer to her feelings that day. Unlike Sakura's team, they were one. Naruto was always loud and boastful who spent most of his time challenging Sasuke. Sasuke was the ice cube who left (she hesitate to use 'betray') the village for power. She would suppose they were friends in some ways. But seeing the stated in which Naruto returned after their rescue mission, she wasn't so sure anymore. Kakashi-sensei, had in many ways, favored Sasuke over his other students. Sakura, out of the three of them, had always been overlooked as the weak link; therefore, Ino was glad when Sakura found her place with the Godaime.

Ino was a valued member of her team, she knew it, and she made sure her teammates knew it and not ignore it. It did help that they grew up together. Asuma-sensei was a fair teacher; he did not slight any of them, giving them attention when they needed it. Chouji, despite his tendency to 'enjoy food', was strong and was reliable when the situation called for it. Shikamaru, although always complaining, had been the first to make it to Chuunin. He was the best strategist she had every seen in battle. Chouji and Shikamaru were best friends; they helped each other and never tried to out-do the other like Naruto and Sasuke. She had never needed to worry about her team like Sakura did. And her team acknowledged her weakness and covered for her while many-a times, Team 7 exposed Sakura's. Unlike Sakura, who had to watch her every step, Ino could be reckless, and still be sure that her boys would watch her back like she would watch theirs. Most of all, she was proud that she knew their team was still together and she knew that they would still be in years to come…

"Ino?" Asuma-sensei's voice brought her back from her reverie. "Ino? What are you waiting for? The food's going to be finished by Chouji."

She blinked and looked at the scene before her. Shikamaru and Asuma-sensei were back. The food was already cooked. Asuma looked at her, concerned. Shikamaru observed with badly disguised concerned eyes. Chouji slowed down in his usual gobble.

"Ino, are you sick?" Chouji asked. "You're not on a diet again, right?"

"You don't need a diet, you know," Shikamaru commented in a bored tone, "Most men are fonder of fuller figures. You should eat more."

Ino smiled at their concerns. "I'm eating." With that she reached for the fish by the fire.

At this moment, she realized that she did not want to be anywhere else because Team 10 was her team. Her family. She's happier here than on any other teams.

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