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Summery: Naruto seeing...learning things in the early morning before meeting his team. Vaguely NaruHina with NejiTen and SasuSaku


Collecting information is an important aspect of a shinobi's life.

That was one of his first lessons in the Chuunin exams. Over the years, he'd like to think that his collected information cultivated into knowledge. Knowledge was meant to be used. But for him, some knowledge, he would take with him to his grave untouched and untold.

He strolled down the road and noticed things that not many see, moments that were hard to catch once missed.

He saw in a training ground, in this early hour where hardly anyone was awake, two figures sat. Face to face. Silent and Still. The two bodies strangely together yet strangely apart. Too close to be just friends, yet too far to be intimate. Eyes closed. Breathing as one. Then Naruto watched fascinated as the slimmer figure slowly raised her weapon-abraded hands and cupped the prodigy's face. Her hand moving delicately across his burden that laid beneath his forehead protector. The prodigy leaned into her touch as if he savored her warmth, relying on her presence without his usual hesitation. This act itself was a tender picture.

Down the road he walked again. Towards the place where he was first tested as a Genin. Closing inon aclearing where a solitary epitaph stood proudly, he met a man. A man who was the testimony of many of the names there. The taller man gave him a curt nod as he turned away, saying that he'd meet him later. Naruto observed. Instead of leaping away like he usually did, he walked slowly and from his pouch, he pulled out a book. The book was blue. Naruto felt like asking the name of whom the silver-haired man visited daily -'did you know?'- but knowing that he would not get an answer, he simply stared as the man disappeared with his navy blue book.

He left the clearing as the sun rose higher and the town woke up in the twittering of birds. The market started as the people lingered and swam on the street. Naruto went to Ichiraku for breakfast. When he was done, he left the aged store and headed for the bridge. On the bridge, a boy and a girl stood. But he didn't approach them. He stopped and he waited.

The girl turned her gaze from the clear water that flowed through village to the boy who sat on the rail of the bridge. Their relationship had been different since the boy was brought back. Naruto couldn't help but stared as the heir to that once great clan turned to the girl and smiled at her. He didn't know what was transpiring between them that moment, but that soft, sad smile, not smirk, was enough. It made the occurrence special as the once avenger was a boy again. Naruto watched, awestruck, as the boy's smile lingered for a moment as his gazed into the distance. The girl followed his gaze. A full blown and hopeful smile spread on her face.

He knew a promise was made to the two there. The girl's smile told it all. He knew that smile.

Looking at the pink-haired girl, reminded him of another blossom, who had the same smile, nurtured in Leaf. They said flowers that bloom early were pretty. But he knew, from his observation of the flowers in Konoha, the latest bloomer was the most attractive.

The late flower was spying on him again.

He'd never tell her that he knew.

But he wondered when she'd approach him.

He started his slow jog and yelled his greetings to the two on the bridge.

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